Amazon Headband Wig Review/Install!! (No Glue, No Lace)| I Love It!


In this video I am reviewing and installing my very first headband wig from AMAZON! Below is the information regarding the wig!

Hope you guys enjoy ☺️


Persephone Glueless Headband Wig...

Length: 16 inches

Price: $73.86




EMAIL: [email protected]

Will definitely be slapping this slap slap it on and go home to work on my day you know they're friendly, you don't have to know how to install wigs for this, no glue, no lace. No, nothing! Hey guys! It'S your girlfriend janae, and i am back with another video and today we are doing a hair review on the headband with hand one second, and today we are doing a hair review on the headband wig okay. So this is the first one i got um. I got it from amazon, you do not need to know how to install wigs install weeds. None of that this is totally beginner friendly. Okay, i repeat: beginner friendly, yes, okay, all you got to do is your edges and you don't even have to do that. If you want, but i think it just make it look a little bit more realistic, you know i don't know, and i'm not even good at doing my edges, but you see they are there and they are dead kind of sort of so um. I believe this is a 16 inch. All the information will be linked down below um and the link from amazon. Oh did i mention this is from amazon, you guys like amazon, okay and it was under like eighty dollars pretty sure so, yes anyways. So this came like this um with this headband this one and this cute little pink one. The sheena was super cute too, and then it came with wig caps. Um i haven't used the wig cap. I don't think it's really necessary. I guess it's just a preference thing um, but i don't think that you like need it absolutely need it or anything um. So i will be showing y'all how i put the wig on, and it is super easy to put on you guys like. If you need a hairstyle, you just want to give your hair your natural hair break whatever like this is your go-to, and this is free. Promo so like i am like i'm being honest like you know, i definitely recommend um. This is definitely my go-to in between styles for sure you can wear it up down. However, you like you, can style it super cute. It is totally up to you how you want to wear it last week. I just wore it in its natural state and it was just big poofy um. You know you wear, however, you like um, but i would definitely recommend. I definitely will be ordering me different kinds longer lengths. I just got a short length because i wanted to see how it was before i bought like a long length and like didn't like it or whatever whatever, but i would definitely be ordering any more. So stay tuned and i will be showing y'all how to put this on it's the wig. Let me back up a little, oh, my goodness. So this is the wig um i've. I have worn this this week, so it was like a little puffy, so i just wet my brush and then i just like combed it through a little um. I haven't like like soaked it or anything like that, but i think i'm going to do that this week. I want that like wet wave. Look so this is it um? I think it's a 16 inch. Everything will be down in the description below so it is like. I said it is a little poofy ish right now, just because i want it this week and just got a little crazy, and this is what the inside looks like and then this is the band. The only thing i don't like is the band is kind of big. The band is kind of big like around the back of the head. That'S the only thing i don't like um, but it's fine and then now i will show you guys how i put it on so i already did my edges and please don't come for me in my edges y'all. I do not know how to really do edges. Okay, i am learning with this wig though okay so bear with me um, but i'm just gon na show y'all how i do it. How i put this on super easy, beginner, friendly um. I do not know how to put on like regular, wigs or anything. So anyone can do this, like. I can do this with my eyes closed. Okay, so, let's get into it! Oh also, it comes with. Oh, i didn't even know it came before. I only came with three. It comes with four clips, so two on the side and then one right here and then one at the bottom: okay, okay y'all. So i put in like a nice high bun. Well, i ain't gon na, say nice, but i put in a high bun. I actually think i might wear it like this today. Okay and you just tuck that little piece in the back and you are good to go, you can definitely style this in any ways i mean in many ways i just i'm not good with hair like like. I'M learning still and it's kind of hard doing this and uh, what's the name in the camera, but you can like a half up half down if you want to do like a low, ponytail, um high ponytail, you know just giving me soccer vibes. You know i'm about to go she's, not running she's, our track staff. You know like this is cute. You know this is definitely my go-to hairstyle, this wig when i'm in between um, you know different hairstyles and i don't want to do my natural hair because i hate doing my hair, like i just hate dealing with it like. I just want to keep it braided up put up like i just don't want to deal with it unless i'm ready to, and i don't know what to do with my hair when i'm in between styles. So this is definitely my go-to and i just ordered this one first, just to see how i would like it um. So, yes, you guys um. I would definitely go invest in one like asap, like you need this, you need this. If you just want to get up and go like this, this don't take long. All i do is my little edges and you don't even got to know how to do your edges for real. Like i told you, i don't really know how to do mine. I'Ll probably pull this forward a little though like getting this wig has helped me learned a little bit how to do my edges. You know just give you a couple braids back and you good to go slap slap this on. If you want to wear it with the black headband, you can you can throw on another one um. You know and go about your day like like this is the easiest thing to do. Like i said, beginner friendly, you don't have to know how to install wigs for this no glue, no lace, no nothing. I definitely recommend cause like like you know, definitely go get y'all one of these uh. I will be trying a couple. Other ones like. I want a different wave and i definitely want a longer wave um and it it. There is one on amazon that i was originally going to get that this girl had posted was like. I need to go get this, which made me go get this one um, but this one's from a different brand on amazon and like we'll, definitely be slapping this slap slap it on and go home to work on my day. You know whatever but y'all. I really do love this super cute super easy. They have all different types of lengths yeah and it was super cheap, like the one i got was super cheap, so make sure y'all go by if y'all want me to review any of the hair. If there are any hair companies out there, that would like me to review your hair. My contact information is down below y'all can send me some hair to review it. Don'T just got to be headband. Wigs i'll go get a little install, i'm about to learn how to do them myself, too. Okay, but, yes, let me get a close-up close up for y'all, it's like nah, i'm just playing, but yes you guys. I hope you guys, like this. Video keep subscribing, keep watching, keep giving my videos a thumbs up comment below what you want to see what you like, whatever you know, whatever just comment something i don't care, but i hope you guys like this, and this is just a few different ways you can Wear it up and down bun ponytail down whatever again, thanks for watching

Only Us: Hey beautiful. I see you’re in Ohio. I need the info to the guy who does your lace wigs!!!! Please send info!

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