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You hey guys, welcome back to my channel it's jenny b and i'm back with another wig review. Today'S wig review is courtesy of my shiny wig. Thank you so much my shiny wig for sending me this wig to review for my subscribers subscribers. Thank you guys. So much for tuning in and if you're new, here or passing through, please be sure to subscribe to my channel hit the notifications bell, so you're always in tune with i have going on. I would truly truly truly appreciate it. So today we are reviewing a kinky curly headband wig from my shiny wig, and i have a question for you guys, like from jump like why nobody tell me about my shiny wig, like i had to find out about this company just perusing through instagram um, minding My business, like i always do and yeah my shiny wig popped up on my feed and wow. I am like loving this unit, you guys literally. I am obsessed, i'm going to go ahead and tell you guys all of the highlights. I love about this wig um or headband wig, and i'm going to share with you some of the products that i used to style this wig and you guys i have a special promo code for 25 dollars off when you purchase this headband wig or anything similar. So this unit is their um 16 inch unit. It'S hitting me right at my shoulders, i'm 5'4. Just to give you a reference point. The texture of this hair is around 3c for 4a ish um. When you take the hair right out of the packaging um, the hair is very compact, but once you wash her and start using your natural hair care products, i mean the volume of this hair is just amazing. It is, i mean, for me, the texture. The volume is absolutely the highlight of this wig okay. Can you guys believe that the density of this hair is only 150 percent? What like, i am getting all the volume i am getting all the body and i cannot believe it's only 150 density um, like stunned, stunned stunned, is the word um. It'S super duper soft. When you take the hair out, wash it and style it you're going to be able to tell right away that the hair is very healthy, very manageable. Absolutely the color is a natural black color. This is virgin hair. So you don't have to worry about. You know when you wash it, you know dye running out or what have you. It is natural hair and when it comes to these type of units, i love to use my own natural hair care products on kinky, curly type textures. Typically, i use design essentials. Um products for natural hair or i will use cantu products as well. Today i used the cantu comeback, curl spray, it's a leave-in spray and it did this hair justice. I mean the kinks and the coils are absolutely beautiful, very volumous you guys y'all see. I mean you see it yeah. So with this headband, it's typical. You know headband construction, that we see with most of the headbands that are out right now. You have the um black stretchy elastic headband, that's stitched into the unit, and you have velcro straps to secure the unit as well. You have combs in the front and a comb in the back to anchor the the wig down. Just in case you know you don't have to use the the combs. I personally don't use the combs, but when you do you wear the unit up in like a pineapple style or updo style, you will need to anchor the unit down just to make sure that it is secure and that it doesn't slip off now through washing this Hair and um styling this hair, i got very minimal, minimal, shedding and when it comes to tangling, you guys know when it comes to these kinky coily type textures like our natural hair, i mean we're not just going to effortlessly run our fingers um through kinky type Textures, it's not, it doesn't apply to this this type of texture, but the hair is very manageable and, like i mentioned earlier very very soft, it will be easy to style and easy to manipulate. So let's talk about the things. I absolutely love about this unit. You guys the packaging super duper cute. I also love the fact that my shiny wigs gives us options. Oh my god, it was so many options when it came to the customization of the headband wig. You can pick your head uh your cap space size. So it comes in small, medium and large, medium, of course, being more of an average type sizing. This cap space is a medium. You also get to pick your own headband pattern. I'Ve said this in previous videos that one of my major cons with a lot of these affordable, um wig companies, is that when it comes to headbands, they don't give us options to print to pick the print, and while it may seem like something very small, it's Super duper major when sometimes the head, the wig company, sends you a headband print that is totally not in tune with the season and totally not in tune. You know with your wardrobe, so it kind of is a big deal. They do give you four different patterns to pick from when it comes to your headband wig. This unit, you guys, is also super duper affordable for the quality, that's comparable to a lot of the high ends or higher end um uh wig companies um that charge more. This unit is so affordable, like this is a 16 inch. I got a medium cap space and um. It comes to about 159. If you use your promo code for 25 off you're coming at around 134, not bad at all. That'S actually pretty darn good for a human hair with headband wig, that's really great quality and super duper affordable. I'M absolutely loving this kinky curly headband wig from my shiny wigs. I mean you get to pick your cap space. You get to pick the print of your headband wig. What more could a girl ask for, plus it's great quality super duper cute i mean: what more can you ask for also a quick disclaimer, this headband wig that i'm wearing did not come with the seat. The unit this one did super duper cute, very uh, soft, like material. It feels like jersey, knit it feel very nice against the hairline. I just wanted to. You know switch it up and show you guys how versatile these units are and how cute they um look with other um headbands, and so this one is not even like a full headband. So it's like a you know, one you can kind of slip on and off yeah, so yeah very, very cute option. The only con that i wanted to mention is that i did have to groom the ends a bit by just cutting off some. You know. Dry ends, but as with our own natural hair, we're going to our ends are most prone to to drying. So you want to make sure you guys moisturize moisturize moisturize your curly hair units, especially your you know: 3 4 textures. It needs that moisture. So you guys that is it for me and my review of my shiny, wigs kinky curly headband wig. I am absolutely in love and obsessed with this unit, so cute so affordable, and it gives the girl lots of options. You guys have to tell me in the comments section below what are your thoughts until my next wig review. I will see you guys later bye,

LeJeune J: Listen its cold in these streets. I had to stop recording to nurse the baby. I took off my hoop earrings because she like to grab and snatch everything while eating....So somehow...I only put back on 1 earring when I started back recording. When I start talking I do not have any earrings on.... Im not sure how all this happen!! LOL But I couldn't waist the footage. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! LOL

DeAnna Monet TV: Heyyy Jeunie!! This hair looks so pretty and full! Love all the headband looks too ❤️

WorldOfDej: I love the natural look of this unit, I think this is the first headband unit that I’ve seen that is a natural texture. The density is perfect for this style! These headband units are taking over!

Silky Saks: This is really pretty. Love a good curly unit.Love the packaging. I agree the price is great and all the customization.

Kimira Jewels: This is really pretty Jeunie . Love your makeup look

Luxury SchoolGal: The bands are are great! I never knew about them until now. Along with “shiny wig” lol learning something everyday as I go with this lol I think these are a great and wonderful option to have.

Carrie M: The kinks on this unit is supppper pretty!! I looks super soft! The price sounds pretty darn good to me!

OhSo805: I’m loving this natural texture on you!

Love Your Crownz: Jeunie girl, this super cute. I love kinky curly hair. You look fabulous as always

Classy Chic 💋💄: Loving the wig from LuvMe hair live tonight. You looked beautiful.

Fayette Henry: This wig I very realistic! The headband wig trend is the best thing to happen in 2020

Magikalblackness: This is a cutie and so serving 4c realness

Ifa K Slays: Soooo gorgeous sis

Tricilla Arthurton: Make up on point

MochaSoul22: I love it as an up do

Dorothy Rogers: Following you from Luvme.

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