Happy New Year | Installing A 26" 2X6 Closure Wig From Instagram Seller (Regrets?)


Hey Hunz

Welcome to my channel, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So im finally getting back into the swing of things and I'm so excited. For the month of February I have a lot planned, and I'm happy to announce that I will be going back to uploading 9-10 videos a month (fingers crossed, lol).

In the meantime, just watch me install this wig I bought from Cheapwigsinsa a Instagram account that sells affordable wigs here in south africa. I wasn't gonna share their account, but after much thought and debate I decided it's my duty to make you aware of things. I wont go into detail here, just watch the video and if you still want to try them out then go head booboo.

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Hey guys welcome back to another video, it's a new year, 2021 happy new year, guys! Oh my gosh! This is my first video of 2021. I hope that you guys have had a good start of the year and i pray that you guys have a flourishing year that everything goes amazing, and i know that my god is an awesome god, and i know that, like everything i have planned for 20 21. It'S gon na be a success. Okay, like 20 21, we killing it we're killing it, even though we're in this lockdown, even though the aroma is still around we're, still killing it. Okay, but yeah guys just wanted to say happy new year and yeah. Today, i'm shooting my first video 201 and it's going to be a wig install okay, my first week install in my channel. So this is the hair that i'm going to be installing i'm not going to be giving you guys the details to this hair because, to be honest with you, i'm not happy about about where i bought it. I'M not happy with the service of the like person who sells the hair. I'M just not happy! I'M quite happy, i'm quite happy, i'm not happy at all. So i'm not going to be giving you guys the details to this here. All i'm going to be showing you guys is how i installed this 2x6 um wig closure. Now, there's not a lot of videos out there of people installing a 2x6 okay and i've watched a couple of videos trying to see. If i can do it like i've installed a frontal before so, if i can do a frontal like this, one should be easy right. It really should be easy, but anyways. Let me talk, let me stop talking and let's just get right into it. So this is the hair guys. This right here, i think, was a 26. This was a 26 inch wig, and this is straight. This is what is this hair? I really don't even know the details. We really don't care. This hair is nice, it's really beautiful. It sheds a lot and it's it's - i think it's human hair blend or whatever, but i bought this wig because i wanted something to just throw on and be gone. Okay - and you guys know that, like i'm, not really a weight person, i'm more of like a braid, you hate type of protective hairstyle person, not a weird person at all, but i had to buy this wig and i bought it during black friday. And i recently just got it so we're just gon na install it and to show that guys. These people are in the saving business they're here to save money and just rob people. But then i get that's what i get for the price that i bought. You can see this lace right here. This was cut from this was probably a um, a 4x6 wig lace and they split the four by the four by six and and they cut two um two closures, but okay, like we. We know about that. We know about that, so what i'm gon na do right now i haven't bleached the knots at all. I feel like there really isn't a need for me to bleach them, because i will be doing the foundation like apply my foundation or whatever, but this is how it looks right now, so we're just gon na. Let me just put it back like on to honestly. I love, i love the wig cap, it's really big. It has these, like these adjustable thingies. I'M gon na buy like a an adjustable, a bend that i can sew in just for it to be snug on my head and also it doesn't have um clips clip-ons. But i really don't care about that and another thing that i don't like about. This is right here at the way the lace was sewn. They used the thick wool like the cotton wool, like you know the people they didn't use yarn, so it's kind of like bulkier around the closer area, i'm probably gon na - have to take that off and like re-sew it but anyways. Let'S just put this wig on. Okay, so i have the wig on and it's actually pretty on really snug. I don't know if i should glue it down or i should just like leave it without gluing it down. I don't know so. What i'm going to do is i'm going to cut the lace and i'm going to cut the lace. I'M obviously not going to do it on camera, because i don't know how i'm going to be able to do it on camera with both hands and, like my mirror, is all the way here and i'm going to be out of the camera. If i look it in the mirror and try to show you guys, but what i'm gon na do is i'm gon na cut the lace in a zigzag motion like i'm not gon na go straight like across it. Like i don't know, i feel like that's not gon na give it's not gon na blend nicely to my skin and to my hair and all of that to my head. So what i'm gon na do is i'm gon na cut it in, like small zigzag motions? Okay and then we're gon na do some baby hairs. You know so i've cut off the lace and to honest with you. I don't like how it looks like i'm definitely gon na have to glue this down because it is lifting and the reason why it's lifting me is because right away, the is because right way, the lace like um ends. It'S a bulky because of the because of the wool that they used to sew it in it's really bulky. So it's lifting right here at the ends, so i'm gon na glue this down and do some baby haze and we're gon na be back. I'M gon na take my got to be glued and just place a little bit right where i'm gon na lay the lace, let it dry a little bit like i don't have a fan. I don't have anything to blow so we're just gon na look at these hands. I mean i'm sure you guys know how to install eggs, and i really don't need to show you all of this. Okay, okay. So now what i'm gon na do is i'm gon na take my scarf and just tie it there and let it sit for a while. You know, let me do its thing and then i'm gon na do the baby hairs. This is really not like. This is just for like it to stay there and for it to blend nicely with my skin. This is not like a weak, secure, that's gon na last, you like a week, but while we're waiting for that guys, let me show you the length of this hey. Okay, like this was my first time buying hair. That'S this long, like it's really long guys! It'S like it's! It'S hella long! It'S hella long, and i know that guys like it's been in that plastic. So it's a little bit tangled and all over that. So i'm just gon na straighten it like comb it out. While i wait like look at how tall this like look at how long this hair is hey guys, look it's like it reaches like like the base of my waist. That'S how tall this this! That'S! How long this hair is? Why the am i saying this is how tall and it's really nice, i like the texture of this hair. It'S really really nice. What i also don't like i know. I said i wasn't going to review this hair, but i just can't help myself like guys if you, if you want a review on this here. Let me know in the comment section and i'll give you all the details, even though, like i feel like it's, it's my duty to make you guys aware of stuff, because it's up to you whether you want to spend money on that person, but just know what To expect you know, okay guys, so this is the finish line, as you guys can see. I'M not working any makeup just because i'm going to campus straight after, like finishing this video okay, and when i go to campus, i don't really like wearing makeup, especially today. It'S hot guys it's hard for wearing makeup. I don't know how y'all do it, but i can do it. I'M sorry, so i'm just going to be going bare, skinned, okay to campus anyways, yeah guys. This is the him. So another thing guys, while i was waiting for my edges for the glue to do, is things i decided that i'm going to share the instagram handle of where i bought this hair, and that's i'm not saying you should go buy it like. I feel, like the first part of this video, i told you how i feel about this hair. That'S just i'm just making you guys away that when you, if you happen to come across them on your instagram and you see the hair and you think. Oh my gosh, i should get it just think of this video just think of this video. To be honest with you, i don't really think it's worth the money. I don't like, i feel like you. Can you can get better hey at ali express, which is what i should have done? Also, but okay i mean we learn. We learn: okay, anyways yeah, i'm also going to share pictures of the other hair that i bought now that hair. As i said in the first part of this video, i'm going to be taking that hair apart and i'm going to be turning it into a headband wig if you guys are interested in that process. Let me know in the comment section and i will definitely record that video for you guys and yeah guys like this hair is really nice. I wasn't sure that i was gon na well when i say when i say it's nice guys: it's, okay, it's okay! It'S not something wow, it's no wow! Okay! It sheds like it's just so. If you're gon na buy this hay when you brush it, when you come in, like it's going shade a lot. Okay, a lot - i just i don't think this hair is gon na last. More than a year - okay, i don't, i really don't think so, but yeah guys. I didn't really think that straight hair was gon na. Like was gon na look good on me like straight hair and the middle part, but, like i am loving, there's a vibe like what what like i'm loving it there's something about this here that just transforms me into someone else. I don't understand yeah. It just transforms me into someone else, someone that i don't recognize so straight hair, i'm definitely getting more on aliexpress on aliexpress, but yeah guys also, the reason why i'm sharing this handle guys. As i said, it's because like if it happens that you come across them on instagram, just think of my video okay and also, i know that that people they who want to experiment who want to buy things. So if you still watch my video and you like, you know what i still want to buy the hair okay, do your thing boo, boo, just just remember what i said: okay anyway, why am i so extra and please guys don't go there looking for like looking For trouble, don't go on this person's instagram page looking for trouble, okay, but i will say guys i'm disappointed, i'm i'm like disappointed at the quality of the hair. The quality of the wig making is also like not that good. It'S not that good. Okay and the crazy thing is that oh, they had a bunch of their clients. They had a bunch of pictures that they posted from their clients and the clients were giving good reviews on their stories and whatever. And maybe that's because they're not picky and i'm picky. But as i say, these are just my opinions. Okay, this is what i thought. Okay of this hey and i have a right to say what i think, because i put this here with my own coins. Okay, anyways. Let me just end this video right here. I hope that you guys did enjoy this video right here and also, let me just say again, happy new year guys happy new year. We in the month of love february, i have a lot planned. Uh, for my channel in february, like valentine's day, is around the corner and i'm gon na be plugging you guys with some looks okay, and even if you're single, like you, can still rock these looks. Okay, you don't need a man, you don't need a lady whatever, but yeah guys happy new year, and i hope that you guys uh everything that you've planned for 2021 comes like comes to um. What'S the word i'm looking for comes to fruit, fruitation rotation, what the wow! I hope that 2021 turns out better than 2020 and i hope that um god answers all your prayers and he blesses you abundantly that. He guides you in everything that you will be doing in 2021. I know that my god is an awesome god and he's got my back and i'm going to ask him to have your back also. Okay, because that's what we need, especially as black women as black people in general, like i'm, not saying, white people and colored people and all the other races don't matter, but like black people, black black black women, we need to stick together. Okay, so if you're a black woman out there you're doing your thing and you got big dreams and you're blessing, my god is definitely gon na. Have your bag? Okay, just like i have your bag. Just like i have a bag. I have a lot planned for 2021, especially with my studies, and i also have some things i like planned for me personally on the side and i just can't wait for them to come to fruition and my gosh guys like when i think of all these things. I just get excited guys like i got goosebumps, i'm just like. Oh my gosh anyways. Let me end this video right here. Don'T forget to give it a big thumbs up and also follow me on instagram i'll leave my hands right here, don't forget to click the subscribe button turn the notification bell on and i will see you guys on the next world. Bye

Bongi Cekuse: Forgot to mention that this hair is human blend which means it's not as great as virgin hair but not as bad as synthetic hair. It can take heat but doesn't take to color which means you can't dye it. All of these things contribute to it being cheap/affordable. Also the wefts where cut during the wig making and this could contribute to it shedding. Hope this helps

Thethe Makhele: Happy new year babe and so happy to see you

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