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Hello Everyone in today's video I am reviewing Afsisterwig GLUELESS HEADBAND WIG VIRGIN HUMAN HAIR CURLY in 20 inches...

This unit is beautiful and is very versatile You can wear it as a headband wig, in an up and down style hiding the band on the headband wig, etc,.

Let me know your thoughts on this gorgeous Afsisterwig Headband Wig below in the comments...

Wig in the video:​ 

Other Headband Wig:​  

Coupon: Nicole10 to save money!!  Share looks on facebook, instagram , youtube and tag @ # afsisterwig, customers will get 15 dollar for next order.

Wig Information:

Wig sku: AF0299

Hair length: 20 inches

Hair density: 150%

Cap construction: Heabdband 

Cap size: Medium 22.5

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Email: ‪[email protected]‬ 

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Instagram: afsisterwig


Disclaimer this video is sponsored but as always all opinions are my own

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Love ya

Um, hello, everyone welcome back to my channel. I hope that you all are having an amazing day on today. So in this video right here i will be reviewing a headband wig by this company called af cysterwig. They sent me over their curly hair band wig to review for you guys on today and as well as two of their collections of hair bands. So i have collection number one as well as collection number two. So in this video i will probably be looking at collection number one, because this is gon na, be a two-part video. So in this video i'm just going to do like a try on try on a couple of the headbands. So you guys can see what they look like and then i'm gon na come back and do a second video where i actually hide the headband wig. I use some of my hair as leave out to blend in with the headband wig. So please stay tuned and let's get into part one all right, so let's unbox the wig here all right. It does come in this black box, black and gold gold being their logo. So here is the hairband wig and you are gon na get an adjustable strap with it. They also provided some wig caps in here and as well as a hair tie. So let's look at the headband wig: let's get some specs on it and i believe this headband wig is 20 inches and this is what it looks like just straight out of the hair net and the packaging okay. So it is pretty long here, as you can see. So let me show you what the elastic band looks like on it, so you do get your regular elastic band that come with your human hair, headband, wigs okay, so it is just a velcro here: velcro strap! All right, you do get a comb right here in the center. You get two combs kind of off to the side here and you do get a comb in the back and let me get it popped on. Okay, so hey everybody! Everybody thank! Hey! Everybody! Hmm! Oh! So uh, okay, you guys come on into the room, come on into the room. Let'S gather around and talk about this gorgeous headband wig from af sister wig. They sent me over this headband wig. This one is 20 inches. It is priced on their website at 179.99, but they do start their virgin human hair headband wigs - and this is the curly one. They do start out at 12 inches in which that one is only 69.99 and then the prices go up per 12. 14. 16. 18. 20 and so on, and i think the longest length they have is 24 inches, as i saw on their website, but at first initially when i unboxed it, i wasn't liking the ends of this human hair wig. So i went in with some of my mixture, which is leave-in, conditioner and water, because at first i was just using plain water, but i forgot, i didn't have any leave-in conditioner mixed in with that one that i have it in here. So again, i have miles leave-in conditioner mixed with some water just sprayed that to spruce up the ends - and i also went in with this garnier fructis sleek and shine, which is like an anti-frizz serum just to put that on the ends and distribute it throughout the Wig and as you can see, the ends look much better, so i don't really have any cons with this unit. As you can see, i played around with some styling options played around with their first collection collection number one of their handband wigs. As i stated, this will be a two part video, so in this video i just wanted to unbox it play around with it a little bit and then in the second video. What i'm going to do is come back and i'm going to use some of my hair as leave out and incorporate the headband, wig and kind of hide the headband. So i can show you guys. You do have some versatility with this unit. I am perm. So what i'm gon na end up doing is just a braid out on my hair to get it to blend in with the wig, but you guys stay tuned for part two. I hope you have enjoyed part one of me unboxing this af sister wig, they're, curly, human hair, headband, wig and again it's gorgeous the pros is the curl pattern on it. I love the density of it. It is very full fuller than i thought it was going to be from the picture so yeah you guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and, if you're interested i will link up. I will leave a link for you guys below, so you can check it out and stay tuned for part two and peace and blessings

AllThings NikkiNicole: Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday hope you're having an awesome day...let me know your thoughts on this beautiful headband wig from Afsisterwig....Coupon: Nicole10 to save money!!  Share looks on facebook, instagram , youtube and tag @ # afsisterwig, customers will get 15 dollar for next order.

Silky Saks: These curls are so pretty Love the leopard headband. Great that it is versatile too. Can't wait for part two

Tammie Cornelius: Heyyy NikkiHappy Sunday!! Curly Virgin Human Hair Headband Wig Is GorgeousIt Is giving me life, lol!! love how you style her, beautiful!! love all of the headbands, look so pretty on youyes this headband wig is definitely on my list to purchase, lol!! can not wait to see part 2, enjoy the videolove you❤have a bless night

april G: Happy Sunday this is Gorgeous I definitely Love this look❤️

Jae Dun: Very pretty! The wet side is a lot better. That water and conditioner hits differently lol looking Gorgeous Sis can’t wait for part 2

Tsahi Hair Goals: Yasssss this is gorgeous and full!

Ebonie Woodruff: It pretty friend I gotta get me one I ordered off of Amazon I never do it again . I need a get me ah human one.

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