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This hair was soooo soft definetly buying another.







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All right, what's good youtube, it's your girl, kai shakira and today's video is i'm going to show you guys how i installed this wig from you. Nice hair um currently got in a ponytail, but yeah stay tuned, guys, uh all right. What'S good youtube! It'S your girl, kai shakir, and in today's video i am unboxing my you nice wig that i bought um. I bought the headband wig and i believe it's water wave, i'm gon na leave the exact description in the link below so make sure you stay tuned. Like comment make sure you subscribe and also you have to hit the bell. Okay, you need to get all these notifications whenever i'm uploading more videos, so stay tuned, all right, quick, thumbnail, okay, all right so and unboxing this video. I said this video hi, this wig. It comes in this packaging and i've got the how many inches 22. I want to say: okay, okay and, as i stated, i bought the headband wig. So it came with this cheater print headband. This other happened and they also sent me the you nice um hair. Towel so you guys see that and i sent it in purple, which happens to also be my favorite color um in the box also came with a wig cap, so yeah. So actually, let's put this wig cap on too bad. It didn't come with a black one, but it's cool. You can't see it anyway. Right slide. This back make sure my edges are slightly exposed. I'M gon na brush them down, rather just up here. So let's take this hair nettle, oh my god. Okay, it was stuck to me okay, so then, how many inches did i get? This wig in hair feels soft um, very, very soft. So it comes with one two. Three clips. No four clips, sorry about it, um also an adjustable strap along with the verifo strap. So i'm just going to quickly finger detangle and slide this on all right. This is the headband part. So let me just slide this back soon make sure this is down all the way and try and tuck these combs under, so it can be kind of sort of secure by the way guys. I have never worn a wig before, like ever um i've, worn, sew-ins full sewn, but i've never worn a wig before so i'm gon na express it. I have some warm water and i also mixed in my aunt jackie's, leaving who's, calling me nobody important so anyways yeah. So i have some warm water here and i have some of my aunt jackie's leave-in conditioner. This is the quench moisture, intense leave-in conditioner. Of course, no sulfates, no parabens um, ultra hydrating, deep moisture therapy for parched tresses for natural curls, coils or whatever, and it's rinsed with shea butter and olive oil. So i'm gon na shake this up, make sure it's all mixed in i'm gon na take and spritz it actually guys. Somebody put me in the right direction to get one of those um automatic spritzers, so your girl can be set up with the actual mister. Okay. Come on i'm trying to get like the missed part right. So where is it's still not coming right, but that's what happens when you buy spray bottles from dollar tree? You got ta make do what you have. Let me know where i can go and get one as far as um wavy or real curly like okay. I guess i'm starting to do just right. I guess we don't see all right so yeah. So now i'm going to put on this cheaper headband. I really like this um kaitlyn. If you're watching this, i know you would love this headband because you love cheetah print. When i say she loves cheetah print y'all, she loves it. The seat covers her car cheetah print sterile cover cheetah print. It is all cheetah prepped. So put this here now you want to go in with my smaller mirror and if you haven't noticed again, favorite color is purple. I got this mirror from dollar tree and i'm gon na go in and lay my edges with the shine and jam. The conditioning gel extra hole with honey and my edge brush that i got from local beauty, supply store and again it's purple so we'll go in. Do that really really quick um? If you know any good edge controls, please let me know um. I have um 4c here and i need some edge controls when i say that's going to last on my hair, like actually last and do what it's supposed to do. So, let's go in and down these babies come on close up mirror here see what we're working with okay, i think we're cooking with crisco now guys all right. So all right, so i'm going to do my makeup. Come back all right skye, so i am done. I'M back the lip gloss i'm using is by kevia beauty um. I forgot the name of the color okay, so this is what the lip gloss looks like hold on. Okay, so the light brown color. I like it a lot also the lashes i am wearing are by lady vita boutique, i'm actually a brand ambassador for her um i'll leave, both information for the lip gloss and for the lashes in the description below but yeah. I'M gon na take this hair clip. Oh so this is the finished. I actually got that because i spray a little bit more water on it. Oh shoot. I strut my phone. Oh there, you go i'll, just spray it in my ear. So can you hear my dogs barking? My room is right. Above my garage - and why is my spray bottle? Not working? Damn cheap, ass dollar tree there we go yeah, i surely stopped being cheap and a real spritzer mister, whatever they're called all right. So this is the finished product. Um again, i'm going to leave the description down below for everything the exact wig that i have um the lashes, the lip gloss, everything it's going to be a link down in the description below again make sure you guys like comment, share and subscribe, and you better Make sure that you have that bell? No, oh, what i was gon na say and you got ta make sure you have those post notifications on that way. You can get all the notifications when i'm posting more videos: okay, um! Yes! So so far, i'm loving this wig um yeah peace out guys bye,

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