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WENYU headband wig 14inch curly human hair wig on Amazon(14inch-26inch Available)


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Like this is something like you, you need to run off the house and you're just like hold up get right with you. I'M gon na get right with you. Okay, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel, it's your girl nova period and if you are returning subscriber, hey girl, hey and if you're new welcome to the novel game period, so we're gon na hop right into this video per usual. Today'S video, as you can tell by the title, is a wig review, clap it up. Okay, clap it up just uh we're coming so far so fast, i'm so excited. So this video is sponsored by when you hair and they reached out to me to review one of the units that they have and it is a headband wig. So i just got this in today. Um i ordered it. I ordered it yesterday, yeah on the 14th. It'S currently the 15th and it just got here. I am going to have another video. So if you see this this beat, you know it's within the same day, because i have two so a little sneak peek. So i have two videos that i'm going to be doing um within this day to review, but anywho - that's neither here nor there. So we're going to hop right into this video so opening it up. It does like the back, so they sent me two headbands. This is what they look like honestly. I thought this one is my favorite, i'm probably gon na do this one, but this is the headbands that they sent me. I do have my own personal ones, just in case i didn't like the ones they provided, but it's all good. So this is what the wig comes in. It comes in this bag and this is in a 14 inch. All the specs and details will be in the description down below if you are wanting to check out this wig for yourself, like i said all that information will be in description down below and it might be some discounts who knows so make sure you check that And don't miss it, and this is i just want to this - is disclaimer. This is my honest review. No one is sitting here forcing me to say anything just want to say that, because a lot of people are not real and authentic, when it comes to these hair reviews, they just say what people want to hear, but yeah so go ahead and take the wig Out of the bag, so it has the paper that it has in there and then it has the net so off back. It smells like regular hair just want to say that, because a lot of companies send people hair and it doesn't smell too good, but this hair - it doesn't smell bad at all. So this is what the curl pattern looks like, and i will make sure that i put um the specs and details on the side, so you can see, but this is what the curls look like. Look at that beautiful! Well as i'm running my hands through it. I mean i'm seeing just a little bit of shedding, but it's curly hair. You know curly hair tends to shed so just be on the lookout, but it's nothing to the point where it's like dramatic. But yes, so this is the construction of the wig. It does come, it does come with three combs two on the side and then one under, and then you have construction up here so honestly off bad. What i'm seeing is that this hair is gon na be easy, breezy lemon squeezy, honestly, i'm gon na go ahead and just plop this on my head. I do not have a wig cap, you guys, so please don't scroll me in the comments. Okay, honey! Let'S get into it, okay, so i had to look down my edges. I just did a 10 000 big chop, as you can tell from my channel. I tend to do a lot, so i have just slicked down what i had no cat, no kissy. So for the simple fact that this seat, you see here and look at this - i am in love what okay! So i'm just going in with my water bottle and just seeing what these curls are working with and then i'm gon na go and then i'm gon na get into the details of the hair um, because this video is not gon na be long at all. You know it's simple, it's easy to put on you guys, trust me it's the best thing to do. I love it. So much like this is something like you. You need to run off the house and you're just like hold up get right with you. I'Ma get right with you, okay, this is what it's given. This is what it's given so putting the water on the curls. This is what it looks like get into it. Let me make sure y'all can see these. You see you see me, you see me honey. Come on now you told me: you don't see these honey when you hair, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am cause. We are sisters, we stand together so, like i said they did provide me with all the headbands, so i'm gon na try out their headband. So you can just see um what to expect if you are to order this hair, as i put on my headbands, i'm gon na just read out the specs of this wig. So again, this wig is 14 inches and it is natural black and it is human hair. Okay, so you guys don't don't think that you know you're gon na get some subdued hair. This is, this is very much human hair and the price of this whoo y'all shouldn't even hesitate. This wig is 55.99 55.99 for this wig. Compared to all these other companies that are two hundred dollars. What this is bougie on a budget. This is really what this channel is all about. It'S just getting you stuff, letting you just open your eyes to stuff, that's on a budget, and you can still look good. You can still look good and it's so simple. You pop it on put a headband on and call it a day like you see this, what you can't tell me that you wouldn't want to you wouldn't want to buy this come on now, it's very full! I don't it it's not thin. It'S very full and you could do so many hairstyles if you all would like for me to do a video on hairstyles for this week. Please let me know i would definitely do that for you all. So, yes, let's see that that's all that they have up here. As far as you know, specs and details like i said it is 100 human hair - and this is small head and big head friendly. So don't hesitate to purchase this wig if you feel as if it's not going to fit you, it does because i'm a medium sized head. So if it fits me, i know for a fact: it's going to fit you so honestly, this this wig is definitely definitely my go-to. This is definitely going to be my go-to. Definitely, my go-to. This is wonderful. I love this wig. It is very beautiful and it's it is um realistic as far as like, if you have like a certain hair texture, this is very realistic. So if you tend to have like curly hair, this will definitely blend in with that. So don't feel like you're not going to be able to. You know rock this wig honey. This wig is rockable. Okay, oh, you can never go wrong without she did. You can never go around with no print honey. You can never go wrong with a print period. This wig is so beautiful. Oh my gosh, when you thank you for sponsoring this video. I really love this wig. This wig will have to be a 10 out of 10. For me, like i said, if you do not purchase this wig, then honey. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing so yeah go ahead and get this away please. This is fast. Takes you less than five minutes less than five minutes. You pop this one, strap it up in the back, throw a headband on and get to going. That'S it. It literally knocks out about a good 45 minutes to an hour trying to lay and melt your lace. You just throw this on it. It'S literally a shake and you get to go. That'S all it is so yes get this wig get this wig honey. I just don't know what what what you're going to be doing? If you don't get this wig you're missing out, okay, you're! Definitely missing out! Yes, make sure that you check out all my other videos that i have on my channel. This is a part of my wig diary series of all the affordable ones that you can get that is bougie on a budget, and i do have a giveaway going on. Currently, so if you want to enter into that, please make sure that you check out that video and it will be on the icons on the side of the screen and yeah following all my social medias. If you haven't already so, you can see this beautiful face. All the good time and yeah, that's it! Thank you again for watching this video. If you have any comments or any questions, please make sure you drop them down, drop them down in the comment section, i respond to them in a jiffy okay and make sure you like this video share this with your friends. Why not? Let them join the nova game too, and if you want to be a part of the nether gang as well make sure you subscribe to this channel. So without further ado, i will see y'all next video peace,

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