#118 Headband Wig With Buttons For Face Mask | Protect Ears | Outre Dominican Curly, Human Hair Dupe

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Review and turning Outre Dominican Curly into a DIY headband wig using headbands with buttons to support your face masks.

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I can't see what i'm doing guys - okay, oh my goodness. Let'S try this again, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, it's commericals here with another wig review. So today, before we get into the details of the unit, we've got to talk about the lippy. The lippy that i'm wearing today is a collab liquid, lipstick. It is in the color beauty call. So, as you can see this beautiful, pink, lippy and now into the details of this unit, so this unit is an oldie. This is an ultra quick weave, inspired by boutique bundle, hair, dominican, curly and i've got it here in the color 1b. So on the inside you've got one lancome at the front. You'Ve got a comb in the back and you also have the adjustable straps. Now it does say that this wig is heat safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. I would never even attempt to try and straighten this hair because it would be a nightmare. I would just go and buy a straight wig. At that rate, it's very affordable. It is available for under 20 dollars. So this would be an awesome, curly human hair dupe like look at these curls and for reference, i'm five foot two and a half, so this will kind of help you to judge where it will fall on you. You can already see that it will tangle. So do not run your fingers through this hair, it will grow and it will tangle so curly hair like this and it's synthetic it will always at some point it will tangle shedding. I don't know again, i'm not running my fingers through the hair to be able to tell but word of advice. They call it a quick weave or a half wig, and those are meant to be worn with your hair out over the hairline so that it conceals this line of demarcation. It'S not meant to be worn like this, but what i'm going to do today is because we are on this whole headband wig trend, i'm actually going to wear this with a headband. Now i've been wearing half wigs with headbands for years, but i have about a billion pictures, so i was tired by the time i got back as far as 2016., but can we take a moment to appreciate the evolution of my eyebrows, so you can easily do This at home, and not just with this week, but any half wig or full wig or lace wig that you have at home. You can definitely do this with so this way, you're saving money - you don't have to go out and buy these headband wigs. You can make your own, i'm all about, do it yourself and making your own it's just like. I made my own ring light. I have a video that i did years ago on that i didn't post the video i'm thinking. Maybe i should post the video, but at that time the budget you know, didn't allow for a ring light. So i went onto youtube, found a tutorial and i made my own ring light so anyway back to the wig. So i have some headbands that i got from amazon. I will drop the links in the description box below i've also done some other headband wig reviews. I'M going to put the link up above as well make sure you check it out, and i will also put it in the description box below lots of different, affordable options for you. You don't have to break the bank. You don't have to spend your money if you have these wigs already at home, which i know a lot of you do. You can definitely convert it into a headband wig. So i got this from amazon. It'S a pack of 10 headbands and, as you can see, the different colors here and the special thing about these headbands is that you can actually wear them with a mask, as you already know, with everything that's going on right now with the pandemic and everything everyone Is wearing masks, so these headbands are actually made with buttons that you can actually wear the mask the earpiece thing of the mask on which is really good. Now the way it was marketed on amazon was, you know it's good for anyone for nurses, doctors who are wearing constantly wearing masks. You know if it hurts the back of your ears. You'Ve got these handy buttons, so it's got this stretchy part here at the back. Very soft and stretchy, so this is awesome. So, let's let's try this one. So i'm going to take this off because i don't want to mess up the curls and let's put this on like this, so this wig, the cap size is comfortable. So it is big head friendly, okay, so i'm gon na put it on, so you can wear as high or as low as you want. Um see so there's the buttons right above the ears. So you can even fold this too. If it's too wide for you, you can always fold it, and also, if you're experiencing hair loss, you can wear it all the way down, so you can wear it all the way down like that. Isn'T that cute look at that? I love that's cute, that's cute and then what i mean by folding it, so you can actually like fold it a little bit or you can even fold it completely in half if you want and just move it back or leave it forward again, if you know You prefer to wear it forward more if you're experiencing hair loss. You can always wear it like that see, so you can still see the buttons and then i've got a mask here, so you can try it out so see by default. I was gon na put it behind my ear. There we go so i've hooked that on there, so i'm gon na bring it across there you go, so it is hooked onto the buttons how convenient you can be stylish and be safe. At the same time, unhook unhook and there you go so that is convenient, so handy, okay, let me try on some more colors, the turquoisey blue color. So again, there's the buttons there's the buttons and very beautiful. So if you love big hair, like i love big hair, you will love this like look at how beautiful this is very pretty, and you can even like do some different styles. I can even like you know, put a pin right here and then have it like all like falling on one side or you can even do like a half up half down. Let me sit back a little bit, so this is kind of what a half a pack down would look like. You can even do like a top bun there's so many styles that you can do with this wig here and then another style you can do. Is you can actually put it all up? You can put it up. That is, you know i should use. This is a kind of messy version, but you guys kind of get the point of what i'm trying to do, but that's cute really cute. Okay, i don't want to mess around with it too much. The reason why i didn't tie it up is because, like i said before, this hair is curly and it will tangle so be careful when you are doing the styles, because when you keep messing with it, it will get tangled. It is a synthetic wig, so it will tangle. So that's the that's. The only that's the con about synthetic wigs is that they tangle. So if this is a human hair unit, it wouldn't tangle and there it is with the black headband. Very this wig is very pretty. I love this curl, so beautiful. So now what i'm going to try as well, i have another set of headband wigs from amazon. I think i'm going to change my lipstick and my shirt before i try this on i'll, be right. Back, we also have the button. It says handmade on it. Okay, so you can see the buttons here we're gon na try the mask with this one as well, see stylish and safe at the same time, and you just simply unhook and oh no, let's try on these other cuz, oh the lippy. So as you've noticed, i changed the lip piece. I toned the pink down, i actually added. So this is another collab, and this is a liquid matte lipstick in the color kink. So i put it on top of the beauty call, and this is the color that you get all right. So, let's try on the other ones. Oh this one is really look at this. This color is very cute and, of course, see you can wear it all. The way to the front or you can, if you want to lay the edges, you can have edges showing, so you see how easy it is to convert your the wig that you already have even lace front wigs. I actually did wear one of my lace front. Wigs and all you have to do is literally put the headband on top of the lace so easy. You can convert your half weeks, your full wigs, your lace, legs anyways, you have, you can convert into a headband wig. This is this. Color is really cute. We'Re going to try the last color shift it back a little bit and there were the headbands so make sure you check the description box below. I have all the links to all the headbands that i've tried make sure you watch the other headband wigs that i've reviewed or watched the other headband halfway tutorial. Slash watch my other headband quick reviews. I'M going to link it up above and i will also put them in the description box below don't forget to like comment share and subscribe. Don'T forget to hit that bell. That way. Any time i upload you will get the notification. Thank you so much for watching and i will see you in the next video bye bye since quick dance. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Then you

Kimira Jewels: Purchase links are in the description for all of the headbands showcased in all my videos as well as my headband wigs playlist

Silky Saks: Funny that these wigs are making so a huge comeback. Yes this trend is so easy to do I think that is why the headband wig is so popular. On top of the fact that they’re super easy. Yes post the video. Love the leopard headband and lipped

Kristie Pope: That lippie looks amazing on you! And of course those contacts look freakin amazing! This wig looks awesome! You’re so beautiful!

MsEbonyVee: I almost got this one too. This is really pretty! Love the headbands with the buttons for the masks! You know when I first started, my first ring light was DIY also because I didn’t wanna spend the money on one! That’s too funny Lol. Now a real one is absolutely necessary!!

MsCatrin: The hair, the lippie, the eyes, the lashes...wow!! Gorgeous! Loving these headbands! Great concept!

DeAnna Monet TV: You looked so pretty in these curls! My fave was the leopard headband with the 2nd lippie Great premiere!

HaitianDoll. Sophia: That’s actually a great add on to have . Face mask hurt your ears after a few hours , and sometimes it can be hard for the face mask to stay on with your wig . Great idea. I love the curl pattern & volume . You make me want to try wearing lipstick again . Edges are laid

Cocoa AlmondJoy: Girl!!! I remember when this wig had women going CRAZY this style never gets old to me and I ❤ how you incorporated the headband craze and mask So 2020!

Lotti Dotti63: This is a beautiful half wig, and the lippie is beautiful...great review!!!

WeezyWigReviews: You look Gorgeous as always my dear. Yes nurses do wear these headbands with buttons at the hospital I work at. My mom actually made these for my coworkers when the pandemic 1st hit before she started making us mask. So they really do come in quite handy to save your ears. Awesome review!

Marta Mille: The curly wig look really beautiful and I love the fast you can attach the mask to the headband and the lipstick color is looking popping ❤️

Queen Mila: Awesome headbands!! The buttons are indeed very convenient! Thank you for sharing this

More Keta: Ooooo.... Love the Lippies. The curls on this unit are so juicy.. Love it. I'm obsessed with big hair and this unit is so me. Sometimes the straps on the mask bother my ears and these headbands are genius!! The leopard one is too cute.

Shauna_Loves B.: This half wig is very pretty, I like the curls they look very natural!!! Yes save money!!! These headbands are very colorful and helpful with the buttons because girl I be needing this at work

Fine Natural Hair ROCKS: Kimira, this video was sooooo good!!! I absolutely loved all of the headbands that you tried on, the fact that they have mask buttons, your lippie colours from Collab, and THAT WIG! for your lippie, where do you purchase Collab lipsticks from? Do you always get them at Sally’s? I think I might have to give their matte liquid colours a try P.S. you look GORGEOUS in all the colours you tried on

Tricia The StoryTeller: Loving everything. The lip colour, the headbands are lovely. Loving the vibrant colours. You syled it so well.. Did you say you made your own ring light?

DiamondsCurls&Pearls: The OG Dominican curly . Super cute!! The leopard headband is my favorite.

Mrs CubsDen: I like that there is variety of colors with the headbands - love the button concept that can be used to the mask - that's a simple thing that makes a lot of difference Loving the batman shirt and the music! Yes please - drop the video!!!!

Ms. Amor En: You look like a Doll Baby!!! Love every headband you tried on & these lippies were so gorgeous! Great video!

Shay Slays Official: Dominican curly use to be my jam! I started ordering the full wig! But this is so cute!!!

NaturallyZandra: This wig is gorgeous!!!!

LovelyAngelLady: You're 5' 2 and here I am 4'11". You look absolutely gorgeous in this full Curly girl. DIY projects are awesome. You got some really pretty headbands. Love the vibrant colors.

Tacha's Society: These handband companies are getting creative.. I love the colorful leapord one is my favorite.. you always look so beautiful

DeeDee Hair: Ooh that wig looks amazing on you and those headbands what a find

Mr BlueJeans: The pink theme is pure heaven Sis! The band and bat go well together!

Brii's Vanity: You looks so pretty with those eyes!❤️❤️ They are perfect with the pink lippie. Love the curly hair is gorgeous! Those headbands are so convienent

Beautiebymark: So creative!!! Love the up-do

Love Yourself: These headbands are so neat. Love hot pink

Miss Khrissy: This was one of my favorite half wigs!

Couple Goals: Beauty call is pretty i’m loving the headbands around wigs — making me feel like I might can do something too .. I’m just scary. It’s kinda pathetic I could imagine curls like that would get tangled my daughter is natural & it’s a struggle sometimes. I like the half wig & yes girl the brows have developed gracefully. Yah post the ting light creation vid.

Lindsay Erin: first of all i’m loving this lip color! this wig is supper cute too!

MissExclusive4: I love how the pink headband matches your top and lippie ! those curls are popping too OKAY outre! I love a good oldie too!

Paige: That is so smart!! You look beautiful, love how the lippie matches your batwoman shirt!!❤️

iamSimoneC: Omggg you're gorgeous girl those headbands with the buttons are lifesavers! I work in Healthcare and the mask strings behind my ears all day is a headache. New subbie hope you can come by my channel as well ❤

ALISIA TV: I’ve been seeing a lot of these headband wigs and I want to get me one . Oh wow I never seen headbands like this before .

Mz Geminii Talks: I love this unit the curls thou

Susanita Efe: You are looking gorgeous make-up hair everything on point. I am going to be needing one of the headband very convenient I like the blue color.

Miss Khrissy: Love the buttons! Its really beneficial to me because my ears always hurt I love the ones with buttons

TricaLiving: U look beautiful, the wig is popping love how you can attach ur mask on the headband

YourNextCast: I'm just loving the shirt. And of course everything you present looks amazing. Literally your video says it's a wig, but I still thought it was real.

Courageous Kay: You look lovely. This wig is popping, the headband are really cute. My favorite is the pink one.

Cutelilvoice: Very pretty I love it tfs beautiful

Petal's Corner: Very nice my dear...I love all of the headbands...they look lovely on you with that curly hair and the buttons for the mask is so cool

Magikalblackness: I love those headbands because I wear glasses masks and wigs everyday

Donnelle Griffin: Hello, yes please post that video of the light. I have a review of a ring light that I got from Geekoto last year but would love to see the one you were referring too. This review is so awesome that you did. Your first shirt was super cute too. I love the idea of the buttons on there for the masks!! we all know that will be needed this winter. Job well,done.

Mz Geminii Talks: These headbands are super cute need to get me some

the life of cleo: Love the head bands and the colors pretty cool. The hair is saying one

FunwithMe Makeup: Great video thanks for sharing

Mz Geminii Talks: I need to try collab loving the color

Mz Geminii Talks: Heyy beautiful here catching up on your video’s!!

Beauty Luv: Cute

D Rose: You are really pretty I think you would look even more gorgeous with your warm natural brown eyes honey

Stilllookingood58: Your house looks fly (as we OGs say); you should do a tour.

Couple Goals: The pink headband matched your lips perf but the cheetah print did sumn to me giving RAWWRRR.

Stilllookingood58: Letting this roll today. :-)

Chas D: Post the video of a ring light please and thank you!

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Miss Khrissy: Sorry I missed the premiere here now

Shay Slays Official:

نزار Nizar tv: The best flower and imprint of the best channel of your brother Nizar from Morocco, with success and success my sister.❤❣

Neikha Jay: Kim it's been a minute ❤❤❤


Daddy Days: looking A doll baby

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