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Unice Bone Straight Highlight Headband Wig | Beginner Friendly

Are you wanting to buy a new wig that is beginner friendly? Is it your first time buying a wig and you're unsure of what wig to buy? Are you tired of fighting your lace when installing your wig? Especially when you just want something quick, easy and affordable to just put on and go! Then you need to check this out and get yourself this headband wig!

Hiya my lovelies in this video I'm doing a Headband wig install for you guys from the company Unice all I can say is game changer! So I was excited to film this for you guys

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Hi guys it's shaunicy and welcome back to my channel or, if you're new, welcome, and thank you guys for this video. Today'S video is going to be eunice wig install. So if i thought something you're interested in then stick around, but before we get into this video make sure to like comment and subscribe, which is turning your post notifications or so you can always be notified every single time. Your girl, post a new video and make sure to share this video, make sure to follow you girl, on other social medias and without further ado. Let'S get straight into the video. So, first off i'm going to start by showing you guys what i've got in the bag, but if you want to skip, i will leave a time to what time you can skip to. If you wanted to see the install so way, they give me a little goodie bag and inside the goodie bag. We have this band. We also have some wig caps, which i don't think i'll be using, but yes i'll be using them for, like maybe other weeks, so that's helpful. They also give you some nail wraps and they also give you some beautiful lashes. They'Ve also give me two headbands. So there's this one right here and there's also this one here and if you saw the top of my video, you know that i'll be installing the headphone wig, which is why they've provided me with two beautiful headbands now onto the bit that we're all waiting for The wig, so this is the wig it comes in, like this netted material to keep the hair from getting. You know, knotted, and it just keeps the hair looking nice and beautiful also comes with this like paper inside, so that we can keep its shape. So this is the wig look, how shiny it is, and it's straight out the back. Just look at that beautiful and look how my hands run through it so smoothly. So this is what the wig is. Looking like. I said it's a headband wig, so it's got the band at the front, and this is what you would cover with one of the headbands that i've been provided with. It'S also got this velcro strap on it at the bottom, so this would go underneath at the back of your head, and what i like about this is that on the actual strap you know how velcro, if you leave it, it can get fluff on it. So what they've done is they've made it so that you can open it like that, but then, when you're done with it, you can also close it. So you never have to worry about the fact that your velcro might get some fluff on it, which i think is really really useful. That'S the one thing i don't like about velcro and then you've also got blue a bit there, where you could just drop it like that and then that's it and then it's nice and secure you've also got some combs. You'Ve got the comb at the front. You'Ve. Also got comb on the sides and then you've also got one that will go underneath there and you've also got some adjustable straps, as you can see there at the bottom, and these can be adjusted to the size of your head. So if you feel like you've got a big head, i guarantee that if you put it on the biggest one it will fit or if you feel like you've, got a really petite head. I guarantee you can shrink it and it'll fit to the sides of your head as well, so for the next portion i'm going to install the wig. Now, i'm just going to not speak and i'll. Let you guys watch me install it so guys. Can we just check out this week, please, because i am very, very impressed just look how straight it is like i'm, i'm very, very impressed like i know i've straightened it but come on. This is something i can just chuck on and straight in i'm going to work like i haven't got time to be thinking about. Oh my god. I'Ve got to glue the lace, no chuck it on put your headband on top you're good to go. This is the bone straight highlight headband wig, it is real hair. So let me just stress: this is real hair. It was cheap, affordable and quick to install the only issue with it, which is really minimal, like it's not a great deal, but i just need to remember it for next time is that when i order a headband wig, i need to make sure that the density Is more fuller because, right now it's looking a little on the thin side, just a little bit now sometimes like. As you can see, it might look a little bit like here, whereas if it was a bit more fuller, i feel like i could avoid that issue. But you know what, for my first wig, i am very, very impressed from eunice hair, i'm very impressed, especially for the goodies that they gave to your girl. They hooked me up and i love the headbands that they provided for me and yeah. Like i said, the wig was cheap and affordable. This is not a sponsored video. I just bought this wig. I wanted to try it out and see how i felt about it. I'Ve seen the rave about headband wigs and i wanted to see how people felt about them and i saw that people were really liking them. So i was like you know what for cheap and affordable. Let me buy my own and let me try it out and see what it's like, especially when i've seen those people buying from yoona's hair before so. I know it's a trusted brand, so i thought let me try it for myself and very very impressed. I will definitely be ordering from eunice again and if you like this wig or you have this way comment down below, let me know because i would love to know what wig you got. They also have this in a bit like a ombre type color. I can insert a picture now, so you can have a look and see how it looks or there's mine, which is dark brown. It looks black to be fair, but yes, this is dark brown, so yeah guys. That is the end of this video. If you like, this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up, comment down below and let me know what you thought of this wig. Have you got it? Are you going to buy it? Have i enticed you to buy this wig now? Have i encouraged you to be lazy like me, where it's something you can just chuck this on and go straight to work and not even have to think about gluing the lace down or making sure that the lace is the right color? So you don't be going out looking or crazy. So if i have, then let me know make sure to subscribe to my channel for more wig, installs and more wig videos, because i'm telling you now after seeing how quick it was to install this wig, i will definitely buy more headband wigs from eunice hair. So, yes, you definitely need to subscribe for more, and let me know in the comment section below got something interesting make sure to turn your post notifications all so you can always be notified every single time, your girl posts, a new video, make sure to share this Video make sure to follow you guys all social, medias and i'll see you guys in my next video bye guys you

Shonnytee: Hiya guys! I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you thought of the final look! Have I enticed you to purchase a headband wig! I've also left the link for this wig in my description box if you want to check it out!✨ Don't forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share!✅ Also turn your post notifications on to All so you can always be notified every single time your girl posts a new video! Love you guys and hope you all have a blessed day!

The Preheim Pack: I love this look. My daughter and I went wig shopping last weekend. So easy and versatile!

Sophia Lin: This looks so good!! I’ve never had to wear a wig before so I’m so surprised as to how natural it looks! It also came with so much cool swag ❤️

Alice Kattner: That’s such a good idea and makes it so much easier to quickly pop a wig on without having to worry about the front. You made it look so easy and the hair looked so shiny too

Leigh-vii: I've never heard of a headband wig! Such a convenient idea!!! It looks so lovely and shiny. Beautiful on you ❤

Denisse_Michelle: Love this! it looks very easy to install,

DESTINY IS A VIBE: I love all the goodies they gave you along with the wig. I cant believe they through in lashes with the rest of the things. The wig, I definitely like it. But like you said it could be a little thicker but I would still buy it for sure.

Julia Tabong: I love it! It suits you so well, you’re blooming!

Grethel Loves to Share: That wig really looks real and it suits your look. So this is how to put on a wig. Indeed a user-and beginner-friendly one.

CIC Beauty TV: Yes sis I absolutely love unice straight hair it looks bomb on you glade you took the headband wig plunge

L.A. LIVIN': Wow that wig is so shiny! Love the yellow headband so much.

Coralie Rose Beauty: That wig is really nice. I actually really like the headband style. It’s a nice more relaxed hairstyle. It looks really nice on you. Thanks for sharing

Simply Teresa: Ooo & it came with stuff? Nice! I love a good wig! & it's a pretty good length, I'll have to get one of these! I'm tired of always going to the beauty supply store

Guiliane Vanessa: Love it

Nicole Truong: Love the headband!

Felicia Law: I thought that was your real hair! That wig looks good on you!

Yeeer Network: Great video love this

Zhylene Escultura: been thinking to purchase a wig , just for the heck of it ...but girl that wiggg is soooo frknn cute on yiu!!!!

Shannyyxo: love itt

AsToldByLisa: Yessss this was cute boo

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