24" Buss Down Middle Part Wig Install | Amanda Hair Store

  • Posted on 06 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Wig from : Amanda Hair Store



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Shut the up baby good morning, my kitty, babies, it's your girl! It'S your girl! Okay, today e to the K to the e to the Lee and today today today today, today, what we're gon na be doing or what I'm gon na be doing, is basically starting a wiggle song, video from your for y'all, so I'm not gon na lie. I did an intro for this video already and I did an unboxing part like where I unboxed the um, the hair and I'll give you a real date here before I put it on until you do an after review, I like how it felt the texture, the Lace, I did a whole unboxing video and I don't know where none of that footage went so here I am just gon na start with the actual install until how that goes, because I don't know where the footage, but if I find the footage of all that I would put it in here and the intro would be so different, but if I don't then y'all I'm going to take this intro um, I'm gon na remember the hair was definitely soft. The length was 24. I believe it was black here. It was black. They said it was natural hair, but it really looks like um black hair either way so natural and the lace was perfect. I love the lace. So that's what I remember. The packaging was also good. It was really secure so, like it came in a bag and then in that bag it was like a little Ziploc bag with the Ziploc bag was like a yeah, it was clear and then in that was the actual hair bag, which was like a bagger took A tie - and you open that and you put it out - it's a leather bag inside which the hair was in in the hair nut, so they had a lot of protection on that hair. It was not playing about that hair at all. So once again, if I do final footage, I will put it in if not y'all would definitely see distance now before YouTube. Videos to like comment subscribe hit that Bell and don't forget, to share the family friends if you hate, if you don't like us, this is definitely stop. They'Re too young mommy's Daddy's step mommy, step, daddy sugar, mommy sugar, daddies, grandma, grandpa's, um, boyfriends, girlfriends, brother sister to anybody else in the short essential activities. Without further Ado, we go go to the mother freaking video official store, so I'll put this stuff on AliExpress right here, and it will also be in the description down below and I'm gon na make Tic Tacs about this on here. So in my Tic Tac tool as well - and I hope you guys enjoyed this video - thank you tonight - won't you hear me to me what it is I want you to give it to me is good for your place. Foreign got my dog tonight. Can you play that again? There'S nothing um and I regret it back back together together, I've been away fingers shouldn't, take it away the Giants um. Thank you, hello. I'M sorry, of course it was about five minutes. Don'T know about a smile s, everyday baby know your name baby baby. Why can't we just rub it up foreign


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