Natural Look Curly Hair Headband Wig! It'S Giving The Look

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- 22 inches, 150% Density


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Hey y'all, it's your girl, amarie back with another smackin video and we back so y'all, like i said um it's winter time, i'm not wearing my hair out. So that being said, i got another wig for y'all. I got another one, let's get it so in today's video i am going to be reviewing a wig from beauty favor once again, but this time is some curls, it's some curls. What i'm talking about is some curves, so i got the box right here boom. So um in the other void video, it did come in a bag. I don't know why the boxing is different, this time, just because it's from the same company but whatever and don't question it so we're gon na. Do this unboxing and see what all the good stuff comes in here, so my little receipt, so the wig that i got um was a headband wig with jerry curl, i believe, is the style of curl i'll double check. I'Ll put it in this video um. I got it in 22 inches just because curly hair tends to shrink shrinkage, it's real even on weave, so i decided to get 22 inches instead of like 18 20.. So for so long so the wig comes in this bag and it has a headband with it. Oh actually has two: it has two headbands and then this is the other one. This one is really cute like uh, i don't print, and then i also got two packs of wig caps yeah i ain't gon na have to buy not my wig caps come on. Now come on god, so let's open up this way, see what it's looking like yeah. So this is the other headband that came with it. Oh yeah, this is super soft, like oh, my gosh, oh, my goodness like okay, so in this wig it comes with a clip in the front two clips on the side and of course i just oh there's a clip at the bottom y'all with adjustable straps. I'M talking about so this is the 22 inches you guys can see. The curls are defined. It'S very soft and movable i'm gon na go ahead and try this on see what it's looking like see. What it's looking like. It also has the straps as well. Okay y'all, so this is what it looks like on super cute super cute: oh snooty, snaps. I like this. I don't know hello y'all. The curls are super soft close up. I really don't have to put any mousse or anything on it. I think the only thing i'm going to have to do is obviously do my edges, of course, but that's what it looks like from the back. Hopefully y'all can see that but yeah yeah. This is really super cute and it looks like my scalp. Even if i do different parting down the middle, so the middle part looks good too and then the side part looks good as well. I think i'm probably gon na end up doing side parts with this wig and then the other side beauty forever come on come on y'all. These wigs keep giving me life like what. Yes, we go. Okay and let's, let's see what psp's we don't do it. Okay, that's so cute too! No i'm excited! I'M excited. This looks really good. It looks really really good. So definitely 10 out of 10 for this wig highly recommend y'all like go ahead and grab you one. So i paid about 90, like one or like 90, something i'm gon na, give you all the exact price um. It really isn't that expensive buying y'all, i do be using discount codes um, and i'm also like a little member and stuff like that. So i do get like extra points every time i do my wig from them as well, but i am not sponsored by them. I just regular specular members on there putting my information so forth and so on, but this hair is really soft. Um, it's not shedding or anything the curls are real defined and they look like my natural hair y'all like when my hair gets this long. Hey i mean you, ain't gon na, be able to tell me nothing. So this is fake me in the future. Well, i'm trying to get used to my hair going to be this long one day, some way somehow. But this is super cute and when i um actually do my edges, i'ma come back and show y'all and let y'all see what that really looks like just so that way we can get the full feel of it and yeah. So, actually, let me go ahead and poop on my edges, real quick and i'm gon na. Let y'all see see what i'm working with, because this. This is just everything right now. This is it's really giving me everything, i'm going to go back ahead and go and do my edges i'll be right, back y'all, okay, okay, y'all! So i'm back and my edges done and yes, it's giving what it's supposed to give yeah okay y'all. So i'm kind of like a headband wig junkie, now um. I think i'm just awake junkie now, but that's okay, i'm okay with that! But yeah y'all! Just a nice little quick little video, i just did give y'all this nice little review on it. I love it. The hair is super soft super nice super thick. I believe this is a 150 density as well i'll double check on that. Like i said, i'll put it all down in this video below, because i kind of have to make this video really quick, um yeah, so nothing too long, nothing too crazy, quick, fast, but still informational. I would highly suggest that others, if they're looking for a nice headband wig this is it period period yeah guys. So i definitely highly suggest this wig. I definitely highly recommend it so definitely stay tuned for more videos to my channel and definitely don't forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel as well. Y'All come on come with me. Let me know what you want to see. Let me know if you want to see more natural hair videos, quick videos, all of that i'm trying to kind of incorporate new content in my channel. Also, i would love to hear you guys comments. I know a lot of people reaching out to me as well. So don't forget, i ain't hearing y'all, don't don't forget, don't think i ain't hearing y'all cause i'm here y'all and i'm listening so always be sure to. Let me know i'm here to give share the world all and more, but alrighty guys. I will see y'all next time, bye,

whoa2big1: I have to say, with your edges done that really looks like your own hair. So natural looking!!! Would love to see how well they hold up while you're working out!!! Lets see some of your training vids.

The House of Grae: It’s definitely giving sisss I just started locs and I’m about to look into this cause some days I look like a lil boy

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