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  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
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Welcome back to my channel! Today you will see me unstall a beautiful 24 inch amazon wig

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Wan na be outside boom, hey y'all and welcome back to my channel and if you're new welcome. So today, I'm going to show y'all how I do my installs and how I do my plucking process as well right here, you can see me attaching my wig to my wig head that I got from Amazon. I also attached a white shirt to my wig head as well under the wig just so that I can see how far or how much I'm plucking on the wig. But before I even do that. I like to do a middle part like a clean crisp. Middle part just to start it off, and I also like to add some mousse onto the hair just so that the flyaways can lay down directly after adding that mousse I go in with that same hot comb just to further lay down the hair, then I'll go Ahead and begin the plucking process in which I'd just part off about I'm not gon na to say an inch because I don't feel like that's a full gauge, I'm gon na say half an inch of the hair so really where the baby hairs is I'll. Go ahead and part that off and then I'll begin partially plucking, then I'll slowly start to go back, um, half an inch and so on and so forth, and by the way I have a 26 inch wig from Amazon. This is probably my second time working with Amazon's hair, but this is my first time installing it on myself and I honestly love the quality. It was really a nice color. I love how shiny it is and it was a nice length as well so now y'all can just see me part in like a bit further into the hairline, so I go behind the baby hairs and then flat iron, it or whatever hot comb. It rather just make sure that it lays down and that I can make sure that I can see everything and then I just comb everything back just to see what the hairline is looking like see. If it looks realistic, which it is, it already came pre-plugged, but I continued to pluck it some more because it did start off a bit thicker than this, but I really enjoyed plucking this. I just really took my time and made sure that it turned out exactly how I wanted it to which it did, and I ended up wearing this hair to like a wedding and it looked really realistic and good. So you could just see me doing a few tweaks right here, just to make sure that everything is laid down and looking good and that the actual baby hairs look realistic as well. So yeah y'all can just keep watching. And let me know if y'all have any questions, like literally ask any questions in the in the comment section and I'll make sure to get back to you. So I'm gon na just go ahead and complete the same thing that I did on the other side and I let my hair air dry overnight and then I added in that bioso milk. What you see me doing now is just pushing back my hairline with the edge control, and I even do like my neck hairs and everything just to make sure that everything is like like. Okay, like that's, my favorite favorite part, make sure everything is slicked down. Then I'm gon na go ahead and sew the like thread through my hair, with the with the bald cap on just to make sure that it lays down even further while under the wig cap, and I forgot to go ahead and add the alcohol. So I went back and did that just to make sure that the the spray sticks to my skin as good as it can, rather than it lifting up. Because I can't stand that for sure and then I'll go ahead and add on my Foundation. As you can see me doing here, just to make sure that it Blends in go ahead and take those two pieces in the back that I cut off, and then I tie them just so that it can be secure like in the back and then I'll go Ahead and add the glue I added about three layers to be honest with you, I didn't go through all of the layers on here because it takes matte lock, but it took about three layers to do and then I go in with my blow dryer to make Sure that it dries a bit and then I made sure to put the foundation inside of the wig just so that it Blends in with my skin seamlessly and as y'all can see it already looked good as soon as I put it on. I was like yeah. This about to be it, it's got to be real cute, so I'm just brushing the hair doing a bit of passes as well. I think I'll do that a bit later, but right now I just wanted y'all to see them. Edges they're, looking good they're, looking slick as always, and yeah Amazon really cut up with this wig like 10 out of 10, would recommend and definitely tell a friend share. This video do all of that and don't forget to like comment and subscribe by the way. Y'All like definitely join the gang. It'S definitely been fun so far, so yeah yeah and, like I was saying before, if y'all have any questions, make sure y'all comment down below. So I'm just going back with that blow dryer and then laying the hair down gently and pushing it in with like the end and the brush of my Edge brush so like the rat tail part and the brush, but yeah y'all. It'S pretty simple from here, but y'all can just keep watching and I'll come back to y'all together now, I'm taking this high intensity. Black color bless me and I'm using it just to fill in any spots. That I feel is like a bit bare. If I may have over plucked or anything, and then I take my foundation and go over my part just to make sure like, I was seeing earlier that it Blends in seamlessly, and I do the zigzag method with the scissors while cutting it just so that it Doesn'T look like a blunt cut and so Wiggy so, as y'all can see it's turning out pretty cute, it's looking really natural! So once again, shout out to Amazon and y'all got ta y'all better go get y'all one of these. It'S a chicken salad, but for real y'all, better go get y'all one of these for real, too cute and look at them edges. They just lay down they just slick just right where they need to go and yeah yeah. I messed with it all right, y'all. Let me turn on this radio, this one either okay y'all. So this is the final look. I was in a rush as y'all could see. I didn't I can always tweak little things here and there, which was what I'm most likely do whenever I get back home. But I just wanted y'all to see like how I do my hair on the go. That literally took like 20 minutes 30 minutes max, but yeah I have somewhere to be, but I just wanted to come back and show y'all. The final look and I'll also show y'all how it was looking outside, which was really cute, but yes, y'all. Please don't forget to like comment and subscribe and until next time, bye

Dominic Leak: you look beautiful .

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