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Okay, guys welcome back to my channel, so today I am going to give you guys a hair review um, so today's hair review, that is on my head currently um. If you want to know details and the prize and density and the dimensions all that stay tuned, keep watching don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button like button Share. My video do whatever y'all have to do. I want to go to 600 subscribers. I'M super excited beer. We'Re gon na get into this video. Okay awesome, as you can see literally, I just did this hair, I just did it just applied it I never. This is probably. I think this is probably the first time except for when I've come on here and actually, like recorded a video of me installing a wig. This is gon na, be my first time installing a wig and then doing a review literally right after so it's Super Fresh super clean super neat, um yeah, that's just the vibe. His hair is a vibe um. So, let's start with the details, so I ordered this wig from Ali's rice like I ordered all of my wigs. This wig is 40 inches and I will stand up so this wig is 40 inches. It goes past my bike, um. It'S super thick all the way to the ends right and we usually it's not like that. One is pretty institutely um. The thickness is mostly at the top. I mean that is the case here, but it's still thick towards the bottom as well. So this is a 13 by six lace, front wig, as y'all can see. It goes all the way back. This way is probably one of my favorites. The other 40 inch wig that I had was also one of my favorites. This one was like three something for 40 inches, which is not bad, because normally it would be like 500 and up um, so yeah. This is this hair. This hair is a body wave 250 density, which is why it's super thick not shed as much as I thought it was going to like. I literally have one piece after just doing that I did not so normally I will bleach the knots. Okay do all that. So this one came pre-plucked, but I also did pluck it myself, so it is a little more detailed with the pumpkin, but usually I will bleach the knots um. How am I didn't do that because I realized and I try to wash it out it kind of like makes the hair stiff at the top, like it don't be as flowy. So this time I tried something different. I didn't appreciate that long um. I just use my makeup brush a little bit on the inside and then I applied it and then I just use makeup going on the part. So it's still super soft right here. It'S not stiff or anything because I did realize some of the last few times that I bleached it it got like. I think it gets like stuck and then it dries and then it's like a little bit like it changes the texture of the hair. So this worked well still super flowy super cute um, because how it's looking yeah, I think it's really pretty I'm going to curl it. When I go out um yeah I'm going away. I will turn down for that and yeah I'll, probably curl it one of those days some of the shipping. This one took pretty long compared to like all the other ones. I usually get normally I'll try to choose because they have um, where you can choose like seven days. Seven days, shipping like certain ways, seven day five day. Some of them are three day shipping and delivery. So um this week was seven day, shipping and delivery, but it took them so long to like process the wig so like after like five days, I ordered it on the 28th. I believe - and I didn't get it until the 10th of March March so like or tonight I got it on the ninth. They did come a day early because it was projected to come on his head and then it became a day early um. But when I, when I seen that it had a processed after like five days, I'm like is this way gon na come like. Sometimes that has happened one time where it never processed, and then the company had to give me back my money because they couldn't do it or something so this time that didn't happen, but it did take a minute for it to process. So that was like five days of processing and then so 28, one two three four five and then I don't know exactly when it started shipping. I guess it started. Shipping like right after it was processed. So so it took five days to shift and five days to process, so that was like 10 days. I had to wait for it. I like the crazy, but I was expecting it to come faster because it said 70 shipping so sometimes, which is, it happens, a lot actually where I order a wig and it'll stay processing and then the processing is done within like the next 24 hours. Sometimes it's been less than that, but this time that didn't happen, so I got it 10 days later, um which isn't too bad. I just needed it before. I know this trip um, because I I need my hair done bad. I had ordered um a shorter wig. Just for like the meantime - and I was doing what I needed to do for a meantime, but I wanted this for running away, see normally the vendors will like communicate with you and like let you know just like randomly like. Oh, it's been a lot they'll like confirm your address. This company did not do that at all. I'M saying this company, I didn't even name the company, but it was gone. I think it was a company like I never used before. Yeah have you been? I'Ve been good, I'm gon na go away tomorrow, all right, so this hair is by Melody or one cut. It'S called one cut hold on all right. So this is my melody: Melody 13 by six body, wave, transparent lace, frontal wig, 30 40 inch Brazilian and also have 13 by 4. um, so yeah. This is my first time ordering from that company, but, like I seen like the price, was so good and then the length like for 40 inches and 13 by six, like and 250 percent done to me. It was only like three something like 350., which is not bad at all, so I was like. Let me chance it. I never heard this company ever. I knew even did research and I keep doing that to myself, not what they said. It'S supposed to be. That'S this one, I really like it. I think I looked at the pictures that I've seen on here and then I probably decent is probably good and then the price wasn't bad, so yeah it's by it says one cut hair store and then it's, I guess the vendors. I don't know it says. So it's my melody m-e-l-o-d-i-e. I will insert the link below, like always do hey. Okay, the texture is super soft super silky. This is probably like it's not my first week. That'S silky but like this is probably so cutest I've ever liked out for so yeah and yeah. None of these videos be sponsored so because there's a couple people asking like is this song. None of my videos that I make none of them never had a sponsored in my life I buy the I buy the week's life home put them myself, apply them myself, bleached on myself. If I need to, I got ta, do everything by myself or like claiming it to be not sponsored, I'm not getting paid to say what I'm saying I the stuff that I say about these things is truly how I feel truly what it is yeah like I'm Putting on one for free because getting paid for usually um, I was like nice, but I'm not so it is what it is or y'all can leave it. But no none of my videos are sponsored um, maybe one day it will be, but I, as of right now they're not, I really hope y'all enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button.

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