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Hey loves! In todays video I am back with another headband wig. This one is from Eayon hair. Don't forget to like, comment & subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/yayyaysco...






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Video Wig Details:

Put on & go wigs & workless wigs - Beginner & Lazy girl Friendly - No Glue - No Lace - Super Realistic Look

Hair Type: Brazilian Virgin Human Hair .

Hair Color: Natural Color

Hair Texture: Jerry Curly

Density: 150%

Length: 18 inches

Cap Size: Average Cap-fits all people

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, it's yanna michelle and in today's video i am back with another headband wig y'all know this is my new favorite thing, so this one is with aeon, hair or eon hair, not too sure i pronounce it, but i am collaborating With them on this headband wig - and this one is another curly texture, so i'm very very excited so if you guys are not subscribed to my channel, go ahead hit the subscribe button turn on my post notifications. So you are aware of when i post and let's get into it so right away, love the packaging. It'S like a pink marble. If you guys know me, i love marbles so much so yeah. I really love the packaging right away, so, let's just get into it. So um they did include some headbands with it, which i really like. So if you guys didn't know with headband wigs, the headband elastic is already attached to the wig and it's basically like a half wig and then you can put any headband over it. So they did include a nice, pretty teal headband, this floral looking headband and then this one is really cute. It'S like a pink with gold and it's kind of wide. So i like that and then of course a wig cap, but i already have a wig cap on and i kind of prep my hair. I like to leave a little bit of my real hair out when i wear these. But you don't have to leave any hair out at all if you don't want to, and my hair is just braided up underneath. So that's how i kind of just prep my hair and for this hair. This is the jerry curly natural color, 18 inch so yeah. I'M very excited because, when i saw the jerry curly i was like i feel like this texture is going to be really pretty, so i want to try it something different from the other curly textures i usually get. So this is what it's looking like and, as you guys can see, the headband is attached. It has some clips inside to keep it secure, so we're just going to go ahead and put it on all right. So as soon as i put it on, it does definitely look like a jerry curl, but we're gon na, of course get this not looking like this anymore, because this is not how i like to rock my hair. But if you do like a jerry, curl look to each his own, you can always wear like this um. I like that, with these hair, this kind of hair you can do like half up half down kind of looks um but yeah i'm going to fluff this out and just get it big okay. So i'm just taking my tangle teezer and i'm just gon na run. It through and get it nice and big, and do it with my hands as well too. I don't want to mess up too much of the curl definition. This is just a close-up of the texture, so you can see, looks like very pretty perfect curls, but i like that kind of messiness um, just a little bit of frizziness, i mean so see you can easily manipulate the hair. You don't have to keep it in like the perfect curly form, you can always easily manipulate it and, like i said with this, i could definitely see myself doing a half a path down type of look with this hair, specifically, so i'm gon na do that see So cute you can do a really cute half up half down just bouncy big curls, so i'm gon na show you guys some of these different headbands. So, like i said we have this cute pink and gold. Yeah and headband was just such a lifesaver. Like you see how fast i was able to just put this on and then i can go somewhere, say your friends or hit you up real, quick and they're like oh, let's go out you're like oh, my god, my hair easily, you can put on your headband Wig, you can wear it half up, half down, you can wear it all out. You can just do so. Many looks, which is one thing i just love. So this is this one super cute. You can even put this hair into a bun if you wanted to so yeah here's the floral looking one. I actually want to see it in like a high puff. So like a ponytail, that's the kind of wig you can pull all the way to the top. It'S fine, so you can do a bun, of course, a little bun to throw on super cute and then i'm gon na take it off real, quick and show you guys the last headband. Oh, i really love this too. It'S so pretty okay, and then you can also do a high pony make sure this is covered. You can also do a little high pony. Look super cute. You can wet this hair too. If you want it like wetter, um, like just rock a wet look, but this is what the hair looks like fully dry, of course, but yeah guys and the hair is super soft love that really bouncy. So jerry curly is good. If you like that, really bouncy curly kind of look, i know a lot of people like that. Look flip it over do a little flip over kind of look. I like it flipped over. Actually that's cute as well, so many different looks you can do headband. Wigs are just so fun like, i really love them so guys make sure you check out the description box below check out this hair. Get you some super easy um reliable, hair like if you have an emergency girl, you got someone to go real, quick and your hair is not done. Don'T even worry, because you know you got your head that way. You know you can just throw it on and go so make sure you check out the description box, get all the information on this hair check out, eon wigs. They have a huge variety of different wigs on there and different headband styles as well. So if you don't like this texture, you can always see a different texture on there that you like and can try out for your hair. So don't forget to like comment subscribe to my channel. If you haven't already and i'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys

IsThatYourHairrr: Super cute on you! Love me some headband wigs! The curl pattern is perfect.

Beverly Hutchinson: Sooo ready to go! Thanks for sharing.❤️

Jazzmond's Mannequin TV: I'm here for the headband wig series

W Pierce: Which 1 do u like the most...the Unice headband or this....would appreciate the pros and cons of both...They look similar

Something of Substance: I feel like I got ripped of because I got the same exact one but my texture doesn’t look like that

W Pierce: Thats looks really full and a lot hair..do think a 150% density would look natural

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