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Hi guys welcome to my channel if this is your very first time or coming across my channel you're welcome. My name is jenny and i'm a youtuber based in uyo aquarium state of nigeria, and i make beauty fashion and lifestyle videos. So, yes, you are once again welcome to my channel today, i'm on the collaboration with my first week and today i have a headband week to review, to unbox, to install for you guys to see how easy it is to install a headband wig and as a Female, a human, a lady, you must have a headband wig, because there are times that we have unplanned meetings busy days. It is not every time that we'll have up to one hour three hours to get ready. Sometimes we have just five minutes ten minutes to get ready, and then we look at our week collection. All we have is frontal frontal frontal. Before you start installing your frontal glue, clean spray. Do this do that your 10 minutes is over and then you just miss your meeting or miss that important event. But then i have a solution and of course it is a headband wig. From my first week, i'm going to show you guys what the headband wig looks like. So here is the hair as it is in the pack. Look at it. It says here my first week, equality weeks for beginners, the packaging is so lovely the box. Everything here says my first my first week: instagram youtube facebook. The packaging is so so beautiful. Look at the park - oh my god. It'S so unique! I just love everything, i'm so obsessed about the packaging wow. So the first thing we have in the pack is the hair. I'M going to show you guys the hair last. So we have a note, the other information, the other number, the texture, the texture here says: silky the length is a 20 inches length. The hair color is natural, hair color, the cap size is size, one and the color construction is headband weak. So, yes, this is a headband wig, and this is what we have as well. I call it a gift. This ziploc is so so beautiful. It'S so unique. The first thing we have inside the bag is a tail comb that says my first wig. Another thing we have in the post is a hair clip as a wig owner. You need these hair clips in your wig tools, this hairpins and this wonderful, beautiful tail comb, is what we have in this beautiful pose here. So that is it about what is in the pores now this is the hair. This is what it looks like. It'S a handbag wig, like i said earlier, and of course our plug is my first week quality weeks for beginners guys, the packaging of this hair is so beautiful, so here in this bag, we have here wig cap, and this particular wig cap contains two pieces. I hope you can see that it says two pieces, so this we have, we have two in here and then we have our hair bands. The first headband we have here is a is this a leopard skin or a cheetah skin? I don't know what animal skin this is, but here we have an animal prince, headband and, and it feels so beautiful, it's elastic for every head size and i love this print so much it's so unique. It'S so beautiful, and then another headband we have here is a natural printed headbands nature in the sense that we have trees on everything here and this one is so beautiful. Look at the color look at the texture. Look at how beautiful it is so far. So good, all the headbands that i've seen that i'm seeing now right now is so beautiful and then the last headband we have is a harsh headband, and this one has no design it's just a plain, colored headband for the days we don't want to do too Many colors we just use this on our headband week and then we are good to go now. These are the headbands that we have for this particular weak. They are so beautiful. Just take a look at it. So now to the wig too, it's a 20 inches headband wig and the texture we have here is a silky texture. Take a look at the hair. Look at the texture of the hair. It comes with, of course, its own headband, like the name, implies headband wig. It has no lace, of course, a headband wig has no lace at all at all, and it also comes with combs. This is one two three and four: it comes with four combs for almost security. You have nothing to worry at all whether you are walking and you don't know if your wig has fallen down. No, no, no your mind is always at rest, and, oh, my god, it's so beautiful. You guys take a look at the hair. So now that i'm done laying my edges with my hair gel, you can use a hair wax. You can use anything to just lay your edges and make them look like so that you don't see some strands of hair dancing around when you have laid this beautiful hair, because this hair doesn't need anything to make. It look imperfect because it is already perfect. It'S already perfect, so right now, i'm just going to put on this hair test all the headbands that came with the hair and then show you guys different styles that you can actually rock with this particular headband wig. I foreign foreign tell me baby foreign foreign foreign foreign. This is my favorite out of all these tanks that i've created they are also so beautiful, but then i think i love this particular style. It makes me look like a doll right, i'm so so so so in love with this heaven, wig number one. It is so so soft, so so silky the texture guys can't. I cannot explain it's so so beautiful, it's bouncy and it's also 20 inches. Not too long but long and beautiful and stylish just know how to style this headband week and then you're good to go just be giving it different different styles, even if you're rocking it every day, change the headband change the style and then you're good to go. You'Ll be looking all slayed up every single day. Thank you for watching this video. All the links to this particular headband wig will be in my description box. This week is by my first week. Repeat after me, my first week my first week so yes thank you for watching this video. All the links to this hair will be in the description box. It is so so beautiful. This is a natural color. This is cup size number one for small heads. You can choose cap size number, two, three for bigger heads: okay, so yeah this is my own cup size. You can see how firm it is and i love the length look at where the hair is stopping me. It'S so beautiful. This is 20 inches and i'm so in love with this hair. This hair is so so beautiful. It'S so beautiful. I'M looking like a doll, and yes, i want you to also look like a doll. So all the links again to this particular hair will be in my description box, so check it out. Do not forget to follow my first wig on instagram. Thank you for watching this video. If you did enjoy watching the video give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to my channel, if you haven't turn on post notification when you subscribe, so that you do not miss any single of my videos. Because what because i draw banger videos, i am supposed to miss it. Okay, thank you so much. Thank you my first week for working with your baby girl, the prank queen like this, i'm feeling myself because i'm a queen. You know you know that. Thank you. So much my first week today, shout out goes to my first week, but today's post specification shout out goes to simply zippy. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed filming this video. Make sure that you check out this hair. All the links to this hair will be in my description box. You need to have this hair in your hair collection. Thank you. So much once again, i'll see you all in my next video bye, guys

Jhanique Johnson: This wig is gorgeous and it fits you so well. You are really growing, when you start to collab with online companies it shows that you are reaching a wide audience. Congrats.

herxcellency Iboro Udo: Thank you for sharing Jenny, the wig is so beautiful and I love all the styles

EhiTy white: This is another good to go wig. Is so beautiful, it has amazing curls. All the hair bands are beautiful.

DestinyForever Walks, Ph.D.: Hello Jenny, you are super amazing. I love your content and your gorgeous personality. The soft curly wig hair is so beautiful. It sure looks good on you. I appreciate you for sharing. Blessings to you.

Ezebekee Tv: Simple and nice

GRACEYS WORLD: Beautiful wig, you rocked it well. It really good on you.

Ido's Cuisine : Your makeup is so on fleek. Great hair review

The Naco Family: Beautiful i love the wig very curly

Pretty Young: Born with beautiful Jenny you’re looking stunning with these hairstyles

Allan Jenner: As always i put a like on your video even though i am not into wigs, haha Keep safe beautiful young lady

JOYCEWORLD TV: Wow this hair looks soo beautiful nd ur are rocking the hair

Charity joy tv: Wow Jenny look at how this wig fit you so much

prettyodunayo: Beautiful ❤️✨

Hannah Okafor: Jenny you look so beautiful on this wig

Our Fantasy Fam: Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Julia Iitula: I am so happy for your from Namibia

talk with chisom: Wow I love this hair it look good on you jenny

Christina Eweka: Happy new month you look so beautiful

Yummy Kitchen Direct: You look so beautiful with the wig,and that lipstick it's on .

Dheebi Ayangha: I love the wig

M&K sistaz: This is soo lovely

Fantastic Blossom TV: Beautiful

Ajiri Miracle: This wig is a goal and it fits you baby

BANIGOS TV: The wig is beautiful

Zeinab Dama: Wow jenny jenny mob love from

Oluchi Adekoya: Soooo pretty

PI MI: So cutee I have to get one

Triciana faatiliga: Your skin looks Amazing it's so you. God bless you

Lecia Lecie: Aww jenny u slay that hair like a pro

Ayodele Ideh: You look beautiful, the wig is beautiful too

Stephany Osahemrunwen: Sooooooooo beautiful hmmm

Toria's Atelier: Nice one

Lawal Asiyat: Skin like honey

L.C Beauty Crib: Momma you look so pretty

Antonia Paul: Edima u rock those headband keep glowing

vanessa njoh: Beautiful one there cherie

herxcellency Iboro Udo: Jenny first of all, you're just so beautiful

Bella Love tv: So beautiful dear

Joy David: Jenny you are looking fabulous with that wigthe wig fit you no be small oo

Yummy Kitchen Direct: The flower one with pineapple matches with you dress.

Joy K Media: This makeup carry award oh.Nice wig too

Comfort Isaac: Jenny you are so beautiful

Loveth Johnson: You look so beautiful

AFRO AMAR: Beautiful gyal

Naza Okoli: Ahhhhh your makeup is so fine

Sandra olise family tv: I am so excited to be here

Shantel Okoduwa: How much does it cost dear I need it

Helen Bassey: So beautiful

miss chocolate: ❤️✊

Progress M: Little Jenny today you look like ekemini

Naza Okoli: Your makeup is cute

Pa Mogaji: It unique thou

Marian Nimoh: You look so different. Looking more like your elder sister.

Glory home channel: Wow Jenny look like a queen

Promise udoh: Hello sis u look sweet

Ido's Cuisine : It's a leopard skin.

Lawal Asiyat: Small peppergo baby

Lovely Me: Can we see your natural curl. You dont breathe wig. Did God not give you your own hair. There are so many videos on YouTube on how to take care of your natural hair.

Yummy Kitchen Direct: Jenny,you can pose.

talk with chisom: First to be here

Naza Okoli: First yeeee

Promise udoh: Hi

Wendy's Space: Baby

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