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Hey Hustlers welcome back to the channel, so I am like all over the place. I thought I was freaking recording, I'm so pissed off because yeah it was just the beginning of this wig. Basically, I applied it. How I apply all my wigs, which is using the Evan lace spray, so what I'm gon na do is basically just do the rest of the video with you guys. First of all, this is brought to you by, so make sure you guys check out ebonyline for your synthetic wigs for your ponytails, everything that you might be looking for, that your beauty, supply store will have uh. Ebony line carries it as well, so they sent over the outre melted, hairline, Makita wig and the color drff midnight Sunset, and so this is what it looks like. I have the color that the model has on this is a super long synthetic wig. You guys know, I'm usually opposed to super long, synthetic wigs, but something about this one was like dry me. I think it's because of the model just looks so bomb in this one. It has HD lace, it is 34 inches long, it has a it can. Take heat up to 400 degrees already has pre um baby hairs included, pre-cut baby hairs um, and it has a pre-attached wide elastic band as well. So, along with that elastic band, you're going to get two combs in the front right here and then you're going to get a comb in the nape with adjustable straps. So as far as security, this wig is going to stay on now, when I put this wig on. Obviously it did um come past my ears, so it is very much big head friendly. I had a lot of room. I still have a lot of room back here um, but I do adjust my straps to fit my little p head. So this is about how long it is it is. Super duper duper long. It'S super pretty, though, look how freaking long like it is gorgeous the luster on this wig is so pretty it's a light: Yaki texture and the peekaboo color honey. I would love this, like you know as a regular like 1B color, but this color just is gorgeous. So it does come in a plethora of the colors um that ebony line carries, so you definitely make sure that you check them. So it could be how I cut the lace, but I am getting some shedding for sure and so right now I have uh the lace still attached and my um band's still on because um I was just like in the middle of doing that and then I Was just like? Oh my God, I am not freaking recording. I was so freaking pissed, but yes, this is still straight out the box, so I mean it's not like. I did anything to it other than literally put um. I did pluck it before, but that wasn't even a part of the video I just always plugged my synthetic wigs before even applying them so um again, I have the lace still on. I did go ahead and put some uh some powder in the part, I'm just going to put a little bit more towards the back here, um yeah. For some reason it looks wider towards the front, so I'm just gon na put some more there and I'm gon na go ahead and take this baby off and cut the lace, but look how freaking pretty this hair is like the hairline is absolutely impeccable. Like obviously, I did, you know, pluck it a little bit but still like even before I plucked it like that's just me. I like want to do those things, those extra things, but if you are not into all that, definitely don't feel obligated to do so because it's really not necessary. That'S just me being me and being extra, and so I'm gon na take my um scissors and I'm gon na just go ahead and cut this baby straight up the middle and cut it off. So I'm gon na stop talking and just go ahead and let you guys watch all right. Thank you, foreign need. I say more added to the cart. That'S all I'm gon na say go to ebonyline type in in the search engine type in Makita. Add this to the cart? Actually, you don't even got ta. Do all that, go to the description box of this video click, the link and add it to your cart because honey this thing is hit and next level it lays flat. I didn't even have to do that whole uh, hot comb thing if I didn't want to like it's a no-brainer, go, get it all right, I'll see. Y'All later I mean I'm about to go ahead and give me a couple more of these before y'all sell it out, because this is just Next Level, I love it. I love it and again it's super long. This is how long it is on me, and I am 5'4 and it's I can't even fit in frame like I'm gon na try to do another shot somewhere else in the in my house. So y'all can see how long this thing is, because it's um for her neck is pretty as hell. So let me know what y'all think I love it. Love, it love it and I will see you in my next video definitely check out and I will see you in my next video. I love you all guys so much stay pretty stay hustling and I'll see y'all later deuces

Bernice B: Hi Ms Pretty Hustler! This hair looks so gorgeous on you! Love you jacket! Great video!

Sheila Love: Sis you did it again !!!

kssnmiss: Another winner. Gorgeous

Shekeyia Monique: Nice!!! ❤❤

Yahriah Ahava: Cute!!!❤️

Nizzy Mac: It’s tha color for me


Luv_N_Nitra_II: Baby! You don't miss✈️✈️

sebrina clark: ❤️

Kekebootz 1991: ❤️

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