Beginner Friendly Closure Knotless Braid Wig Install Tutorial

watch how I install my closure knotless braids wig, beginner friendly wig tutorial.

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Welcome back guys, uh, so today i'm going to be installing this 4x4 knotless braid wig, which i actually previously made on my channel in the previous video. If you've not checked that, please check that out, i'm just showing you guys the wig construction. I added an elastic band to the wig and i made sure that it was a perfect fit to my head size so that the wig, the hair would be like not let it not move it to be flat on my head and now i'm applying powder just To make the lace match my skin, please guys use foundation, please and please use foundation. The powder didn't really cover up the lace, but because i was lazy - and i just wanted to get this video done - i just used powder, even though it it did match my skin, but it would have been better if i had used the foundation. So this is how the hair is looking so far on my head. If you guys are interested in getting this wig for yourself just hit me up, i'm going to leave a link to my mail down. You can send me a mail if you're interested, and also i'm also going to leave my whatsapp number down, so you can contact me in case. You want this for yourself also, if you just want only the closure that has already been ventilated, like this, like already handmade, as you see in the previous video. Just let me know i'm going to ventilate the closure for you or your frontal, and then all you have to do is just to braid your knotless braid wig or give it to your stylist to braid it, for you, no stress, okay, so i'm cutting off the Excess lace right now. Another thing i did, which i didn't show in the previous i added baby hairs and please you want to make sure you add human hair use human hair for your baby hairs. It just makes life easy guys and then i'm putting more powder. Just to blend the lace to my skin, please guys use foundation, please and please so now, i'm just combing out the baby hairs. Please ignore my chewing. I forgot that i was chewing in this video. I was so focused on making this video that i forgot. I was changing gum, so sorry, i'm doing this crunchy i got from rey for you hair. They actually sent me a crochet hair, which i did a video on on this channel. I'M going to leave a link down in the description bar in case. You want to watch that also yeah crotchet braid was so cute, i'm using this mousse to just try to style the hair. Initially, i wanted to apply the mousse and styling that is long like this and cut it according to you know, depending just freestyle, but i decided to just cut it off, trim it down and just um lay down the baby hairs. Anyhow, anyhow, you know there's no particular way to do your baby hairs just do whatever it is. Your mind tells you to my baby hair changes every time, depending on the hair, depending on the style, depending on how i'm feeling you know so the most i use when i first got it. I was angry. It was extremely cheap. I got it for 1500 naira compared to the the one i was using before vitaly and the other ones are around three thousand four thousand and they're about this was pretty cheap. When i first got, i was regretting that you got something cheap because you could see how the foam looked when scooping it out from the container, and it was so full funny enough. But then i fell in love with it again because guys, it's so sticky, so it makes the baby hair just stay firm and also soft. I don't know i really love this mousse. I it was a love, hate relationship, but now i think, i'm totally in love with the mousse, so i'm using powder to blend the lace to my hair again and the baby hair as well just to make it look natural. I didn't really put a lot of baby hair because you want to make, even though it's fake, you know, you also want to make the hair look real, like nobody has to know okay, so this is how the hair is looking so far. I really really love it. I'M actually going to try a style now to see. If there's a way, i could style it like. You have up half down style. So this is how it looks like if it's half up half down, but i wasn't feeling it guys. I i like it just you know, flowing down, you know. Ah silky

Linette Ndansak: I'm not a fan of braided wigs but I think I'm changing my mind. That is so beautiful

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