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  • Posted on 04 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

The beautiful Curly Bob wig is from

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Tight Curly Bob With Bangs Brazilian Hair Wig [Kendis]

Length: 14 inches - Density:180%

★ Undetectable HD Lace

★ Clean Hairline

★ Ready to hear

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Curly and Full!!!


Canvas Block Set

Carols Daughter Wash Day Delight

Detangling Brush

Water Mister

Camile Rose Curl Maker

Sectioning Clips

Brow Razor To Remove Lace

Wide Tooth Comb

Shea Moisture Shine and Hold Mist


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It takes me hey guys, what's up, it's your girls, twin goddesses and I'm Alicia, and I am back with another unit for you guys featuring about African. So, if you're interested in anything in the video that you're going to be seeing it's going to be linked down below for you guys in the description area, but anyways y'all, wow African decided to send me this unit. This time around I've been taking a lot of your suggestions. Some of you guys have been saying that you don't want to do anything too major you pretty much like specific Styles Straight Out of the Box. You don't want to have to do any extra work, even when it comes down to adhering the unit down. So what I found was this beautiful 13 by 4 inch, 180 density, curly lace, front wig with the bang in the front, so you can choose to adhere the lace down if you want to wear it out of your face. However, if you're just one of those get up and go type of people, you want to just throw a wig on. You do not have to do anything about the legs. You don't have to lay it. You don't have to put baby hairs. None of that. The bang is going to cover up the entire front and you still have a bunch of styles to put this unit in, but first thing. First, I'm just going to go ahead and get this hair nice and clean okay. So you guys, you can see the hair is nice and clean and look at how those curls look right after you wash it. The hair is nice and full, and it's extremely soft and I didn't get much shedding, but what I'm going to do as far as styling, I really want to get those curls to pop, so I'm starting off with even more water and using this detangling brush to Get the hair, nice and detangle. This is how it looks, there's still a lot of body and movement, but now I'm going to take my curl maker gel as you guys can see. You do not need that much, because we're really not looking for a crunchy feel we want it to look nice and defined, but not too hard. So I like to take a couple: pumps go through the hair with my fingertips and I like to turn the detangling brush sideways just to get those curls to pop my house. I had no idea so it was the next day and the hair is fully dry. There is a bit of a cast on the hair, so all you really have to do is just kind of shake it out, but you guys these are the curls that the curl maker created, especially while using that detangling brush the curls, are very, very voluminous. So right here, I'm just going to go ahead and get the wig on and then get that lace cut off all right foreign. So now that the lace is removed. What I like to do is just kind of take my fingertips and go through the hair, just kind of getting rid of that crunchy cast filling because there was a little bit of a cast left over. I also like to take my wide tooth comb and just go through the root area, just to give this hair some more volume, even though it's already extremely voluminous y'all, and this is how it looks. I really really really like this style. Some of you guys were asking us to do more shorter Styles. Is this considered short to you? It is 14 inches. However, of course curl your hair does shrink much shorter, so this 14 inch Falls at my collarbone, and here is the movement, the back that density. Oh, my God, it's like 180 density. It is perfect again y'all. It has a lot of body a lot of movement. It'S quite soft, if you don't put too much gel on it, but right here, I'm going to show you guys a few Styles because again, even though this is just a quick and easy throw on and go wig, it is very versatile. So let me know what style you like the best. I can't fulfill all your fantasy yeah. You know I'm my time time. Yes, how my time girl give me slow wine to the rest of my life cause. I know places we need to go and I know things we need to do and I don't see us breaking up when all I do is feel for you and if you don't believe you know, when I have something for you, we can go to Africa. Teach you how the streets move, I don't want to lose. You tell me what you won't do cause. I do anything for you, anytime rise. The queen salute me. No ideas, yeah, that lifestyle was not giving but anyways y'all. Let me know which style you prefer. I actually prefer the way that it came out of the box. Just like this. I think it's very classy, it's very minimal. I think that it is perfect for the fall all. It is also perfect for the summer, if you're still in heat like we are. However, let me know what you guys think of this little cutie right here. I think that is perfect. Again, it comes from Let me know what you guys think and I'll catch you later bye, guys

Shellanee Marie: Definitely my speed! Love it!

QuietlyBeautiful: Love it

Althea Flora: Does it come in any other colors like 99J, etc.?

commandress74: Its cute

Saudah Monae: Does it come w the inside band?

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