Baby These Curls & This Lace! | Twisted Curly Wig Glueless 13X6 3D Thin Hd Lace Wig | Ft. Idn Hair

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥#IDNHAIR wig details ♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IDNhair means "I Define Natural".

Our mission is to give Virgin Human Hair that is practical, beginner-friendly, and natural.

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Nandi New 2-in-1 Twisted Curly Wig Glueless 13X6 3D Real Thin HD Lace Wig

Wig Cap Construction:13X6 3D Full Frontal Clean Bleached Scalp Knots Wig

13X6 3D wig uses the most advanced technology, combining accurate curved lace placement and a perfect cap made, giving the full side parting and caps are more three-dimensional to fit your head.

Length: 20 inches

Density: 180%

Hair Texture: 2 in 1 twisted curly

Color: Natural Color

Lace Type: REAL Super Thin HD Lace (Melt Into all Skin)

Hairline: Clean Hairline ( No need to pluck anymore)

Bleach Knots: Clean Bleached knots

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Foreign, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. It is Brittany. So in today's video I have a human hair wig review for you guys this is a company I haven't tried before so this company is called idn, which means I Define natural. So I'm going to show you guys this beautiful curly wig here. That is also super beginner friendly and has everything you need to be an easy glueless install. So if you are interested in seeing how I got this look then just keep on watching. Maybe I'm indifferent. Maybe I'm not thinking straight. I know I shouldn't play these games. Oh look at them. Curls, okay, beautiful curls! Take a look at these curls. Let me turn this up, for you guys hope. Y'All can see that these are some ringlet curls. Okay, so here is the hairline on this wig. They did bleach the knots which I really appreciate, so I don't have to do them myself. Hairline looks tweezed already as well. Here'S the inside of the cap. This is a 13 by 6 wig and they're, calling it their 3D wig as far as like the Cap. Construction goes which I've never heard about, but they say with the 3D wigs they use like a advanced technology that combines accurate curved lace. Placement for a perfect cap made, you know to fit your head, it gives a full side part and the Caps are more three-dimensional to fit your head better, never heard of that. So this is like new to me, but I'm already impressed with the pre-tweezed hairline. The knots are already bleached they're, not like big and obvious, and then these curls are stunning out the pack so yeah. So you have those Scott. You have those scalp knots that are clean bleached, as I just said, and the hairline is pre-plucked. Okay, I've never worked with idn before they're also called um. I Define natural. The first time I heard about this company was when I saw Kai Roshan review them. So um so far, so good, very nice. So let's see what she looks like just placed on my head: oh here's, the rest of the cap construction for you guys because I got carried away and excited so there is the inside of the cap 13 by six. So we have a lot of Versatility of parting space, have a come on the right comb on the left, a comb in the back adjustable straps, and you also do have um like an adjustable elastic band as well. So it's going to make when companies provide those it makes it easier to have glueless installs. So that's really nice and I might try to do a glueless install with this because it makes it makes my life a lot easier to do. Glueless, installs, so, okay. So this is what the curls. Let me turn this down. So y'all. Can it's not so bright on me? This is what the curls look like fresh out, the pack so beautiful. Let me read more of the specs for you guys. So, first of all, this is going to be on sale, of course, going on with their Black Friday sale that they have going on. So look out for that November is a good time to shop for more expensive, wigs, definitely, human hair wig. This is 20 inches, but curl curly wigs a lot of times. They don't show all their length because of shrinkage. If you pull it, it'll be 20 inches and I'm six feet tall, that's where it is. If you pull it, it's a 180 density, but I feel like you'll, get more of your density once you fluff it out, it's a two in one twisted curly texture, that's what they're calling it the color is a natural color, the lace type is the real super Thin HD lace, so this melts into your skin. That is what they are saying. So what the lace looks like. We have a little bit of Gap there but um. I can fill that in with some with some eyeshadow. It'S a clean hairline, as I told you guys, and the knots are bleached. So hey guys. So I showed you guys what this looks like first shot the pack I do. I have not washed it. I'M gon na wear it, as is, of course you should wash your wig, but these curls. I want to keep them intact and just like separate them. So that is what I'm gon na do and I'm gon na wear this glueless seriously. I have tried a lot of curly human, human, so unique with the texture that it has very beautiful and I do have something new y'all y'all know. I love the shea moisture uh curl mousse, but I wanted to try something new. This is the Maui moisture. Flexible hold flexible, hold in coconut milk, curl foam mousse. So that's what I have. I got it from Amazon. So if I want to like separate the curls - and you know style it up a little bit - that's what I will do, but yeah these curls are so pretty. So let me go ahead and cut the lace, so this lace is very thin. Some good lace on this wig I mean this looks good already. I just need to you know fix that part up, because it looks a little bit um wide in the front, but no biggie and I'm cutting in a up and down motion. You will lose some hair, sometimes if you cut around the ear, but that's not a big deal, you want it to be more custom, fit to your head and that's all the way. That'S all the way, glueless right there that looks good, okay and y'all. This is my first time working with this company. The first time I even heard about them was from Kyra Sean. She has a wig very similar, but hers is shorter. So if you want to see what it looks like on, somebody else definitely watch her review. So far, very impressive, like I told y'all this during this time of year, especially in November, is like a crazy time for hair influencers. As far as like you know, the amount of sponsorships and stuff we get so you're gon na have a lot of wig reviews. You know going on so not having to glue these down is so convenient but, like outside of you, know, influencers people that are busy and beginners like I'm, just cutting the lace - and this is like looking really really good they're making my job easy, because I haven't Done anything except like tweeze, the hairline a little bit more, That's so exciting not to have to do much to it. Then you can kind of rough it up to kind of conceal the lace, even though the lace already is yeah. This is pretty impressive and if you are a beginner and you don't feel comfortable cutting it on your head, you know get you a mannequin head. That'S your head size! I have this one from the Jex brand in 23 inches because that's the size of my head. Um, I wouldn't recommend this wig stand. I have I've, had it for a long time and it sucks it sucks. Oh my God like when I'm trying to curl a wig on it. It just flops over. So I'm I'm in the market for a new one. I need a new one. I probably do need a wig head, that's probably more lightweight, and that's why my wig stand is doing all that wow wow, I'm really gon na try not to put anything on it. Um like at all. No anything and I'm going to separate these curls to start doing that because they do need to be fluffed out. Let'S see what this is like. Oh it smells amazing. Probably don't really need it today, probably at the top of the wig, but just gon na separate all these curls child. It'S going to take a while to separate all these curls, so I'm probably gon na. Do it off camera and then come back okay. So I separated the curls out and I did it with that curl foam moves here. It is kind of sticky on the hands, though yeah I don't know about this phone, it's really sticky. So I might go back to my other, my shea moisture, because this is sticky right here. Yeah, this foam makes you know the curls feel hard um. It still looks pretty, but I wouldn't go with this. This is taken away from it, the softness of it what it naturally has - and this is a 13 by six, so you can wear this to the left side or to the right side. Okay, let's put a little bit of powder into The Parting space and I'm gon na use my Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder in 332, which is golden caramel and I'm using an angled brush. I'Ve been thinking about your smile. I'Ve been thinking that I can't let you go, I don't know, I guess I'm all confused about you you're my one Temptation yeah all right guys. So we are back. You have seen the uh application of this wig was very, very easy. Um. Yes, I'm wearing this wearing it as a middle part, because that's how it comes - and I didn't wash it but of course wash your wig um. If you guys want me to revisit this with my let's revisit series on Instagram, um and Tick Tock - and sometimes I do it on my shorts - I can do that. I can wash it and see if we still get these beautiful, like Corkscrew kind of curls, even after washing it and I'll do a side part. So just let me know, but I think I'm gon na do that. So I have it in a natural color, and this is their real super thin HD lace, um that melts with all skin tones and I'm very impressed with this lace. Y'All like I have nothing. I have some some of my face powder in the part because I have on a black wig cap and you could see like oh little line of demarcation and I just wanted it to to match a little bit better. Like you can kind of still see my cat right there, so let me put a little bit more in there yeah, so this lace looks really good outside. Of course, I did a sunlight test for you guys and I'm very impressed with the lace like I did not have to do like hardcore um tinting with this lace, because it already looks really good. I just put a dab of my excess Contour on there. I didn't want it to be too dark when I went outside and it looks really good in low lighting and then direct sunlight, so very impressed with the lace. Nothing at all is glued down. Okay, nothing at all - and this was super easy and stress-free. The only thing that took a while was just separating the curls and you can just wear the curls how they come, but I would recommend separating them, but you certainly can wear them fresh out. The pack and the knots are bleached and the hairline is already tweezed. Now I did like kind of do a little bit of light tweezing just because, even though it was pre-tweezed, the hairline was still kind of straight across. So I just kind of broke that up and I think this looks very, very pretty with uh minimal effort, so that is really nice. I do have a coupon code for you guys so look in the description box. If you want to say some coins buying human hair, wigs, especially like more expensive, wigs the best time to do that is in November November, specifically because a lot of companies have a lot of really good sales in November. If you want to save some coins, this is the time to do so, even though I didn't wash this, I had to fluff it out and separate it a lot, so I did get some shedding with this wig, which is to be expected with curly, wigs or Kinky curly wigs yeah, but this is really pretty now about this curl foam that I use today. I usually use the shea moisture curl mousse. If you already have the shea moisture, curl mousse stick with that, because this is so sticky I had to wash my hands. So I don't really like this. I don't really like this. This is not very lightweight. It'S very sticky has a lot of sticky residue on there, so the next time that I wash this wig and, like you know, Define the curls I'm going to use my shea moisture, curl mousse instead because it wasn't really a fan of this. But I wanted to try something new, but uh yeah. Overall, I'm very impressed with this wig and it's quality. If you're interested in a very beginner friendly wig from idn, I Define natural, then you can pick it up over there. I'Ll have all the links and the specs and everything in the description box shout out to I Define natural for sponsoring today's video and shout out to you guys for tuning in if you enjoyed this review, make sure to give this a thumbs up and share with Your friends and family and if you have not subscribed yet go ahead and subscribe, follow me on all of my other social media platforms. I fancy cupcake on Tick, Tock and Instagram and follow my Facebook page at the hearts and Cake 90. um. I didn't know it was like quite a few of you guys over there and I'm gon na try to start to be active on that page. So follow me on Facebook, if you, if you don't already you guys so much for watching - and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys

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