Beginner-Friendly Glueless Install | Thinnest 5X5 Hd Lace Closure Wig! Ft Klaiyi Hair

  • Posted on 17 November, 2022
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Hair Info:5*5HD lace closure wig, body wave, 28inch, 180%density

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so today's wig is from clay hair. I'Ve worked with them quite a few times and I've always been impressed with their hair. So today, I'm working with the 5x5 HD lace, closure wig the length I have is 28, and this is 118 density. So today, I'm just going to be showing you how I customize the hairline, how I style the wig and also how I install the wig and honestly, I feel like 5x5 closure. Wigs are just the way to go, especially if you're a beginner, and you want to start wearing wigs. I would recommend you start wearing closure wigs before you start wearing frontals, because closures are just very easy to work with. Like guys, it took me less than five minutes to install this wig and you can also wear the wig Glee less. So if you want to see how I got the wig to look like this, then make sure you stay tuned and carry on watching foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign, I'm going to go ahead and install the wig now, as you guys can see, I've done. Majority of the work of camera, I've clocked the hairline I've styled the wigs. So now I just need to install the wig, so the first one I'm going to do is to apply some Foundation. You know just to help the lace match my skin tone better. You guys can see what the lace looks like this looks really good, so I'm going to adjust the straps at the back of the wig just so this helps with actually it comes with an elastic band, so I'm just going to adjust the elastic band. Hopefully, this helps to secure the wig okay. So now I'm going to go ahead and cut off the excess lace and I'm going to start by cutting off the sides. Thank you guys. The lace looks, amazing, is the fact that this is the side that I've cut off, and this is the side that's still on, and you literally can't even see, looks amazing. Another thing I really like about this wig is that the nuts are so tiny, which makes which makes the hairline look more natural. The wig came pre-bleached and it came. It came with a natural hairline as well, but I did going to pluck the hairline just a bit more. The only thing is, I wish I bleached the knots myself again because I feel like they're still quite visible, as you guys can see, but they're not too bad with me applying my Foundation, it kind of Blends in so that is good foreign, and this is what It should look like once you're done, cutting the lace and guys tell me this doesn't look good. This looks amazing and this and it's the fact that I've not even glued it down. I'Ve not used any hairspray, so you actually have the option of wearing this wig glueless because it is glueless right now and it feels very sticky on my head. You know it comes with an elastic band, so you can adjust the elastic band, so it fits on your head and you don't have to glue it down. So I really like that like this is glueless literally and the lace looks so good. This is why I would recommend an HD lace, because you know look at how it just melts and blend and blends into my skin without me doing anything to it. So now, I'm just going to spray that down with my Bed Head spray foreign. This looks so good. It looks really flawless foreign foreign guys honestly when it comes to this wig. That is me done like closure. Wigs are just the way to go, they're very easy, definitely very big in our friendly and they're. Just quick and easy like this, it took me five minutes to install like honestly and it's the fact that I really didn't have to glue it down as well. I could have won this wig absolutely clueless, so I'm just gon na apply some concealer down the middle part just to make it stand out a bit more foreign and apply some hair serum on the hair. I'M going to apply the John Frieda phrase keys. Thank you. Foreign looks like I feel like this: wig is perfect, you know for this time of the year and it's very big in our friendly as well like I said so once again, this wig is from clay hair, and this is the 5x5 HD lace closure wig the Length I have is 28., the hair is so lovely. It'S really really soft, so I'll make sure to list all the links that you guys need in the description bar below. So please make sure you check the description bar for anything. You need to know and I'll see you guys in my next one bye,

Keisha Trueh: Omg I’m in love! I’m a beginner. I’ve always been a braids girl but I want to try wigs and you’ve made this look so easy!

Dee: That one track peaking on the right is bothering me, but other than that it looks great!

Chanda Mocha Swirl:

Berrysfashionhair-Jamie: You are so pretty. We also have this kind of hair, are you interested in it?

Quisha: Is 180% 180g ???

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