Cheap Wigs That Look Natural Don'T Buy Wigs On Facebook Perfect Summer Lace Front Wig

Cheap wigs that look natural! My favorite combo! Listen sis, please don't buy wigs on facebook just to save money. I have the perfect summer lace front wig for you in my cheap wig try on haul! I love when I find cheap wigs that look natural on me and I'm so excited to share! Which style would you wear? Comment below!

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2:07 Wig 1 Details And Tea

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Here is the wig that I reviewed in this video:

Name- Bobbi Boss Truly Me Large 5" Deep Lace Part Lace Front Wig MLF422 ENID

Link to buy-

Color- 2

Name- Bobbi Boss Truly Me Large 5" Deep Lace Part Lace Front Wig MLF425 ANDRINA

Link to buy-

Color- 1B

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^Wigstensions Wig Tint Spray-

^Favorite Oil: Mango Jamaican Castor Oil (SMELLS SO GOOD!)-

^Tea Tree Oil (Good for dry scalp)-

^The blow dryer brush is sold out, but here is a similar product-

^Bobby Pins-

^Net Wig Cap-

^Avlon Styling Wax Stick-

^Got 2B Glue Freeze Spray-

^Edges Brush & Comb-

^Eyebrow Razor-

^Vigorol Olive Oil Mouse-

^Got 2b Glue Gel-

M O R E A F F O R D A B L E W I G S:

Auburn Bob-

Baseball Cap Wig-

$9 Bob with bangs -

$13 Bob with bangs-

$17 Curly Wig-

Ombre Green Bob-

Loose Curl Wig-

Brazilian Body Wave-

M Y F A V O R I T E W I G T O O L S:

Wig Detangler Spray-

Wig Shampoo-

Weave Spray-

Lace Wig Grip-

$11 Wig Grip-

Wig Hot Comb-

$19 Hair Straightening Brush-

$13 Mannequin Head-

$22 Curling Wand-

Spiral Mirror-

M Y F A V O R I T E M A K E U P:

Fall/Winter Matte Liquid Lipstick-

Same lipstick, different shade-

Eyebrow Pencil-

Brow Tools-

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LED Portable Vanity-

Pink Wig Making Head-

Recording Background-

Mini Ring Light-

Cell Phone Holder for Live-

6” Ring Light-

10” Ring LIght-

Car Phone Mount-

Youtube Microphone-

$11 Phone Ring Light-

$9 Phone Kitty Ring Light-

Background Light Box-

Extendable Selfie Stick-


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CHEAP Wigs That Look NATURAL Don't Buy Wigs On FACEBOOK ❌ Perfect Summer Lace Front Wig

Heat or Hype?! Butta Lace Wig - 1 MONTH UPDATE! Sensationnel Synthetic Hair | Butta Unit 3 Wig

Hey queens, it's your girl, nini aka, queen of mindset, and welcome to my channel today, i'm showing you a few cheap, wigs that look natural. I know it can be tempting, but i encourage you guys to not don't buy wigs on facebook. I know they look cheap. I know they look natural, but i'm gon na show you some cheap wigs that look like real hair for real in this cheap wig. Try on haul i'll, be showing you, ladies two tea, wigs that look natural on me. So let's go ahead and hop into it. So the first wig that i'm trying on is the perfect summer lace front wig these cheap, wigs come in two different styles and the first style is giving me wet and wavy on the beach. There are a couple cons to both of these wigs so make sure that you watch until the end and get all the tea before you go and spend your money bruh what y'all this is as far as i can get it bruh sis. This can't be me. Okay, oh my gosh, my scalp. I could feel it intensifying. It'S like tight, tight, okay, we're just gon na cut the legs, because sometimes the lace, sometimes the lace - can be like a little tight and loosen up when i okay, lord jesus, please don't let this wig be this tight! Lord! Please! Let it loosen up jesus, because this is just not okay. Lord, i know my head is not that big. I know it's a little big, but it's not the biggest. So ladies here is the final result of the first cheap wig that looks natural on me. I'M excited to show you guys a second now in this cheap wig. Try on haul just to encourage you guys, even more, don't buy wigs on facebook, all right girl, let's get to the t, okay guys, so the unit that i'm giving you today is not a sponsored video. I picked this up with my own coins and this is the bobbi boss. Truly me easy everyday wig i have in the style mlf422 and the name is girl. These wig names be something else. These wig names be harder than real people names. Okay, inid i'm gon na go with inet. I have it in the color too. So i was attracted to this. Wig is because it was very affordable. I think there's about four of them and yeah. They were really affordable, like in the 20 and 30 dollar range. So you know me, so this is in it. Let'S throw the star card sewing into my tee, so you guys i'm going to start off with the pros. The pros are that this wig did not give me a lot of tangling. It did not give me a lot of shedding just a little slight shedding but honestly barely any at all, but i have to mention it to let you guys know the real t. Another pro is that the length of this hair is not too long. I don't feel like she's gon na be sweating too bad in these summer months, because the density is actually not that thick okay, so so now it is time to get to those cons girl. You know the console. I have to give it to you straight like that: a hundred percent okay - so you guys init - does have a con girl go ahead and get yourself ready. I need to put me up some more lip gloss on, because i'm looking a little dry in there does have really only one major con. It is a personal con, so some of y'all it would be a plus. Some of y'all will be in the backseat like the con to a knit is that she is not big head friendly, oh ciao speak on it. You all know. I am big head gang, okay and baby. She is my big hair friendly y'all saw me struggling at the beginning of this video, like i really love the look and style, but i just wish that the cat was a little bit more loose if the wig don't fit say snip snip, and that is about The only con you guys so we're gon na go ahead to the facts that you need to know about this wig before you purchase the curl pattern is a very loose wet and wavy. It does come with some layers as well. You guys, as you can see, it's kind of shorter up here. Then it goes into another layer and then it goes to the full length. So yes, i'm feeling that as well. This is giving me a light. Yucky, texture, okay, it's not on the silky side, which is great then the last pack you need to know is that price, okay, cha-ching! The link that i have given you below is an affiliate link. So if you guys shop that you will be supporting your girl, so thank you. But of course you guys know you can shop wherever you want, but the prices that i tell you will apply to the link that i'm giving you down below so like. I said this line seems to be super affordable, which is really what attracted me to in the first place. If i'm going to be honest, so the pricing links that i have green below for a need is a whopping 26.99. Ah, wait a minute. Let me tell you another little secret come close girl, there's no specialty color up charge says bobby boss is coming for those pockets straight up. Okay, i seen the stock card. They said easy truly easy. I was like y'all might be lying because i'm just saying, but they will tell the truth so shout out to y'all bobby buck. Let'S get in to the next wig i'm going to go ahead and give you the next wig, which is this one right here now she might be hitting with something different, but she's, also an affordable option. So make sure you guys get the t on this before you leave and i want to say yeah. Thank you so much to everybody who has been purchasing for my july virtual raffle. You guys know it started about a couple days ago, and the tickets are one dollar. There are three prize winners, so make sure you guys go and enter. If you want to know who the winner was for the june raffle, make sure you go back and watch that live, i will tag it above, so you guys can check that out and you're so excited get ready for that raffle and make sure you go and Get your tickets all right on to the next league feel like somebody's rich wife, like i haven't, felt like this in these wigs in a minute i am back with the second synthetic unit, so i just really want to get into the tea, because i mean really Like do y'all see this hair, this is mlf425 andreina. I have it in the color 1b. Again all the same details same wig line, yada yada, yada. Okay, so you guys i'm gon na go ahead, throw this stock card dang got through that fast. So we get into my tea, the realty. So let's start with the pros you guys this wig, it is blending very nicely, i think for it to be so affordable and we will talk about that price girl. Okay, i think for this to be so affordable. This hairline is really doing it. For me, it looks very natural and it was very easy and beginner friendly for me to blend another pro. Is that the way this frames the face? It gives you a little bit of bang here, but not too much. This cap size was a lot different than the first wig and what was her name y'all know what i'm talking about the first wig. This wig cap is actually a little bit loose on me. It'S very comfortable, so i really don't know why you would have uh this one is just a different cap, size. Okay, so if you got the smaller hair girl go with the last wig, if you got the bigger head girl go with this wig. If you got the medium-sized hat girl, you good go above now on to the cons, because, unlike the first week this week does have some console, let's get into it. So you guys the first comment that this baby does shed: okay, she's a shedder, it's not that crazy, but she gon na shed so go ahead and prepare yourself. Another thing is, i got slight snacks, not too crazy with the tangling, but there is a little bit of tangling. This texture is more on the silky side and it's a body wave unit. The last thing we need to talk about is, i know my camera battery ain't done wow. The last thing we need to talk about is that price? Okay? So you guys in the link that i have provided you below. It is an affiliate link, so shout out to you, if you support me in shopping there, but the link that i provide you below the price is 28.99 girl. These wigs are affordable. I don't know what's going on, but i like it. Okay, that is the end of this video. You guys, i really hope you love and appreciate this wig review now. You know only one of these wigs can be the winner. Only one can be my and your favorite, so i'm gon na comment, my favorite down below. Okay in the comments it will be pinned as always, but i need you guys to head to the comments right now, even if you're in the premiere make sure you guys go to the comments and below and read my pin comments, because i'm going to tell you Which one is my favorite and why and if you agree make sure you like that comment, if you do or don't agree comment below, let me know what you think, because you guys know that is how i narrow down what wigs to purchase to review for this Channel and before you guys go make sure you pick up your virtual raffle tickets from the july virtual raffle. The tickets are one dollar, there will be three winners and yeah, i'm so excited shout out to all the queens that have gotten their tickets and the last shout out is going to go to my patreon squad shout out to you guys they have already gotten that Week, sale date for july girl, okay, they're, getting their coins ready because they know when it's going to drop period. If you want to be a part of my patreon squad, the subscription is 4.99. You get special content as well as 24 hour early access to my wig sales. You guys know always be flying okay. So if you want you a nice little affordable human hair, wig girl - even if you like this one she'll, be in the sale, okay she'll, be there so make sure that you guys go and get your early access I love you guys so much and i will see you guys in the comments below love you guys so much bye. You

Queendom Mindset: Sis if you know me, then you know I'm rocking with wig #2! Like if you agree, comment below and tell me all your thoughts, I'm ready to chat Pick up your $1 Wig Raffle Tickets here

Johannasglo: Thank you for this, I've been wanting to try out wigs for the longest just to give my natural hair a break & for the lazy days when i don't want to do my hair lol! great video sis!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: They're both a good look but I'm loving the style of #2 more so I would rock with that one if I had to choose one. Nice reviews. Keep bringing the tea Queen cause I'm here for it ☕

Singlehood 2 Marriage: I’m about to place an online order! Thanks for this video Sis!!! U look beautiful as usual! ❤️

Monica Davis: Love both of them ❤️ #2 is my favorite. But the length on #1 is great.

Krystal Mayfield: #1 is super cute!!! Love the loose waves!

Leilani: You got my laughing really hard when you started praying! I totally understand. Lord knows I had many conversations with him regarding my wigs. Lol.

vernie: Thank you for telling us about about those wigs on Facebook. Because they make those wigs look so gorgeous!! And I have been so tempted to buy several of them.

Priscillaq Wilson: Thanks so much for this video. I have so many friends who buy fb wigs and I feel like it's my fault I SHOULD HAVE WARNED THEM

Taunjashair journey: Yes you finessed the first one you made her fit very well pretty unit the second unit is very classy some glam hair, beautiful as always in them both ❤️ very affordable.

Cynthia Wade: Like Bobbi Boss Enid unit. Love the wet and wavy look. Definitely want this for my collection

XOXO SHEBA: Kie said the same thing about the head size mentally preparing for edges not to fit lol I love look of the texture looks super realistic.

Love Yourself: Hey They both are nice I really like the first one and I'm part of the peanut committee so it should fit . Yesss #2 is Fancy You look beautiful in her Have a Blessed Day #MoreLoveandCompassion

Tiffkneebaby Tv: They gone learn today! You look awesome in these!

Tiffkneebaby Tv: They gone learn today! You look awesome in these!

Shauna_Loves B.: I am feeling wig #1 I can see me rocking it

Charlotte Akins: Loving both but 2 is the one but the length on 1st for me is the right length

Tracey Boyland: No. 2 for me both were lovely

Andrea Steele: I looooove Andrina. But if I can find one like this but shorter that would be GREAT!

Robin Perryman: I like wig #2. They both look good on you though.

Ifa K Slays: Hey sis!!! Sorry I missed the premier here now!!! Let me get this tea boo!!!!!

catrina green: @Queendom Mindset- I love both wigs.. Very cute. Where did you purchase your earrings from? They are cute as well..

skarleoy studios: Yassss #2 is everything

Lisa Holland: I love the 2nd wig

Cynthia Cummings: Andrina is my favorite of the two.

Linda Lou: Baby girl you are slaying this.

Debbie Barrow: Enid is gorgeous on you the name is very old school you are right about the names the companies are choosing for REAL Its Bobbi Boss they are NEVER BIG head friendly ❤

NurseKortney: I damn near spit out my drink with that first segment. LMFAO!!

Kenya Alexander: Hey Queen NeNe St8 , Sis!

Dominic James:

skarleoy studios: snip snip..#Bigheadgang

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