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  • Posted on 25 December, 2018
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HOW I LAY MY WIGS with Tatyana Ali! Today we will explore another video on my hair journey. I created this tutorial HOW I LAY MY WIGS. Transform your look in a matter of minutes in this DIY tutorial. Thank you for following my experiences.

Love, Taty


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Hair I’m Wearing: deep wave 20 22 24 24+18” frontal


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So where am i oh, my god today move I'm in my new house, my new mansion honestly. Thank you so much for you know helping me I'm actually so. Actually, where I'm at is home, I just got home from college winter break is over, I mean I know it's not over finals is over final season is over. I was dying. I was crying. I was actually going back to what I was doing. Sorry, my dad want it to be a handyman in fix. I don't know what but um. So basically, I'm back home final season is over I'm so happy because I was crying dying. You know the usual now, I'm just back here now today, I'm going to show you how I put on my wigs, because I noticed that I just come on a video with a you know, a whole lace, front, wig and just be like hello, and you guys Are like this wires where story alert Oriole? Is there a tutorial? So there is a tutorial, but today I'm going to be doing a curly wig from West kiss. You see here and she's gon na look at right now, and I just did this last night and literally trying to make a wig while you're home part cuz. All my materials parts are at my door, so it was just difficult. So for the hair that I used, this is a Brazilian deep wave and a 24 inch 22 inch and an 18 inch frontal and I haven't done curly hair in a minute. I was just like honestly it's time to bring sis back. You know the products that I use. Okay, so this time I'm gon na actually try the wig cap method. I'Ve never tried it. I'Ve seen it a thousand times, but the thing is like at first I was just against it cuz I was just like. I don't feel like doing the most, but then I noticed that it kind of saves your edges and I need edges so the two products that I will be using is we got to be glue spray. This is just the ultra freeze, butch Blasi freeze spray. You can find this at your local CVS. Literally, it's super easy to buy. Is you can hold your wig on no glue like just this hairspray, then I'm going to also use the got sweet glue ultra glue, the black one. I didn't get the yellow one only because I never really liked the yellow one. I'Ve always been the black gel one so and then I'm gon na be just using a regular nude cap. I'M gon na put so problem is I left my foundation in my dorm. So I'm just gon na use this concealer that I have from LA pro curl cuz, it's kind of the same color as my foundation, so I just figured out online bought their bug hands so we're just gon na hope that works. It holds up my hair, so we have this. I'Ve never done this in my life this. Hopefully this doesn't weird. I forgot to sleep back my hair. Okay, I slick my hair back cuz I'll, be bad. Cuz they'll take her edges, mm-hmm, okay, so I'm gon na put this on. When I was on my eyebrows I mess up. I am so sorry I I always do things knowing I don't know how to do things. Oh that's cute. I think it's dry. I could be lying, I really don't know like I'm feeling it and it doesn't feel wet. So I'm guessing that's my indication that it's dry, I'm gon na go get some scissors because I got some scissors. I really look like just interesting, so I'm just gon na cut this off the excess leaves get scissors. Oh my god, do I get really bad scissors. These are these bad scissors confused. They look like good scissors, so these are not only scissors. I have, of course, so we're just try to figure this out. Okay, I hung a different pair of scissors. Oh my god, you tell me these don't work. I'M gon na actually cut myself like these work. What is wrong with all the freaking scissors? How is this safe again, I don't know, I'm gon na call my daughter, aunt Ellen to pick up some scissor your skies. This is this is unacceptable. Dad dad yeah. Are you at the story? Now? Okay, when you come back to the house, can you pick up some scissors? I know but they're really dull, for me to cut my wig cap yeah. Okay, I'm still at square one can't find any scissors head. This is actually disgusting like. Why is my life like this a mess? Maybe I don't know but stream, I'm just gon na spray. This part down right now, while I wait for my father to figure something out, so I just literally went through the most right now, oh um, so basically what I did off camera cuz, my camera died and I can fight scissors and yada yada yada. So basically I put on the wig cap and I finally got scissors and then I put on the toffee finish this video. As I was saying, I don't know what I'm saying I don't even know. Basically, I put on the wig cap and I put on the color toffee, because the closest near my skin tone and that's all I had what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na put on got to be glue first and then I'm going to. But this freeze boss spray on it and then yeah. There is makeup up here, so I'm kind of scared and I'm hoping that that doesn't mess it up, because you know sometimes makeup can really mess up your wig I'd rather put on my makeup after, but I wish I know what keeps up. Can I wipe off the spa part because I'm just scared - I'm just gon na put this down on here and I'm gon na like let it come out onto my skin. All the way back, like kinda, like I'm gon na, also wet this hair and make it a little bit like look like a wet look. So it doesn't dry too big. But let me do that come back, so you can see it, but I'm just wetting. My hair literally and putting gel in it so I'm officially done I did the edges, I did the edges. This is what it looks like. Currently, I don't feel like doing too much, because I was just really tired yeah, but it looks really natural and that's how I put on my wigs and my lace front, wigs and stuff like that and look at this. I can just do anything to it. I could just put it aside that looks ugly but yeah right now, I'm just gon na keep it wet, because I think that looks really cute and ah it's been a journey. I'M tired and I'm gon na probably eat something, but I love you guys so much. I hope you liked this video. I hope that it helped you and stuff like that and yeah. Let me so much bye.

Lola the g: All your wigs always come out popping.

Darnica: First time watching your video. You are so adorable. ❤️ I love how the wig turned out.

guineps: Merry Christmas Tatyana and to everyone in the comments!

Addy: That intro never gets olddd.

Kayydoesthat: When the video first started I thought the braids was the wig I was about to say damnnnn how did she get it so natural

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Ebere Ojinnaka: i love your videos sis!!

hboogie: every video you make is FIRE MA, I would watch you read a book doe so I’m kinda biased

LYS : you are so underrated.

Mya Bacon: Finally sis, thought you was gone have us beg for it❤️

ashley styles: For that method, do you take it all off at night and do it again the next day?

Annie Finley: * insert meme about air pods * but love this video got excited when i saw it . there are so many ppl uploading right now i’m getting stressed and excited

monibabyy: Wow this look is so bomb not surprised tho! Keep it up girl

Azeenan J: It looked good in the end but dang the process was so complicated, if I did this process I would use ghost bond and keep the wig on for a week

Jade Armanii: *you're glowing*

Azeenan J: Wait so do you throw away the hair cap and buy a new one everytime you put on your wig ?

sdooot x: 0:48 how my family comes in

Killa K: Literally love her

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ND!GO ⭐️: I cried when the scissors started trippin

Mmxr b: Haha she made me laugh when she put the shooting sign up

tori addai: Wait for quick question is for something you have to everyday or do it for the week?

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Deadlyinboots: i envy women that have medium to large foreheads. I have the smallest forehead and wigs are damn near impossible.

Ariyail Banks: How does the mixture or spray, gel, and makeup on your forehead not cause breakouts I’m so nervous about that

KyaEniya: I met taty & her dad at beauty con ❤️

Avanti Wingate: I love it

Simone Wright: Do you get ur nails done back at school? If so where in in love lol ❤️

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Heba H.: If anyone here understand Turkish, y’all would know that spray glue’s name is...straannge

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