Side Part 4X4 Closure Wig Install || With Curls

  • Posted on 03 March, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hello, welcome or welcome back to my channel. Today I reinstalled a closure on my friend. I did a side part with added curls. For more videos like this or other tutorial and hair videos please follow,like, and leave a comment!!

Products used:

Bold hold active

Bold hold skin protection

Bold hold liquid gold

Bald cap

Sebastian holding spray

Gorilla snot


Makeup remover wipes

Wax stick

Foam wrap/mousse


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[email protected]

Music by Elysium Audio Labs

Track: "Ocean Park"

License: 4iEk


Hi welcome back to my channel um, i'm going to be doing a closure install on my friend right here. I did. I don't know how many braids i did, but i did a few small braids and now i'm brushing back the edges, her edges and oiling her scalp and i'm gon na be putting the ball cap on her um. I am gon na be doing. I'M gon na place the closure wig in the middle, but i'm gon na be doing a side part. So hey go right now. I am sewing the back of her wig down, so it won't go flying everywhere and it will be stuck to the back of her head and um the cardboard i've been inside the ball cap packaging. I use that and i put makeup swatches on it, so i can float it up to my client's, skin and figure out what their makeup shade is. I will pick like two that looks the closest and then i'll wipe it on her forehead to make sure it looks perfect, but as you can see, i'm doing that right now, but her closure is a little darker. So i put like a lighter foundation on her um actual closure because it's going to like tone down and darken just a little bit so mostly only use boho products. So i use the liquid gold to um, secure it on the cap and then i use the um skin guard and wrapped it around her forehead and then i'm going to use the boho active glue right now. I am marking an outline on her forehead, so i can know where the glue goes, so i won't put the glue anywhere else except for behind the line, but i use four layers of the boho active and then i'm still new to doing wigs. So i've learned that you're not supposed to do a lot of not a lot you're, not supposed to put on a lot of glue on, like very, very, very, very, very thick layers. So um i've learned from the creator vojo. She has youtube videos on tutorials on how to apply the glue. I learned to put it on a stick and not stick. Yeah popsicle stick and then wipe it on the forehead and that's going to be easier to apply thin layers. But after i did that i blow-dried it on cool hair, don't use cool hair, wow cool air, don't use um hot air use cool air, and then i put it. I put the lace on the glue: hey uh, so hey eh uh before i put the elastic band on her, i'm going to take out the baby hairs and then part her hair and then spray it with the boho skin guard. Again, all around the perimeter of the lace and then i'm going to tie her hair down really tight, so it could really melt in and then i'm going to take some mousse and mold down the hair. So i can stay flat and then this is new. I just learned how to do this, but i put a ball cap back over her head and then i let it dry either. Let it air dry or blow dry, it depends, and that makes it really really really flat. I learned it off of tick tock. I don't remember from where, but i'm going to start using that now and then i still use the hot comb. I still put the wax stick on and then hot comb it and after that i'm going to add some curls and then do the baby hairs. I tried to record the baby hairs, but my phone kept running out of storage, so it kept deleting i'm going to make a more detailed videos on baby hairs later, but is hey gg, so so hey now, i'm doing the finishing touches i put concealer on the Part - and there is a balding spot on her lace, so i used um. I forgot what it's called, but it's black dye and i put on the part - and this is what her hair looks, like she's being the lovely model that she is well. This is the end of the video make sure you like comment subscribe. Follow me on my hair page, my instagram and my tic toc bye.

xxGlamourBeautyxx: you did such a great job!

My Thoughts In A Bunch: soo pretty!!

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