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  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Foreign y'all me installing this wig from the Doula Hair Company. The wig is super, pretty it's the perfect file, color perfect for the holidays, um, of course, like I mentioned it came from, I will leave all the specs to this hair in the description bar below so y'all. Definitely, click the link and check it out. Okay, y'all! So, as I mentioned, this hair came from the Doula Hair Company. These are all the goodies they sent. They also sent a silk robe, and this is the wig um. It had three Combs on the inside and an adjustable extra adjustable, strap that I actually really really like, because it made the wig super easy to put it on and it fit really nice and so this time for this wig, I did a different method. Uh 100 recommend this method over any other method. I'Ve ever showed y'all. So if y'all don't listen to anything, I've ever said before. Listen to this style, your wig on the mannequin head, like literally style it 100 on the mannequin head and then install it on yourself and do you know your baby hair and the little extra things or whatever? But when I say styling on here I mean get the hairline right. Pull your baby hair out cut the lace. Every single thing do it on the head. It makes it so much easier and it made the install process go by so much faster. I absolutely love this method and my lace was melted more than normal, and this isn't even HD lace. This is a transparent lace, so you know if it was extra melted. You already know it was the the process, not the well, I mean don't get me wrong. Transparent lace is good lace too, but y'all I'm telling y'all do this method period. Okay, so I cut off my ear tabs, I'm going to be using the even lace spray and the liquid gold from boho I'm putting the liquid gold um right across my hairline and then I'm gon na do the same exact thing with the even spray. Take it away so once that dry, I'm gon na use some makeup um I like to do the makeup before I cut off the um the excess cap, because it helps for a lot of makeup not to get on your skin. So it's not like a crazy cleanup that you have to do foreign so after cutting off the excess cap, I'm gon na try on the wig when I tried it on. I knew that I was on to something literally. I was like yeah this this, the one. This the one right here so I went ahead and cut off that excess lace and then I'm gon na go ahead and start it here. So I'm pretty much installing it. The exact same way that I laid down the cap. So I'm going in with the layer of the liquid gold, I'm only doing half of my head. Then I'm going in with the layer of the even spray right on top of that and I'm going to use the blow dryer to dry that down and then I'm going to place the wig right on top of that area and I'm gon na press it in With the comb - and I'm also going to use my finger a little bit too, but be careful with the comb in your finger, especially if it's still sticky, because you don't want it to leave a white residue foreign - think I'm fake cause. I never reply, but that well is run dry. The people I used to come fighting thought they was riding, but it was feelings they was hiding. You tried it so once I melted both sides, I sprayed a little bit of water on my sideburns because they did look a little crunchy and of course I don't know if you all know, but if you watch my videos before I did mention that you can Use water to reactivate the product instead of putting more product on there, so yeah um, I left my Edge band on for, like 20 minutes to melt the lace real good and then I'm using some La girl Pro conceal in the color cool tan. To do my, you know to Define my part a little bit and I'm using my small flat iron to curl my baby hair, so the baby hair that I swoop on the sides I curl up, but my sideburns are curled under then I'm just gon na go Ahead and cut them, and then I'm gon na use my um mousse from Jamaican mango lime, and I'm going to Slick my edges down with that. I really really really love this mousse. I would definitely be purchasing this once I run out foreign back on and I'm gon na put some moves in the front and slip my hair back, so we can have that real Sleek. Look. You know that kind of smooth back sitting up kind of look um and then I'm going to brush it in place and use a black Edge bin and I'm going to let this dry and then I went and did my makeup. Looking real real cute, you know making it look, come together now, I'm taking off my Edge band, but since I put on makeup my skin don't really match. You know my laces much anymore. So you know I just have to touch that up a little bit and this is pretty much it. I'M just gon na spray, it you know flatten down with the hot comb, and you know, make the look, look, shiny and fresh, but yeah. That'S pretty much it for the tutorial. I hope you all enjoy leave any questions. Comments, concern down in the comment section below make sure you all like And subscribe, and stay tuned for a new video next week, thanks for watching bye,

Courtney Winborn: It’s something telling me I can do this but I know once I try imma mess up

Diana Simone: Your baby hairs are so nice!

Stephy deeva: ❤

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