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  • Posted on 02 September, 2020
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What'S up y'all welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, stacey here! So with today's video i am going to be doing um a mini lookbook for heatherremi.com. Now i'm super excited to do this, video for y'all, because those of you who have been subscribed to my channel for a while um last year, i used to do reviews for harry remy. I won't say a lot, but i did quite a few reviews for their company, which those came directly out of my pocket and yeah. It just was amazing. When i got that email of them contacting me, you know to do a little review for them so yeah that was super dope. I was just like, oh so yeah a huge thank you to harry remy for um sending me over these units. This one is bomb.com. Okay, this is a synthetic wig y'all, so yeah when i say their wigs are the bomb. Their wigs are definitely the bomb so anyway, yeah we're gon na go ahead and jump straight into this video starting off with this unit right here i really freaking love this wig, okay y'all. This is my absolute favorite favorite favorite, like i really probably, should have saved this unit for last, because um yeah. This is all the way me. Okay, all the way, i'm so excited now. This is in the style, celine and i did choose the color number one. This oh y'all just get into it. It is so gorgeous it is so gorgeous. I love the way the texture of this unit like that loose, deep, ripple, deep, wave look. This is so freaking nice and, as you guys can see, it is definitely full. I do have all of the hair pulled to the front and then also just a little tip. I am using my hot comb as you guys can see. Now i did have the heat on about 325 originally, but then i noticed that it was not getting flat fast enough for me, so i did turn the heat up to 400 and then of course, i just added a little bit of powder into the part which Made it look 10 times better and more natural. Now at first i did start off tweezing it. You can definitely tweeze your units, but what i noticed was the more i was trying to tease the more the top part right here. As you can see, it kind of disturbed the pattern of the hair, which i'm glad i did stop early on, because it was kind of getting a little bit too puffy right here. I want to keep that. I want to keep this uniform look for as long as possible, so yeah. This right here is definitely my favorite one um y'all. Let me know down below in the comment section which one is your favorite like. I'M definitely feeling this one by far, especially because it's black, like i just love this so yeah - we're gon na move right along into the next one, okay y'all. So this unit right here - i i really really love this one like, and i know i said that about the first one, which i do. I definitely love that first one, but this is different for me. Okay, like i've, never had my hair like this before like ever. I cannot remember a time where i've ever had my hair, like this before y'all. Look at this wig look at the freaking look at the curls! Well, the just look at the body of this unit. Okay and look at the color get into the color, the colors you see it has like that ombre look, you go from the dark roots to and then it's colored perfectly like seriously. They did their thing with this unit. Okay, this is really nice. I mean it looks. It looks better than i expected it to look just being completely honest. You know, on the website now mind you, i did pick out all three units and i did pick out the colors as well. So, although i did know for a fact, i was going to absolutely love the first one. It was just safe. For me it was black. You know from everything the look, the color everything was me, so i knew that i would be playing it very safe with that unit, this one and then the next one i'm going to be showing you guys uh. I wasn't too sure how i was going to like it, but i'm really in love with this freaking unit. You guys, i really do love it as you all can see that this is definitely a lace front of 13.. I will not say 13x6 because i don't think you can. No, you can't part it on the sides, but obviously it's meant to have a middle part. Okay, so i just want you guys to see the size of this unit. Also, as i said, this is not a 13x6, but y'all see that you can most. Definitely you can do some things with this okay, like even if you wanted to wear it, even if you wanted to do like a messy look like off the side somewhat like this, you can definitely achieve that. Like, oh, oh yeah, look at this! Oh, my god, and it is definitely synthetic boom y'all, better, stop, y'all, better, stop sleeping on these synthetic units. Okay, harry remy, is all that. Okay, i i love their units. Like i said you can definitely wear like this, like that flip over method or whatever all you have to do is just use your hot comb and kinda. You know just add a little bit of heat in these areas like right up in there to kind of keep it to. Where, though, is hanging at yeah, i really do love it. This way like i feel, like a whole new person y'all, i love it. This way, oh, i feel like a whole new person. This is really dope, but yeah so and then boom. It goes right back into place. Like uh. I know i said that first one was my favorite but y'all. I really do love this like. I really do a whole lot, a whole lot and y'all can see. I did not have to pluck this unit at all like absolutely not as y'all can see. It looks extremely natural up here at the um on the hairline area. Just the whole thing even going into the parting like it looks really natural. I did not have to add that much powder this company right here never fails me. Okay, it's never. It has never been a time that i purchased the unit from them and i was disappointed okay, so anyway yeah. This is wig number, two, all right guys. So this is wig number three as y'all can see. This is different. Okay, um uh different in a good way: okay, yeah. We it's a lot kind of going on here. I guess because of the color and the fullness of this hair is really full, which again i love me, some big hair. That is definitely not a problem with me. I just think it's a bit much for me with the color, because i'm not really used to to this color in particular um. This is really a gorgeous color. It really is, but the only thing with me is i just sometimes i try to either go lighter or darker than my skin tone. So like jet black hair is my go-to is my fave, and if i'm going to do something light, it's always going to be blonde either platinum, blonde ash blonde. Something like that. But i've never took the time to try out something of this shade, which is really obviously close in my complexion. So i guess that's why it's a bit. You know different for me but, like i said, nevertheless, is different in a great way. I really do love this unit. I love how full it is. I love the curl pattern. This is really soft in texture as well. I'M honestly happy with all three of my choices you guys i was iffy about this one only because on the website um, like i said i didn't know how well i would like this color with my skin, but to my surprise it is not bad at all. I'M really happy that i did choose this unit all right. Y'All said i wrapped up this video. I really hope that you guys enjoyed it at least half as much as i did. Okay again huge, thank you to harry remy for sending me over these units. I am freaking in love, okay, now this one. Yes, it did definitely had to grow on me. It definitely had to grow on your girl, okay, but nevertheless i really fell in love with it, like yeah, i'm so happy like i'm so happy with all three units that i had, so you all got to see it from start to finish. If two seconds you'll have your wig looking amazing again, all you'll need is a hot comb, some powder, as well as some edge control, any edge control any powder. Any hot comb really does not matter. Okay, so yeah. I really love these units and i'm so excited for you guys to be able to purchase these as well, and if you would like to definitely look down below in that description box, because the links will be there as well as the colors. So in case you want to purchase these unit and exact colors that i have you feel free to do so now. One thing about them: they have a lot of colors to choose from. These are just the colors that i chose and i'm happy with my choices. So yeah that wraps up this video, you guys please do not forget to like comment and definitely subscribe. I love you all stay safe and stay blessed and i look forward to seeing you guys in the next one.

Nun0tha _SLC: When I say Heraremy is so slept on , Sis I need them all in my Fall lineup lol , they look so good on you

Gabby McNabb: Beautiful inside & out Keep the videos coming❤

Merrilyn Gabriel: You made me buy all. So gorgeous i cant believe it’s synthetic but it wouldn’t last sadly.

Quamisha Gregory: I love them all ❤️ I just brought all 3 lol

IamZaniah: i didnt know synthetic could look so goodt

KeepingUp With Cupcake: That second one is definitely my favorite and Ima be purchasing if they still have it

vernie: You look so beautiful! I am looking for the HeraRemy - Teyana wig. I can't seem to find it. Can you find out if they still have it in their stock?

Cheyennea Pickett: How long did the Kiera wig last with daily use ?

exoticstar2: I like the color more than the black on you. They are all nice on you though. Made me want to get the second one.

Persiapersiaxo: How long did it take to arrive?

Hera Remy:

Jonel: Celine is the onneeee

Snob on The Beat: nvm i figured it out

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