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What is up you guys and welcome to my channel if you're new, here emerald and go see, and i'm glad i saw beauty and with created content so that such about and that's what you may see more of, please do subscribe and don't forget to send in Your press notification bell so that you get notified every single time i post a new video and then, if you're, returning subscriber a german subscriber what i do baby or welcome back and thank you for joining me again in today's video. So, as you can see in today's video, i have this cute little headband wig, for you guys. I did this hairstyle off camera, but i did show you guys how i installed the hair, how i sticked my edges back and everything like that um. I really hope you do enjoy this video um and today's video is brought to you by ora that is sponsored by um cranberry hair. Please look for them on their instagram and then, while you're at it. Please follow me on my instagram and yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video. It was really really quick like a quick install. I feel like this week is about to be my new go-to wig, especially when i'm going to school and like i'm on campus. I'M writing a test, i'm going to the hospital, because it's so so quick and if, like i had like, i don't have my hair done. I can just stick it back with this. Hairband break, tighten the pony and go to school and i'm done like. I don't have to go through that whole process of like laying it and make sure that it looks a bit natural and and and and because char is a lot and also it's curly hair so like the maintenance is a very low like i just love this Headband rig, i adore it. It was so easy to install, as i said, um and all the other specs and everything will be down in the description box below and if i do have a discount code also it will be in the description box down below. I hope you did enjoy this video, please don't forget to like comment and subscribe and without further ado, let's get into the video hi guys. Once again. So, as i said, today's wig is from cranberry hair and they just sing me um. This is actually the first time i just opened my wig actually from the box, for you guys. Let me start with what's in the box, so in the box they sent me three headbands. I have this one, this one and this one and then that they sent me, which is a 26 inch curly wig yeah. This is how the hair looks shoot at the box. Um yeah. I have tried it on before, though like so. Maybe that's why i'm looking at it. You know whatsoever so yeah, let's get to installing this kitty right here. It is my first hitback wig and i have no idea of what to do. But i'll try my best. That'S all i'm saying so yeah, let's get to installing this kitty right here, so you guys. I just literally tried to sleep back my hair and i do that off camera because it's like way too much effort, it's like and the strong urge to actually relax. My hair, because this is not working for me so right now - i am going to gel it up and like lay my edges before i leave the wig and that's what you guys are going to see me doing on camera right about now. Okay, so now that i've slipped to my edges, as you can see, um i will be using my bandana to just lay everything down, i'm going to keep it for like 10 minutes and then i'm going to come back and then install the wig. I think this looks much much better. It looks cute, but it's giving me a huge forehead, like he's weird. So as i was saying, this is how it's looking um. It does not feel secure at all like it feels like it's gon na fall. So i wan na add like pens and stuff here at the back, so just keep everything secure. I'M just gon na hit, as i'm saying, i'm just gon na with the hair to just activate the curls. I just went to go fish this time because i was dripping so now. I'M just going to use my oreos oil, i'm not going to be using my own jackets today, because it's finished - and i just haven't, got some time to go like get a new um tab and stuff. So yeah, i feel like i keep putting it back like like it, doesn't feel secure at all and funny how all the other videos i've watched about hitman, wigs they're, talking about how secure they feel. But i did say i have a small head, but my forehead is saying something different yeah anyway, then i'm gon na put on some mousse. I need vitamins. I actually don't like this one very much like it doesn't like function. How it's supposed to, if that makes sense? Okay, let me move the top so yeah, that is the hair um. So this is the first headband. I am going to try just that my hands off here right now, so there is a bit of shading. I don't know if you can tell from the camera like. I have had strands on me so yeah. This is headband number one, and this is headband number two, and this is headband number three, and i think this is the headband that i will be keeping today. So right now i'm just gon na wait for my hair to dry brittany, i'm gon na do a bun. Then i'm gon na come back and finish off today's video. So i'm like you guys with my cute little band that i did looks very very cute. It was just hard to get but, like i left out some like strands here, but to make it look cute or whatever i feel cute. I look cute so yeah. That is it for today's video. Please don't forget to like comment and subscribe and then also share this video to your friends, family and whoever you want to share it with um. If you want to purchase this hair or any other hair, that a cambria hair has please check out the description box down below and yeah i'll see you guys in my next video bye,

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