A Catfish! !! This Is Not The Same Wig! Outre Everywear Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Every 25

Boy oh boy…. I was so disappointed. Not in the quality of this unit but because the wig is completely different than the stock card. The pieces of hair in the front at longer and the curls are different on this unit. Not a horrible wig but please watch yo see what you will actually be purchasing! Am I tripping? Let me know in the comments!

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Why are you here y'all, I'm so excited for a couple of reasons. One I get to talk to y'all again too y'all. I got a wig by outre. Three. This week is Affordable, for I got some wings and salads, but that's still know that y'all don't care about that. Y'All y'all know how I feel about this everywhere collection, the last wig that I reviewed by them was every 17.. Now they released that wig back in. Like 1992, I know I was tarded to the party, but every 17 was 17 and that wig was a Bop. Did I put the footage right? There? Am I just holding my hand up okay, so I said let me go reach and get some more by the time that y'all seeing this one, I'm probably charged to the party on this one but y'all. Don'T care y'all love me subscribe. Please I'm trying to get 60k. I don't got parked I'm trying to get 60k subscribers by my birthday, which is the beginning of April, which means I would need about 800 to a thousand subscribers in like two weeks. We can do it okay, so this wig is about. Outre is part of the everywhere collection, and I have this one in style: every 25. That'S how far we've come with these affordable gems. I got every 25 and a 1B, but she comes in tons of colors. She comes in one one B: two: six: Thirteen, the specialty, colors chocolate, swirl, copper, orange frosted, Honey brown, which is a gorgeous color sand and blonde y'all know. I almost did it golden Amber red velvet and Ginger Brown. Okay, she's heats up to 400 Degrees, she's 10 inches long blah, blah blah blah, okay, y'all, look at that frosted, Honey brown and I'm pretty sure, that's the color that all you know the girls and guys are gon na review. So I said, let me get a 1B all right, so this wig is very affordable. If you look in the title, I put it, but I will also put a link to where you can directly purchase it um. All I did was cut the lace off of it because y'all know I like to do everything on camera. Child cute little spring Bob come with the back adjustable straps ooh, calm down, calm down girl either it lays lace, far come to the right. Come to the left, okay, some baby Banks, y'all know how I feel about them all right. We already two minutes in and I've just acted foolish. What I'm going to do is plop this on my head. Do all that flipping and dipping eat a wing wings and some salad and then we'll go back and talk to y'all about my thoughts on every 25. 00. Keep it feeling myself you I want to go back. This is friends all right! So if you watched any of that, you know how I feel about this wig, I don't like it. I don't and the reason why I don't like it um. The biggest reason is not even the style, even though I don't care for a style. This reminds me of that wig Sensational drop blow out 16. I thought that we were so ugly. This kind of reminds me, that's it's, but it's not the style. What I don't like about this wig is this ain't, this uh-oh? Okay, what nobody say this is way more angled. Look at that y'all! Even the curls are different, like this appears, a different type of curler than mine and y'all go back and watch the footage even before I combed it out like this ain't that even look at the back of that stock card, see. Okay, so angle and check my angle. It'S a different, wig and y'all know I'm real. If you don't say that weed on the stock card is not what we get here, no literally the wig. That'S on this stock car is not what I'm getting here um and I think that's what most of my disappointment in this wig was. I was expecting something based on this, that I didn't get um, no shed no tangling, and I don't expect you to get any because of the length of this wig um. It'S just not a style for me. Do I think that somebody could get this wig and absolutely love it yeah? However, I just want all of you out there in the YouTube world to know that don't expect this, because this is what you get it's just different in the comments talk to me. I know some of y'all gon na keep it real, Miss Patrice Moore, unapologetically, dope, Devo and there's so many y'all that just talk to me every time, yeah y'all get me right. If I look bad y'all tell me first of all and secondly, if I'm wrong y'all tell me, are y'all seeing this on this, I'm just I don't see it um. Let me try to pull it from behind my ear, because I know somebody gon na say that y'all know I feel like a motherless child. I feel like I got the bike holiday. I I I just don't like well like I said: I'm just upset because this ain't this and somebody will say why would you upload this because I know this, this review was horrible, but y'all know I Keep It Funky with you. I don't want somebody else to expect this and get this now I got ta go watch other people's reviews to see if they feel the same way, because looking at it looking at it, it's not a bad wig. You do need to pluck this: it's not a bag. Wig! Just don't expect this from this. In the comments talk to me, um also, I got dashly Sensational 26. 27 28. Those are gon na be y'all next couple of uh synthetic hair uploads, like I would say, maybe you're not into wigs. Maybe it's your auntie every 25, maybe it's your uncle ever 17. yeah. Send them my way and we're gon na get them right, especially your auntie. Every 25. my mom just upset until next time. Y'All, would you be very very soon bye.

ExtensionofDenim: you know I appreciate the shit out of anyone that keeps it 100% with a wig review ❤

Fee: I've been stock card catfished many times. Makes me want to head back to the beauty supply store, pay a bit more and do tryons 1st!.

Eartha Weston: Young Lady, I truly ❤ and appreciate your honesty! I have to agree with you. It appears you were catfished!! That wig looks like something you would give a five year old to play with! Again, thank you for your honesty!

deb: Oh wow! Thank you! I would definitely have been catfished. Hope you reach your subscriber goal, I love watching your reviews.

WonderWoman75: Jess, I bought this a couple of weeks ago in DR4/FRDHNBRN and was so excited for the cute waves. Talk about being catfished! I looked like a poodle! This one was a total fail for me, too. I suspect they (stylists) put in work on the unit the model is wearing. There's no other explanation.

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Thank you Sunshine for sharing and being honest!!!!! That’s ridiculous . Thank you for mentioning me. I’m always gonna keep it 100 with you because I know you gonna do the same.

debra bradshaw: Thank you for reviewing this wig! I might be the only one, but I love this wig! I didn't like the stock card version! But I love, love this wig!

redonyx: this is why I watch reviews. some of these wigs look ugly on the stock card and then when a real life person wears it and puts some real styling in it, I'm here like ??? or on the other hand I'm super disappointed cause the wig is ugly irl lol

Teena Taylor: We really appreciate your realness. It's definitely not the same as the stock card but it doesn't look too bad. I love the angled cut and messy curls but I don't like how the back hair is flipped up.

D- Jay: It is definitely not the same wig. It's not bad, just not the same

LaDonna Walker: YES! Let me first apologize for cheating on you because normally I would not buy a wig unless you have reviewed it, but I took a leap and this is an epic fail‍♀️

Destiny Bogle: This is why I continue to watch this channel!! The realness I love it❤️

ahub87: It’s not a bad wig but it’s DEFINITELY NOT the wig on the stock card. I would be pissed too. Thank you for the warning.

NYCCHOCOLATE7777: Hey Sis Thank You For Doing This Review. I Had Been Eyeing This Hair And NO It’s A Catfish

Francess Sanders: Sis you are right about that wig

Adriane Shands: Thank you for the information….I would have bought that wig based on the picture. I appreciate your honesty.

V Jones: This one is hair, hair, everywhere. Everywear 0. Reminds me of our back in the day wigs. You tried tho!❤

Yahriah Ahava: Its alright, and you are right somebody could make this work, but no it is not the stock card at all. I love you keep it real. People on youtube be lying for the dollars. Thank you!!!

Natural Beauty: It’s definitely different but I love it. It’s slightly longer. Personally I think it looks better than the stock card.

Queenie petite: Wow total catfish. I’m disappointed in outre and that wig. I won’t be purchasing this wig. Thank you for your review and honesty.

DeeDee Hair: Nope that’s definitely not what you got on the stock card. As soon as you put it in boo I was like oh dear nope! ❤❤

Honey Love: May be the wrong unit, but she is beautiful on you ⚘️

Malibu Jackson: Yes, we have been catfished by the stock card...I purchased it before a review and I am disappointed also

Palette Therapy: See I appreciate an honest review because these companies be playing games sometimes. It’s definitely giving an asymmetrical vibe.

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica! It's not a serpent wig, but it's definitely NOT the wig advertised on the stock card. The curls aren't even the same. And it's doing a strange kinda flip-up in the back. Nah, not feeling this one. Great review though.❤️❤️❤️

Em_I_Da_Drama: Jess come thru! I knew not to get that!! Thanks for saving me but not the motherless child

Junebaby624: Thank you for sharing, the wig is cute but totally different from the stock. I like that look better than the stock card. Lol @ Holiday I got the bike

pudden1986: I love you and your honesty ♥

Melanie Tillis: Thank you! I have been wig fished before. Thank goodness it was still a cute wig. And cute top where did you get it from?

S Marie: You're right its not the same wig. but it looks cute on you

Shug Avery: Girl why I’ve been missing your videos!! I got my notifications on… i need your videos. You make me smile

Rebecca Hairiwear: 100% Catfished!!! Maybe it was an error at the manufacturer and the wrong wig was put in there? If not, then what the actual hell, that ain't right.

Carolyn Hughes: Just bought the Aime wig? NOTHING LIKE the stock card. My husband literally said give your aunt her wig back. Do they not have money to produce quality products anymore?

Linda Crutcher: This is a throw away, I've purchased wigs like this before. Nothing like the picture on the package. I have even purchased a wig and loved it but when I bought another of same wig it was a mess.

Adriance: Babe you made the first review on her Totally catfished But she not a bust

Spring Copeland: Jess...yes you were catfished totally by Outre. The stock card unit was a loose wave blunt cut bob full and cute..ti bexsure. But the unit inside while it is a cute curly angled longish sides bob with blunt cut at the back ..not bad but again it does not match the stockcard.

G: I felt the same way

Meme Baum: Definitely not the same at all curls are different and the length is even different

Katarina Kristensen: “I got the bike holiday” SENT ME

Jprincess: Yes definitely a different wig

StarriSkye: It doesnt look bad. It's longer with less curls

Karen Nichols: What in the world happened with the curls? Looked like someone slept in it as they also slobbed with their mouth opened from side to side. Never catfished by stockcard, so this is news to me. Maybe the company will send you a replacement in the color of your choice so you can do a new review?

M M: If it was the same wig the curl didn't take. Just seemed kinda messy. ‍♀️

Just Peachy: I felt like this about Gina from Zury. Not like the card at all

Shirley Broussard: I so agree with you

Joy Thomas: They sent you the wrong wig!

Karess Reed: It doesn't look a thing like the stock card !! Totally True but to be blatantly honest neither was cute . Trust me i know you are gorgeous in almost every wig but that stock card is giving pink sponge rollers to me.

Thea Woody: Jess No say it ain't so pls. No your not wrong at all, tht wig on your head is not the same wig on tht stock card. Girl I thought she was going to be cute because she is short girl I cop 2 of her‍

TheReal1_p3: Nah you not wrong that's not giving what it say it's going to give.... and I had high hopes

Prettieface Productions: Wigfished❤

aisha futch: bummer. it's a mohawk 1 that did the same s*it. looks incredible on the stock card, but definitely not anything as depicted in person

Yonette Matthews: This happened with another wig u recommended, I messaged you but I don’t think u read your messages, the company was donmily, don’t know if you’ll read this message either, won’t buy another wig

Jay Jackson: Yeah that's a bait and switch move lol.

Queen T: Naw sis they wrong frfr

Vernice Smith:

patrice moore: Sis it’s a no for me

Angelique Graham: You are aboriginal. That is not the same wig. You would have to seriously work with it to get it close to the stock card.

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