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  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
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Length: 14''

Density: 150%

Lace: 13*6 Front Clear Lace

XrsbeautyHair New Clear Lace & Clean Hairline

XrsbeautyHair Clear Lace Melts with Your Skin.

XrsbeautyHair Clear & Transparent for Real!

XrsbeautyHair Natural Hairline Transition


XrsbeautyHair New CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

XrsbeautyHair New CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than a regular pre-plucked hairline. They customized this natural hairline to make it melt perfectly!


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How deep is your love come from? Hey everybody! It'S Ivy! Today, I'm going to show you how I take my Bob from straight to curly. I want you guys to let me know which style. Do you guys like the best? I don't know which one I like more. I love my hair silky straight, but I'm definitely feeling this curly like it's so cute. So if you guys are interested in learning more about this hair make sure you keep watching, but before we get into the video, I want to remind you guys to make sure you're subscribed to the channel. Okay, click that Bell icon, so you're notified every time I post and make sure to like this video. Okay. It really helps support this channel and that's all I'm asking okay, so you guys know how I start my units I have on my wig grip. If you guys are interested in this wig grip, I will have it linked below. What'S so special about this wig grip is that it really helps my wigs like stick to my head, and it keeps them from sliding back, because it's made out of like this velvet and it attaches to the lace, and it really prevents um my wigs from sliding And y'all honestly, I can't wear wigs without this thing like it just feels weird on my head, but today we're going to be doing a really cute short style. Okay and the wig I'm using is from XRS Beauty, and you guys know I absolutely love XRS Beauty. Um they make really great wigs. This is how your wig will come, packaged, I'm just opening it, so this is one of their 14 inch, wet and wavy units. This is the inside of the unit. It'S really nice. It comes with um adjustable straps. It comes with um Combs, I usually remove those and it has a whole lot of parting space. Okay and it features uh they're, really seamless, clear lace. They come pre-bleached pre-plucked um, their waves are just awesome and if you guys were wondering like what the hell is clear lace, so clear lace looks like this: it's really invisible, it's really seamless, you can't see anything and it's like it's, my favorite type of lace and In comparison, this right here is transparent lace, so transparent lace still looks good, but you will have to tint this and all that good stuff. The clear lace is basically invisible and it's not even um tack down. This is just how it looks laying on my hands. It'S really really thin. So what I'm going to do first is go ahead and remove these Combs out of the wig because um for me, Combs irritate my hair, because I'm wearing my unit with braids, I don't have just um free-flowing hair. So if you're putting on your wig and you don't have braids, I would suggest um using the Combs that come on the wig. But if you have braids or something like that, I definitely recommend um removing them because it could cause unnecessary snagging. And we don't want that, we don't want unnecessary, breakage, okay and I'm just um cutting it off. So this is how I do my wig fits perfectly. So I love that their wigs include this um pre-plucked hairline company calls it a customized layered Edge wig the way they customize. These wigs is amazing. I think it looks super natural, so uh. What I'm gon na do is cut the lace and you just want to cut it like around your hairline. So can you guys just see how seamless that is just from I didn't even do anything yet. I literally only uh cut the unit and it's so freaking seamless. Our next step is going to be to install our unit, and you guys know I'm using my ebn lace, Wonder spray okay and I'm just gon na um glue it in in sections. So I'm gon na start with the top first, every spot that you do. You want to go back over it with your dryer. I was just saying, like lace, fronts have really came a long way. Um. The lace we used to have was just y'all. That lace used to be so damn thick. Okay, you guys, so I have one side down and I know it's looking a little shiny because of the product I have to put powder on top, but look how seamless this is you guys see how seamless that is. That'S crazy. I'M gon na go ahead and finish up this side and then we're gon na come back and um style the hair and do some light baby, hair and um. Then we're gon na continue with the wig. Okay, you guys so those baby hairs. Look so natural now, I'm just gon na press everything into place with my blow dryer hair, so I'm just gon na put a little bit on my finger and then put it right here just to keep my hair out the way. Oh you guys. This smells so good um, and you guys this right here smells so good. Definitely a smell! That'S like a blast from the past um. It smells like the beauty shop like whenever I smell that Spritz. It smells like the beauty shop and I still buy it just because it's a good uh Spritz, but I love the scent. The scent just takes me back to a very good place. So now I'm just gon na press the hair a little bit. I love that you guys can get multiple looks out of one wig. I love how the hair feels nice and soft and it's not shedding, and of course you guys know. I love that lace. It looks really good. So now I'm going to show you how I take this from straight to curly really easily y'all. My freaking jacket is about to be stained, ugh, that's, okay! So, as I'm spraying this you guys it's starting to revert up already, which I like I don't like. No hair to take all day to do what you got. Ta do okay, so this stuff better, not stay in my jacket because I'm gon na be pissed. I don't think I have no oils in this bottle. Just conditioner water, I'm about to hurry up and take my jacket off. Oh my God y'all I haven't even worn it out yet Jesus I knew I should have. Did this in the sink. That mist feels so good. I love this Mr bottle. I got from Sally's. It'S so nice, okay, you guys. So what I'm doing is. Let'S chit chat a little bit so for real y'all, like what type of videos would y'all like to see more from me, okay and I'm not just talking about like hair like I really want to know like what videos do you guys want to see from me Because the way my views be looking y'all don't be watching the stuff I post, so you guys you have to help me and let me know please in the comments tell me what videos you guys may want from me. Okay, I really hope y'all don't say fashion. Any anything anything but fashion y'all, please, oh my God, y'all address. I tell y'all this all the time I dress so basic like the most I get done up is when I'm going out or - and I'm talking about going out like for real, going out or doing a video, so anything but clothing. You guys so please go in the comment section and let me know something you guys might like. My wig's been hidden lately. Okay, I don't know what's going on, but these wigs been hidden. Okay, that was hella easy to um revert. You just want to go ahead and scrunch it it's cold. My whole jacket is wet. Oh, this is a bad idea wearing a silk jacket. When you got ta wet your hair. Now I'm gon na be using a diffuser which really isn't a necessary step. I just need my hair to dry immediately fast, so um. If you want your hair to dry fast and get a little bit more definition, you can definitely use a diffuser, I'm using my Cosa professionals, one so you can use any diffuser like it really. It doesn't matter y'all diffusers, I don't know. I can't tell the difference well, yeah, but this is a really good one. So yeah, let's go so. I just finished diffusing and I love it. It'S so pretty um. I am gon na come up and show you guys. The texture, but first I just want to talk about the hair and how it feels in this curly stay. It feels extremely soft. It'S so soft! You guys like super soft and my jacket is okay. After I blow dry, it went back normal um, but the hair is super soft uh. It definitely has this really pretty natural. Look to it and here's just a more up close look of the texture. It'S so pretty, and these are the curls look at that shine. So nice and I don't even have any product in it. If you would like your hair to be um more defined, I would definitely recommend some type of product going in it, but it's perfectly fine with just water and conditioner. Oh my gosh y'all. This is so cute, not gon na lie. I do wish it was like a 32 inch, but it is really cute still in the bob style. I definitely love the concept of having like a three in one wig. You can curl this. You can wear it straight and you can wear it in this natural texture and it's just it's gorgeous. You guys super easy to install um, definitely an everyday unit. If I had a normal job and I had to go to work every day, I would wear my hair something like this. Yes, no, the hair is super soft super easy to install. If you guys are interested in this hair, I will definitely have it linked below and I will have everything I use from today's video. So thanks so much for watching again you guys - and I will talk to you in the next one -

XrsBeauty Hair: Wow ivy, thank you for your support of our wigs, the clear lace melts your skin perfectly, it's amazing! You are as beautiful as ever!

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PRETTYASSP: Looks like your hair Ivyyyyy

XrsBeauty Hair: Click on the product link in the description to place an order, we will see that you placed the order by watching this video, we promise to send the same quality wig as in the video!

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