Glueless Wigs Can Give Scalp Too! You Don'T Have To Be A Pro To Make Your Wig Look Bomb Shop

So i just wanted to show some of you guys what you can do to your wig to make it more realistic. If you're, not a hairstylist, and you don't do hair, you don't know how to do hair. Just a little quick couple of things can make your wig look more real. First of all, some makeup and a tiny brush put some of this right on your part and that'll make your part look more real. Then you just want to take something like a mousse or a setting lotion apply it to the top, take a hot comb and just hot comb it down, so that your wig looks more flat and forms your face better. Just these two things will make your wig look more realistic and you don't have to do too much also just make sure. What'S ever under your wig is flat.

Amy Young: Thank you dear..

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