My New Go-To! Lazy Girl Approved! Deep Curly Human Hair Headband Wig - Amazon

Hey Everybody,

Check out the review of my new go to which is this deep curly human hair headband wig. This is stamped as lazy girl approved!

Hope you enjoy the video!! 

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Brazilian Deep Curly Human Hair Headband Wigs - $59.99


0:00 – Intro Video

0:12 – Welcome

0:29 – Wig I’m Reviewing

1:16 – Unboxing & Styling of the Wig

4:45 – My Thoughts on the Wig

6:35 – Price of the Wig

7:12 – Closing

8:02 – 360 View of Wig 3

8:13 – Bye Shug Muffins!


COLOR: Natural Black

CAP SIZE: Medium


TEXTURE: Brazilian Deep Curly



SHEDDING: Moderate



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Hey: what's up everybody, it's me miss ebony v, welcome back or to my channel. If you are new here. Thank you so much for joining me today. I do hope, you'll consider hitting that subscribe button, as well as that notification bell. So you don't miss any other videos and if you're returning, hey suge, muffin y'all, so i'm bringing another human hair sleigh on a monday, and this time we have yet another human hair. Headband wig, i tell you these are still my go-to, i'm not lying. I mean it. Headband wigs are still my first grab over a lace, front or closure, or anything like that. I'M grabbing a headband wig alright. So today i'm going to be reviewing this brazilian deep curly human hair, headband wig. I have her in 16 inches with 150 density. Now she comes from a vendor off of amazon yeah. I know that's my favorite place to shop and i will be sure to link all of the information down in the description box below, so let's go ahead and dive right on into the unboxing and styling of this headband wig alright. So this is how the hair came packaged. They did include this sleeve headband, as well as this edge scarf and, as you can see, and as i mentioned before, this is a 16 inch deep, curly headband wig with 150 density. This is the hair straight out of the package and it does come with the headband attached, as well as the standard velcro strap in the back. Now. As for the cap construction, it has the three combs in the front one in the back with the adjustable straps. As well as a stretchy cap, now, of course, i washed the hair or co-washed the hair off camera. I also added some cream of nature: argan oil, leave-in, conditioner and leave-in curl milk. Then i just brush through the hair using my felicia leatherwood brush. So now i'm just going to plop this baby on and see what different styles i can come up with and then i'll talk about my pros and cons towards the end of the video. So just continue watching. When i think about the that i am things much. I know i'm so much for me. I know that i am so much. I know i'm so much better, that shade of death those days all right y'all. So you saw all of these styling options that i was able to come up with and, of course that wasn't all that just that's just all that i decided to come up with for this headband wig. So i love the versatility like you can do so many things with this unit. Now, if you are someone like me that likes a lot of volume, kind of like big hair, this unit gets bigger. The more that you play with her. I don't know if you saw when i first put her on, but she was just kind of like blah and curly like she was real defined and curly, but it was just like blah. So the more i like take my fingers and fluff her out and do all kinds of things to her the bigger she gets, and i love that. I also think this is like perfect length. It'S not too much hair, i feel like. I can definitely rock this. All spring and summer and don't feel like i'd, be getting too hot. This could probably be another go-to for me because this i love this wig. I love this headband wig and i have one that i just will not put down like it is my go-to and now i might actually switch and give that one a break and switch to this one for a little bit. But i do like this head bandwidth. I showed you how i was able to define the curls and i feel like they are nicely defined. Unlike the human hair unit, i reviewed last week, which was more of a water wave that was okay and even though it was a lower price. I would still choose this one over that one because of all of the things i can do with this one. I felt a little more limited with the other one, so as for the price you can find this unit on amazon, as i mentioned before, for a whopping 63.99. I think that's super affordable for all of this gorgeous hair 16 inches 150 density, easy breezy, it's human hair, like styles, are endless. You can do so much with this. There are synthetic wigs that cost this much and you ain't gon na be able to have it as long as you're able to have this one. You know what i mean, so i think it's well worth the price all right. So that's really all i have on this unit. Of course, i would love to know your thoughts, so let me know down in the comments below. Are you feeling this unit? Would you consider purchasing this unit for the low cost that it is on amazon? Let me know down below also if you have made it this far go ahead and leave me a cute little green apple right here down in the comments below so that i know you made it to the end of the video suge muffin, and i truly appreciate You for that, if you're not already make sure you're following me on instagram at miss ebony v, i'd love to have you there as well. Thank you all so so much again for watching this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe. Button, if you have not and i'll be sure to catch you, wonderful people in the next video

Silky Saks: Can never get enough of headband wigs. This curl pattern is beautiful.

Love Yourself: Happy Monday This is really cute and love the headbands. Such cute styles especially the side pineapple with the sleeve. Have a Great Week “There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.” ― John Green #MentalHealthMonth

Lotti Dotti63: Hey sis , love the wig it is super cute, she is very versatile and that is always a plus! Your makeup is simply gorgeous!!!

DeeDee Hair: Oh yes this is gorgeous the density is perfect on it and see why you love it more

Tina BlackberryRose: ♥️ You look Beautiful. I agree headband wigs are my go to. They are so convenient and versatile. ♥️ all the styles you showed in this video.

Neasey Hendrix: Absolutely gorgeous I really truly hope your chanell skyrockets you deserve it

april G: Good Morning love this unit so much and the top bun you did

Fee-Bee Romero: I .still riding that headband wig trend too so. You know i see that Apple lol

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