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GET WIGGY WITH NICKY! I'm back again with another simple wig styling tutorial for big wavy classic drag hair! I hope you'll style along with me! Thanks for watching, liking, sharing and subscribing! XO Nicky O.

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Hey hey, it's nicolonoscopy, coming at you as cold today with a long awaited video you kept asking for it, i kept telling you it was coming, but here i finally am with another wig styling tutorial. I got this dark rooted, honey, blonde wig, it's kind of got some gingery undertones, so it reminded me of shania twain. You know, i'm a country queen love a good hoedown, so naturally i got ta have a shania wig. Now i love the corkscrew texture. We have going on there, so i definitely want to keep that, but naturally i need a whole lot more volume. So that's what we're going to do today. Now, if you are new to the channel, please consider hitting that subscribe button hitting that, like button grab a teasing comb and let's get styling while you blinked, i went ahead and pinned the wig onto the block. Now i know in my previous videos i stressed the importance of using tape to block your hairline and preserve the lace, but this time i'm kind of in a hurry this wigs for myself, but i made sure to pin the lace low enough that in case anything Rips, it's going to be on the part that i trim off when i cut the lace, so there's no need to worry. You want to pull down the wig in the back. I'Ve got a very large head, so i got to do this step. Take a long pin like so kind of go in at an angle to keep that down in the back and repeat on the other side. Pull down pin in the wig is secure on the block and we're ready to start teasing and pinning some stuff out of the way. I'M going to take the end of my teasing comb here kind of get in and decide where my part is going to be. I like to go back about the width of the comb perfect now i always part on this side, because my mom is a hairdresser and she told me that my face is not symmetrical and parting. My hair on that side is the only hope of me. Looking beautiful, i'm liking that part, i'm gon na take a clip and clip it out of the way i love these long pins. They are so helpful for keeping things out of the way our bang is out of the way and we're ready to start teasing from the back we'll get that head down there. Take the tail of the comb, pull the hair up and leave about four tracks of hair in the back. I love these nice long clips there so much hair in one clip. It'S so helpful that hair is up. You can see. I got four tracks of hair left for me to tease in the back. I always like to start in the back and work. My way towards the front strongly prefer using got to be blasting free spray for teasing and holding the structure in the base of the wig. I'M going to get this a little higher, so i'm not quasimodo in this whole video there we are that's a little nicer. Now, when you're teasing, you want to work with a section that is about the width of the comb. I found it in the back of the head. It'S about two sections wide you're gon na take your section comb it up really spray down by the root. Get it kind of saturated and gunky brush it one more time and then gently tease downward. Now i always really pack this area a little extra. It'S kind of the base of everything we're building, but you'll notice, i'll pull those loose ends through and leave a brick of hair down at the bottom and look at that she's teased. Now we're gon na go back here, probably hard to see, but i'm gon na get this other section here. Do the same thing: pack, pack pack and pull pack pack pull pack pack pull pack pack pull here. We are you'll, see that nice little pillows of teasing there. You don't want it to get too ratty if it's really loopy you're, going to kind of want to brush that out and try again now there's the two sections here, but there's a little bit of separation between the two of them. So i'm going to kind of grab hair from both of those sections and repeat and tease those two sections together now this is called french lacing. I really recommend it for giving more structural integrity to your wigs, keeping it from getting all pc on the insides really give that nice helmet effect. We got this section done and i think i'm ready to move on to the next four tracks. Let'S go all right. We'Ve moved four tracks up the back of the wig and we're ready to repeat those steps again. So i'm going to get my section brush it up spray brush one more time and pack pack pull now the further. You go up the back the wider. The sections are gon na get so there was two sections in that first row now, there's probably going to be three and four and more as you work your way forward. Now, don't be forgetting to marry your sections as you go up, see that separation is gone. I don't know if you can see it or not, but trust me. It'S gone one last section here in the back. Moving on up the back: let's go, i love just watching it grow, as you tease up the sections very satisfying for me. I hope you like it too get that up and out of the way now i get in a total trance, as i'm styling so odds. Are i'm gon na forget to tell you something, but there are other tutorials on my page, so go watch those each one of them has its own set of little helpful tidbits. I'Ve definitely found that my styling has improved greatly since those other videos, so i'm definitely pushing out a better product than i was then i absolutely love seeing what y'all create. So thank you for tagging me in your creations, i'm so glad these videos are helpful. I just love doing this. I think everyone should learn how to style their own hair buying wigs is expensive, but if you can learn to do it yourself, it is very liberating. So it's my mission to demystify the art of wig styling, make it more accessible so that we can all just look our very best. One very helpful thing i learned since the last video is that it's important not to have a death grip on the hair. With your upper hand, here definitely allow it to fall, because when you're teasing, i found that it was really stressing out the fibers of the wig they're just plastic. After all, so you don't want to stress them out too much or you're going to get a frizzy thought. I was spending way too much time. Smoothing them out afterwards, and sometimes i just would never get the desired effect, so make sure that you're, allowing that hair to fall from your upper hand as you're teasing that tail of the comb can be very helpful for picking out little mistakes. Little knots you might create in the hair we're getting there. Oh look at that. Curl pattern. Yeah slime, we're moving up in the wig, we're finally to the area that attaches to the ear tabs. That'S right where the lace starts above the ear. Now we're getting into the territory that i like to call the pretty pretty. So you want to make sure that the teasing is really packed in there and sturdy, but also smooth and pretty since you're, getting into the area that people are going to be looking at. Another very helpful pointer here as you're teasing make sure that you're packing that tees all the way down to the root, because that's how you're going to build that structure there. Otherwise, you're just kind of relying on the hairspray and the loose teasing to keep the shape of the wig over time and that's going to break down. So you really want to count on the teasing now. Sometimes you need to go back in and re-tease the section. That'S totally fine, now around these ear tabs you're going to want to kind of smooth as you go, that hairspray knows what to do as it dries now. At this point, you don't want to go too overboard with the spring, because we're going to do most of the sculpting and smoothing later once all the teasing is in the wig. So that's probably good enough for now now it's also helpful to know that you really want to make sure you're spraying the root here, because you don't want the ends to get all sticky and stuck to the other hair, because that's what you want to leave workable Later, when you're smoothing now shania's hair was never this big but she's going to want to be this big after she sees mine just kidding, she's, probably doing just fine on her own. So i just teased this section on top of the one on the ear tab. There i went ahead and smoothed it out, i'm gon na spray. It again take a comb here to really get it smooth kind of use. This one has a pick on the end. You can kind of pick out any uglies. It'S like. I said this is the pretty pretty. This is where people are going to be looking, get it looking real nice there real nice and then take a little duck. Clip and gently pin it up under there to kind of hold the shape while it dries there. We are it's holding it just how we want it, it won't lose its structure or its shape, but you want to make sure you don't leave it in there too long. This is something i've learned recently. If you leave it in there, too long you'll get permanent. Clip marks, and that's really not the look so be conscious of how long you're, leaving those in for now we're moving up into the crown of the head same thing. That we've been doing just be really mindful of the teasing, because we're getting up to the areas where you'll see the inner workings. If you're too careless with it we're approaching the section where we pulled out that bang area, so you got to be kind of mindful of that and work around that see we're going right up. In till that part there it's already looking really full. So i don't think i'm gon na have to go back and add any teasing. So that's very, very nice! There we go. I got a little ratty there, but that's okay. It'S still sculptable the hairspray hasn't dried. Yet so we can kind of smooth it out and if that's not enough, we'll switch out before i come with the pick and do a little more work because we're getting into the more pretty areas i'm going to take the comb there just kind of smooth out The top you might see some of those little loops of teasing. You can kind of hook the teeth of the comb into those and pull them right through with the comb. Since that's looking so nice, i'm going to commit to it with a little more hair spray. Make sure you have things looking right before you go in with this, you really got ta mean it very important to not get lazy with your teasing. Now i find that the crown of the head is really where you need the most volume you'll notice. I keep going in with this pick here. It'S a great tool, probably my favorite styling tool, because it can smooth through the hair without ripping out the teasing, because there's so few teeth, it's very delicate, really a perfect tool for smoothing and sculpting, and once it's looking right, you can add a little more hairspray. This has been going very fast for me, but don't worry if it's not going quick for you take your time. I remember wigs used to take me hours and hours and hours so work at your own pace. People tell me all the time that they keep trying to style wigs and it's unsuccessful for them. But i just remind everyone that says that it took me about a hundred booger wigs that i wouldn't even wear out of the house before. I felt confident enough in my styling abilities to actually wear something in performance and out and about so don't give up hope keep practicing. There are very few people that are great at everything right out of the gate, so stay at it keep working on it. I'Ve also seen so many different techniques, a lot of other people's techniques, don't work for me, but work great for them, so really kind of sample. Different techniques. Try different things, you'll find what works best for you. Of course, the wigs that i like aren't going to look great on everybody, it's very much a matter of personal preference, so go out explore, find what you like, and with that i have teased all the way through the crown there. The curls are just so beautiful in the back can't get over it now on to the smoothing part, like i said, this is going to be very easy for this wig, not a lot of work to do. If you have a lot more to do. That'S! Okay, usually wigs look like a mess right at this point, so with this particular wig, we don't want to rig through it too much. We want to keep the waves, keep the texture really like what it's doing so i'm going to just do a light coat of this spray and run the pick ever so gently through it. Curls, like that, you can kind of use your hand as a guide to shape them. Another helpful trick is taking a comb like that very similar thing, just lightly, dragging and kind of shaping with your hands as you go. You can also use duct clips to hold the shape if you're going for a more dramatic wave, but i really don't need it right now, so those are kind of the tricks and tools i'm going to use. I'M going to go ahead and smooth this out real, quick and we'll be right back and here's the back. All smoothed out, like i said, really didn't, have to do all that much and it's time to move on to the bang section time to unclipper move over to this side and one section at a time we're gon na tease it up now, sometimes in the bang. You need a little extra teasing to get that volume and lift teasing's in there. We'Re going to smooth the front out a little i'm going to go in with the pick kind of just bring the ends forward a little bit so that we have some hair to play with light coat spray. We'Re not totally done with this yet, but just a little to hold it in place, and it's time for the next section. When you're doing the bang, it can be kind of helpful to tilt the head towards you a little and really make sure to pack that teasing all the way down to the root. I'M going to get back in this little section here kind of get the inner workings done before i lay the final pretty layer on the outside. We are almost there probably about two more sections before final smoothing and shaping. Let'S knock it out. I found sometimes for that last little section, it's very hard to get in there if you've done enough teasing, there's a tiny little pocket left right here, so sometimes i'll switch sides on it and kind of push the teasing smooth that out before the hairspray dries. I want a little more lift in the bang there, so i'm going to take my little pick. Spray lift with the pick get in there to the teasing, and i think that did what i wanted - i'm really liking. How smooth that front section is so i'm going to go ahead and lock it in with some spray drag my comb gently through it one more time give it a moment to dry. While we do that, i'm going to start just sculpting some of these little waves over here tilt it down towards me a little. This stand is on its way out. One last helpful little tip if you stuff the little nipple of the stand with paper. Towels it'll, keep it tighter on the head so that you can use a little more force and it won't wiggle around on you gently shaping these curls here on the bang section. Much like we did with the smoothing on the back of the wig notice, how there's just a little bit of texture there that we want to get rid of, and it's nicely falling right into the wave pattern. I finally got it looking almost exactly how i want it, but don't be afraid to go in with some scissors and cut away any flyaways that are just not cooperating with you and once that's done, go in with one final light coat of a hairspray. Do it from a bit of a distance so that it doesn't get all gunked up and once that dries you're good to go, so i'm going to go ahead and give that a second to dry. But once it's dry, i'm going to get it off the block and onto my head and i'll be right back, and here it is man i feel like a woman. It is definitely giving the dragged out. Should i twain vibes that i had hoped for. I'M probably going to be wearing this wig starting this weekend. So if you want to see it in action, make sure you are following me on all social media, that's tick, tock, instagram, twitter and more at nicolonoscopy. I want to thank you all so much for watching the video thanks for subscribing and liking the video and, if you styled along with me, please make sure to tag me in the pictures of your creations. I absolutely love to see them and i will see you in the next video bye, bye,

Britton Dane: After watching what I feel were hundreds of back-combing videos, I came across you...what a talent! Thank you for a very informative video!

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