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  • Posted on 10 October, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Body Wave Piano Honey Blonde 13×4 Lace Front Wig:

Length: 24’’

Density: 180%

Hair Link: https://bit.ly/3BkshaH

Special code: FAHT

Yolova website link: https://www.yolova.com/

Instagram @yolova_official : https://www.instagram.com/yolova_offic...

Price: Starting at $186.00 14" up to $504.00 28"

Video for the wig I am wearing in the beginning of this video:


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Hey everybody looking for a beautiful unit to bring in this wonderful fall season, well stay tuned for my review on this unit from your lover, hair, okay, so here's the packaging from your love of hair. It says born for beauty on the front, and i love how it has this reflective cover. That is really pretty very bright, very noticeable, and then it just says the company name on the box. But i like this, i like how this just kind of slides out like a drawer, isn't that nice. I love that very nicely packaged all right. So moving on look at the inside of the box, the inside of the box is also reflective. It also has the company logo, as well as the model on the inside of the box, and we're just going to go ahead and remove everything out of the bag. So it came with a wig cap and it also came with some lashes and then it has a nice set of tweezers now to remove the hair from the knit and look at how it looks coming straight out of the package, and i just have to say The first thing i notice are these beautiful colors and how it's highlighted, along with the curls. It already had a little bit of curl pattern. Keep in mind. This is body wave style hair. So you can tell that the hairline has been plucked a little bit, but it's still a little dense. So we're going to pluck it a little bit more. But here's the construction of the cap very standard combs on the sides, the top and the back along with the adjustable straps and the lace goes from ear to ear. So i'm not going to do a whole lot of plucking. Like i said, i'm just going to do a little bit, i'm just going to get right around the places where i know i'm gon na want to create some baby hair, because this lace is pretty light. It'S nowhere near my complexion um, so we're gon na have to cover the edges of the lace um with baby hair. This is what i plucked out on the left side, and now i'm going to do the same thing on the right now. The reason for me putting this on the mannequin head instead of doing it on my own head, is because every time i try to straighten my edges with the straightening comb, i always burn my forehead. So i've decided i'm not doing that anymore. We won't have to put this baby on the mannequin and straighten it on the mannequin. Then we're going to put it on my head because i can't be walking around with a burnt forehead y'all and there so there's um. Your end result for the amount that i plucked out, not a whole lot, but just enough for what i need to do. If the lace color was more of my skin complexion color, then we would have plucked it a lot more because we would have wanted that lace to be visible or as transparent as possible, but because the lace color is so light, we didn't need to pluck a Whole lot because we're basically going to cover the uh hairline with baby hair and then tint it with some face powder. So, as you can see, i just put some gots to be glue on my edges, where i want to adhere the hair, because i plan on keeping this on for about a week so yeah this time, i'm using glue instead of the spray. Now i get so hot when i have to use that blow dryer to dry the glue or the spray, so i'm not using the blow dryer to dry it, i'm basically just going to let it dry on its own, but i'm taking the tail end of this Comb and i'm pressing the lace into the glue, so it can get tacky and then adhere in the exact places that i put the glue. So that's what i'm taking my time doing right here. The other good thing about using a glue instead of a spray is the spray gets all over the place. I mean it drains all down your forehead. You end up having to um, take off half of your foundation, trying to wipe it and clean your skin and all of that stuff. So that's one of the um advantages to using glue. Is you don't have that spray all over the place and then, when you get ready to pull up the lace to cut it, it's a lot easier when you use the glue because you're not having to pry um the lace from where the spray has gotten all Over the place, and then once you're satisfied with that, you just cut the tabs out around your ear. Now, where the edges of the lace came up from you, cutting it off cutting off the excess lace. I just take a little bit of the spray put it on the comb, because you can manage it more. You have more control of it this way, and i just um, you know, attacked those pieces, those edges down where it came up and then, like i told you, because the lace is so light. We'Re gon na have to put baby hair along the extent of the lace in order to hide it. That'S one of the things i do appreciate about baby hair. For me myself, i generally prefer not to wear baby hair with my units, but it is very necessary when you need to hide the edges of the lace, whether it be because of the color or the texture or both alright. So we're going to tie this down so we can set the hairline and the baby hair in place and then i'm just going to take a second to use the straightening comb to further flatten the hair to get that bulk out. So i can begin styling it now. Let me say this too guys i mean i am no expert stylist on units by any means, so this is uh proof that when you see me um style a unit and it comes out looking um next to professional. I won't say professional, but next to professional. This is to show that this has to be a unit. That is easy. Styling, like i am in no way a professional at styling these units - i mean i don't do them enough to get really good at them, but i think i do a pretty good job for somebody who only does you know these types of units a few times A year, so, if i can do it guys, anybody can do it um, and this is just to show where the unit falls on me like i said this is a 24 inch unit and the baby excuse me body, wave pattern um, and it falls right below My breasts now, the next thing is, i rarely get a unit that is this long um human hair. That is usually the human hair units that um i have styled. Are they come in 20 inches? So this extra four inches really does matter curling. It came at some bit of a challenge. I had to stretch my arms out so far to ensure that i could curl the hair to the ends. I was just like. Oh my goodness. Meanwhile, 24 inches is short to compare it to most of today's style. For me, it is really long. I came up in an error where 16 inches was long, so these 30 inches 26 inches. That is just super duper long to me, but i will say that i it's beautiful, it provides a beautiful look. I will admit to that. So but at any rate curling, it was an experience for me now. I will add that the texture of this hair, the quality of the hair, is a great quality. I haven't added anything to this hair as you can see that i did not put any product on it and it has this nice sheen to it. This nice semi shine. That'S just perfect, as though i may have put some type of product on it. So i will say i got ta say that the quality hair is really nice. It did not tangle, as you could see when i first took it out of the package. Even with that the bleaching to create the highlights, you would have thought that it would have a little bit of a tangle, but it has no tangling shedding. The only shedding that i have seen is the shedding um from when i plucked the pluck the hairline all right. So now, i'm just gon na add some finishing touches. This is just my face powder. I use a face powder. That'S a little bit lighter than my natural face powder, because i hate seeing face powder in people's parts. That'S just too dark for their skin complexion. It really stands out and kind of messes up the look of the unit. So i try to. I use a face powder, that's a shade, lighter than my regular face powder, because our scalps are lighter than the rest of our skin color because it doesn't get any sun. So i feel like that looks better to me and what i'm doing right now is just fingering through because i don't know how loose the curls are going to get with the comb, so i'm just kind of fingering through and now you see me using the shampoo Comb because i see that the hair holds the curl very well, so i'm using the comb did not take away from the curl pattern, and that is basically the styling process in a nutshell beautiful. So i really think this is an excellent quality of hair um. It says it's 180 density, but for the length the density needs to be a lot thicker. For me, this would be a great density, because my own hair is very thin, and this kind of makes me feel like you know it has a more natural feel to it by being 180 density, but for most people for today's look at a 24 inch long Unit, you would want the density to be a lot thicker. Outside of that, i can say that i really appreciated the unit it styled nice, even with the lace being as light as it is. It was easy to mesh it with my skin by just applying a little bit of foundation after it dried so yeah. That'S it thanks! So much for tuning in everyone see you in the next video bye,

NaturallyCorporate: This is sooo pretty on you! You did a great, simple install.

JackieNaturals: Hey beautiful, happy to see you bc it’s been a minute. I hope your doing well. The holographic packaging is super cute & you look beautiful. The extra goodies are nice & I noticed the beautiful colors too & the body wave curls are super pretty. Yes sis. No burnt forehead. Definitely do it on the mannequin. I am not good with baby hairs but you do it so nice. Curling that length does take some worth & I normally don’t have mine that long either. This unit is sooooo pretty & that is great you didn’t have to add product on it. FW & have a great day

Rozetta Griffeth: Wow TT, you look Good! That honey blonde color is you, it's to die for looks on anyone. I love this yolova style. You rocking it my Love! And your makeup is so professional done as always! You ROCK Girl!!❤❤

MyDearestJulia: You are absolutely stunning girly

2differentworlds: that looks really good on u!! I can't wait to do me hair videos I'm waiting on my stuff to come in so I cane start practicing ..

Shala Pickney: Hey Sis, You are looking Good as Always

Linda Thomas: Pretty❤️❤️❤️

OSHI B. ASMR: wow. this is really nice

sharhonda The Goddess: Looking beautiful sis

Table Book: Hey Nice hair, New look Go Sis⏳

Magikalblackness: Great into queen

Come Get This Commentary: Hey beautiful

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