Amazon Affordable Headband Wig Unit |Beluck Water Wave| Convenient Everyday Unit Simple Install


This video is a short review for a really simple and cute unit. Comment below or on any of my wig review videos to enter the giveaway. I'll be wrapping up the giveaway next week and announcing the winner(s) the following week. I'm not sure exactly how I will go about everything but in the meantime add me on Instagram for more updates! Be blessed!

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Hello angels, welcome back to my channel, it's ray natural and i'm back with another video, another amazon wig review for this wig review series. I am doing if you want to see more about this water wave headband unit, keep on watching yup. I do diy natural hair mommy and me lifestyle content. I do it all hello angels. Welcome back welcome if it's your first time here i've been doing a series on amazon, wigs and i have this headband unit for you all. Today, it's a little different than what i said i was going to be doing, but this week kind of got ahead of me so bear with me, but the giveaway is still going on if you want to enter a giveaway to win the amazon unit of your Choice out of the selection of wigs that i've done in this series just leave a comment in the comments below with the hashtag giveaway. You can do that in the comments below if you like this unit or on any of the other units that i've reviewed in this series. This uni here is very self-explanatory. Explanatory excuse me. I went ahead and just recorded this video all the way straight. I was going to give it to you all in real time. It took me about 10 minutes to install this unit. Very simple, very easy. The only drawback that i have from this unit is, you have to really wash it when you first get it really wash it very well. I always wash my units, but this one had a little transfer. I don't know if it was coming from the headband or the hair itself, but it was like black dye coming from this unit, so i just always keep it real. I keep it raw, because this is a review, and that was the biggest drawback other than that. This was a very convenient unit to be working out of the home again and having to go to work. It'S very convenient to just pop this right on your head. If you are not someone who is able to install lace on yourself, these lace, wig units don't work for you, then this is a very viable option. All in all, i really did like the curls and the hair on this uh wig. I did get it in a short 10 inches, but i thought it was super cute. It was given like this could be my hair type of feels. So i really did like that, but i'm just gon na stop talking unless you all finish uh watching this install. I added most of this hair and the curls was popping and i did add the headband that they gave me. They gave me two headbands with this unit uh. You can also put it up in a ponytail. I did that for one of the um styles, when i was wearing this unit and a bun like half a half down bun that was super cute, so yeah, i just hope, y'all enjoy this unit. Keep on watching this video join the giveaway and, as always, so you

Twins Times Two: I love that you’re always honest ❤️

Twins Times Two: Love how it turned out!

Melinda Hall: Hey miss lady. Excited to be apart of ur yth journey. beautiful unit. Wanted to try one just haven't taken the leap .thanks for sharing keep growing and for sure keep shining #giveaway. .this would be a blessing for sure.

La'Joia Creary: This wig is pretty super convenient ❤️ #giveaway

Kimel’s Journey: That wig is nice✨

THEY HAYDEN: ❤ stay blessed

Shawtxy: so beautifull

Melinda Hall: Notification squad! !!

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