*Easy* Shein 4*4 Closure Wig Install | No Glue | No Bleached Knots | Beginner Friendly

*EASY* SHEIN 4*4 CLOSURE WIG INSTALL | No glue | No Bleached Knots | Beginner Friendly

Hey All! In today’s video, I'm sharing my start to finished steps for this Shein 4*4 closure wig install. For this install I used no glue and I did not bleach the wig knots. Instead I used the Ebin Lace Adhesive Spray and the Ebin Tinted Lace Spray. I also show the steps for plucking the front of the 4*4 lace closure to give a more natural look for the lace wig hairline. This is an easy beginner friendly 4*4 lace wig install. Hope you enjoy!!

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Hair Details:

Shein 4*4 Lace Wig: https://api-shein.shein.com/h5/shareju...

Ebin Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray

Ebin Lace tint spray: Medium Dark Brown


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I BOUGHT A SHEIN WIG | 4*4 Wig Install | No glue | No Bleached Knots

4x4 shein curly wig


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Foreign subscribers, a warm welcome now for everyone. If you have not yet given me a thumbs up, please do give me a thumbs up. It'S right below the video. It'S not gon na hurt you it's not gon na cost, you anything! It'S just a click of the button. Well in this video, I'm going to be showing you how I laid this wig just to give you all some details on the wig the wig was purchased from Sheen. The wig is a 26 inch, 180 density. It'S described as a curly wig. It is a four by four wig, so it's not a full closure, just a 4x4, and this is how it's looking so as we dive further into the video I'll, give you more details on the wig, but just to show you. This is the packaging that the wig came in you're, probably not going to see clear, so I'll probably show it again pretty soon, but pretty standard, simple box, but very nice little um design on the box, loving the decor. So you don't get any like gifts or anything with the wig, but I mean for the price that I paid for the wig. I don't think I expected to get any headband Clips or any surprise gifts um in the box, so the wig, as I mentioned it, is 26 inches long 180 density. If you're interested in seeing how I lay the wig, let's jump right into the video. This is the unit straight out of the box. I still need to give it to the washing and everything to get the cools in place and intact, but I just want to let you know I paid 117.59 for this wig with the original price being 183 dollars. Now, once I was finished, giving the wig a nice little wash to get the curls in place, this is what the wig looks like. So now it's time for me to work on the wig and for that I'm using this even spray to sort of tender lace, because it is a bit light so for the spray you can layer it. So you can spray as much as you like. If you find the wig is not tinted enough or tinted to your liking, you can give it a next layer, so I'm spraying giving it a dry, and for me I needed to give it two layers of that spray, and I'm gon na give it a nice Little dry and then it's going to be on to my next step of the prepping process. My next step in the prepping process is to plug the wigs I'm using some water to sort of tame the hair just a bit and get it to lie down neatly. So I can see the parts when I um or where I'm going to be plucking the here. I first remove that first layer of the hair the baby hears in a scent so that I can start my plucking process just behind the baby here um or that hairline that part of the hairline and I'm going to be plucking. The hair in stages for the plugin process, I'm using these tweezers now I mainly use the black one with that sort of angle tip for the plucking. I didn't really use the others and when I'm plucking, the hair you'll see that I am moving. The tweezer like in different motions, so I'm going downwards and I'm going upwards. I'M not plucking one spot at a time because I'm trying to avoid creating any wall patches in the wig. So I'm moving upwards moving downwards and I comb through some of the hair. So once I pluck a section or portion I comb through, so that I can see how the hair is laying to know if I need to go in and twist some more of the hair out once I'm done with one side, I then work on the other Side, so I'm working with the hair one side at a time, so this is a comparison of the two sides once I pluck one side and you know, then I move on to the other side. Now, once I'm finished, plucking both sides, I part another layer again. Just a little further into the hairline to pluck some more hair. Now this is just my method. I think it worked best for me now. There are many different methods to plucking, but this is the one I use for this wig now when plucking this portion of the hair, I'm plucking some behind the pot and I'm also plucking some in front of the part as well, so I'm plucking both sides comparing Them pluck the back comb it out, compare and then pluck some to the front coming out and compare just to make sure that I get the hairline as even as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect because no hairline is perfect, but this is how I am plucking once I'm done. I start working on the front front of the hair where the baby hairs are. I pluck some more and comb it out to make sure it is to my liking or my satisfaction while plucking, I also add just a bit more water to make sure the hair is laying flat, and next I work on the part. So I want to clear the parts up just a bit, but I don't want to create that wide wide part. So I try to get the part as straight as possible and only pluck what is remaining in the middle of the pot, nothing to the side or anything like that. Just cleaning up the parts in this step, foreign plucking. I did a quick comparison to make sure I got the hair as best as possible, and this is what the outcome was of the plucking and I'm using one of these things to hold the wig in place so that it doesn't slip because I don't trust putting It on the cap by itself, so it's I'm going to clean with some alcohol. I'M gon na be using um, there's two so memorize to the side. Um, I'm trying not to use the camera, but so I'm going to cut I'm going to cut the lace and come right back all right so cut today, so I'm gon na cut the other side and come right back. At this point, I was seeing straight scalp like what these so I'm gon na spray the glue, let it dry, I'm gon na do two layers of the glue after using the adhesive spray, I give the hair a quick dry to make sure it's a bit tacky That, I repeat the steps once again by spraying, giving it just a little dry and then I apply the wig I feel like this could have could have cut this off for the record. I did go in and cut this little piece off because it was so uncomfortable now this step may be optional for some, so you can go ahead and pull out a baby hairs if you are into it and tie the hair to make sure you set that Hairline in place after applying the adhesive glue, I left the bun on for a couple minutes to set the hair in place and next it's time to cut my baby hairs so for cutting the hairs I am measuring with my eyebrows, so I cut the hair to The length of my eyebrow using this eyebrow share to sort of cut the hair, because I don't want like a straight cut with the scissors, so it gives me sort of an uneven cut using um this method. Next, I'm using some hair mousse to set my edges now I didn't want to use gel because I don't want the hair to be all stick down on my skin. I wanted it to be nice and free and able to move. So that's my reason for using the mousse on the hairline foreign wax to sort of set the hair in place, because I'm going to tie the hair once again to set those baby hairs in place, so the waxes to sort of keep the hair down. I'M using my heating iron to flatten the surface to the top of my hair as well, and keep that part and everything in place. For when I tie my hair, I am getting ready to go outside with a quick outfit change. Foreign conditioner um I'm using some foam and water. That'S all I'm using to set the hair. Next. I add some of my concealer to my pot to make sure I get it to sort of match with my skin, I'm also putting some on the hairline. Now the magic to the lace is spraying, some of that adhesive spray directly on the lace to the front of your hair and that's going to help it to all melt. In always, remember to let that last batch of spray dry on its own don't tap or do anything to it. Finally, I apply some hair wax and use my flattener to sort of flatten the top of my hair and get it all nice and smooth. So this is the final look once I installed the wig. So leave me a comment in the comment section below letting me know your thoughts on this install like, I can't believe the price. First of all, the price that I paid for this week and for the length it was a steep so I'll definitely be purchasing again, probably in a different style next time. But let me know what you think about um the curl pattern, the curls the length of the hair um, the lace. Let me know if you're seeing like you know the lace to me. I see scalp. So let me know what are your thoughts as well, and if this video was not sponsored um, it was not sponsored or anything the wig. I don't think there's any shedding on the way like there's nothing much in terms of plucking. It'S not like a must that you have to plug the hair, because in my opinion it comes pre-plot. I don't do much plucking at all. I took out um just a little bit of hair from the front. I probably could have taken out some more, but this is all I did for the unit so yeah. This brings us to the end of the video. Thank you very much for tuning in and thank you very much for staying until the end. Please do hit that subscription button below the video if you have not yet subscribed, and please do give me a thumbs up before leaving this video also feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section below and let me know your thoughts on the wig. I would love to hear your thoughts on the wig, your thoughts on the prize, your thoughts on how um I did in terms of laying the wig anything you feel like it. Let'S chat down below and I will be sure, to leave a link to the wig in the description below so feel, free to check the description for a link um to the wig, just in case you're interested in purchasing um. The units

Regina Michelle: Looks beautiful. Can’t believe how affordable. You did a great job. Love the baby hairs

NikkyK’s World: Sis you got eye for beautiful stuff love the wig and I love the way you prepped the wig. Am gonna add this video to my watch later again so I can prep my next wig I buy like this. Your tutorial is super easy to follow…all the way to laying it…your hair is giving so beautiful

simplydemi: I didn’t know hair mouse could worked as well as a gel to lay baby hair , that wig is beautiful on you , love the curls and the length too , density looks great , you did a great job installing the wig , I wish I can lay my wig like that one day I would I am not giving up ❤️❤️❤️

Eve's world: Your method looks easier to me Beautiful wig here and it fits you well

iamSimoneC: This is so pretty! Can’t believe it’s from Shein

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