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Hi my blessed videos welcome or welcome back to my channel, so in today's video, as you have just saw, i basically installed this wig on camera and i wanted to do this video for well now, so i said you know what i'm gon na do it. So i hope you guys did enjoy watching me install the wig that will be in the next clip that you will see after this. But i had to do the intro look like this so we're here. But if you're new here hi welcome thanks for stopping by, i hope you subscribe. I hope you hope you want to be a part of the bless beauty slash. You know community blessed videos coming in sir guys. I haven't seen this in a long way, but thank you so much for your love and support and definitely keep on watching the video how i install this wig, i just kind of like watch it a little bit more and kind of like slick it back, but I didn't use any mousse and you'll see a few other clips that you're about to see that i didn't bother to use anymore and the reason for that is i'm going to wear this wig again at the end of the week, and i don't really want to Style it right now because maybe the morning off i'm going to feed a different vibes and just watch you recently. I watched actually yesterday so yeah, but that's yeah. You just need to add water more water at most. If you want that, look, you know we'll. Never see it more on the channel, but, as i said, i have a reason why i didn't wait for this particular video. I just added a little bit of water, but not much so we're afraid you keep on watching, okay, guys so for this installation. You'Re gon na need your water and your mousse also gon na need your fin brush and your edge control brush. This is mines and then for edge control. You can use whatever you have. I use i go between these, but i'm going to be using the red one today and then the wig for those who may be wondering i did do a review on this wig. It'S from sheen so i'll have the link in the description box. It will be the first link, so make sure you go check it out and then we're also going to need a wig cap, of course. So this is my wig cap. It'S a black one. You can use whatever you have and i have my headband - it's also black and a scrunchie, so the scrunchie i'm going to use to tie the back of my hair up and you want to make sure your hair is flat for this installation guys. So next clip all right. So, let's start so i'm going to go ahead and put on my wig cap. First and again i have a black one. You can use whatever color you want. I just like use the black one. You know yeah, so disclaimer, i'm not going to be using glue so yeah, but right now i'm going to slit down my edges, so i will need my edge brush and, of course, my edge control. This is it. This is the one i use. It really helps to hold on the hair. I did a video on this. I did a review on this edge control so i'll have that linked down in the description box as well. For those who may be wondering so i'm just going in and clicking it down and then i'm going to use my brush, after which you will see to really get them laid okay, so yeah. What else i have to share in this video? This is a voice over video, as you already know, and now i'm going to go in with my brush to get them sleek and so on yeah. I also have a detailed um doing how to do a baby here, video on my channel, so i have to link those three videos down in my description box for the persons who may be interested in seeing that i know you guys are out there. So i'll have that provided for you guys all right so yeah, i'm gon na sleep on my edges, make it all laid honey and sleep back now. I do believe i was the original creator of the headband wig synagi because honey. It'S just that when i created my wigs, you know when i created my headbandwig style. It was just never something i would have taken 100 years to say, make it a business but girl, i'm the originator of that. Okay, i just didn't get it like licensed and signed, and everything, but anyway yeah going. You know, i'm doing my sideburns, you understand, and so i got ta get that edges laid child yeah guys. I also want to use this video to cut it out like a chitchat, wherever i can squeeze it in, but yeah guys. I don't know how i'm able to still give you guys videos knowing how i've been feeling lately, but god is good. I guess he's good to be helping me with this all right, so we're back again still going in and making sure my edges are laid. So now i'm going to push the wig cap to the front a little bit more, get it all aligned and everything to put on this wig, okay, she's, looking cute all right! So here's a wig as i showed you guys already, it's really nice soft. I watched it the day before this video, so it's clean and i also wash my hair the day before this video as well. So my hair and the wig is both clean. So i'm gon na go on and slip on the wig now and guys - and i tell you this wait - it's a 10 out of 10 for me. So what i do is i top the lace because i mainly use the lace in the future. I i don't know, but that's how i do it. I top the lace. I don't cut off the lace because well i don't want to tuck it off. I mean i don't want to take it off because lay down glue one. They understand. So that's where the headband coming got a headband will now disguise the idea. Cellulose is still there. The air was so nice guys and everyone put one pan there yeah, that's it after the videos. Then, whenever i put on panda cause, it looks so good by itself. You know so yeah just need for straightening to fix it up, make sure to eat the way you need it for this, so that when you put on the headband it look nicer everything right. So this is it so now i'm not going to my headband. I bought this headband in jamaica, of course, because i live in jamaica in a store called woolworths, so yeah you can get any headband that you have. I like this one for it to give a nice shape to the head as long as i never fix it. Better. Okay seem to kind of cover my edges and that's not the look i was going for, but i guess is later i'm i didn't move it up a little, but yeah guys do remember to like comment share and subscribe in this video while you're watching it. Please and thanks: i appreciate the love and the support all right, so the wig, the insulation kinda almost finished now, because i was gon na wear this week at the end of the week. I didn't want to go in with mousse and water because i was saying i wanted to style it at the end of the week. Someone ever wanted to be pre-styled. I forgot, you know: washi dancing um, i wash it all back again and you know most ago right now, i'm going with some spare water, and here we are now anyway using the water to spray it. Whenever i spray it 100 because, as we say, menina try style it too much right so yeah by the way nice guys, the wig nice, i'm gon na, say the wig nice. This video was supposed to be recorded shortly after review, but of course it never worked. So now we're there so so yeah man, i use my vent brush for me to make sure i said it curl and look like i call it yeah, massage i'm never gon na put mousse in. I forgot probably the one next video with that i mean you know. Maybe i will push now and get ready with me. Are some well here's the moves that i'm about to show you guys. This is the one i use. I use a letter body before too, but i like this one more from olive oil with nice and uh. I chose them about 1.99, but yeah yeah guys do remember to like comment share and subscribe, and this is the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching bye bless videos.

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