Rpgshow Full Lace Wigs/Lace Fronts Use Guide-Washing Lace Wig That Can'T Make Hair Tangled

  • Posted on 29 April, 2009
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welcome to our instructional video on how to properly wash your curly natural hair wig. As you know your wig is designed to be as invisible to the naked eye as possible so during regular washing and maintenance your hair needs to be handled with care. If you've have had such problems, don't worry, this can be easily taken care of with a little adjustment to the way you wash you hair. Now we'll demonstrate how to wash our curly natural hair wig.

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Hello, everyone and welcome to our instructional video on how to properly wash your curly natural hair week. As you know, during regular maintenance and washing your hair needs to be handled with care in the conventional way. Your wig is usually first shampooed, then dipped into cold water and run out with your hands. However, many users find that this causes a lot of tangling, and so, in fact, this is not related to the quality of the weeks, but rather to the washing method. If you've had this problem, don't worry. This can be easily taken care of with some minor adjustments to the way you wash your hair and now Michael will demonstrate for us how to properly wash your curly natural hair week. First, things: first put your wig on your mold and remove any foreign matter, use your fingers to comb through the hair section by section from underneath to the crown this will prevent any undue loss of here for straight hair. A special brush can be used to get the hair ready for washing, but if there are any stubborn, not use your fingers instead to get rid of the tangles first we're ready for shampooing. We want to make sure that we put a 50-50 solution of shampoo to water in our spray bottle. This is to make sure that our shampoo can spray out, like this, don't put the hair under water. Make sure that you follow this rule. This is important use. The spray bottle instead use your fingers as before section by section from underneath to the crown work it in with the shampoo now we're ready to rinse. You should continue to use your fingers to gently wash the shampoo out of the hair if you're going to use a conditioner repeat the same steps as before, but this time leave the conditioner in for three to five minutes before you rinse it out. Finally, after rinsing the conditioner out, Pat the hair dry with a towel, do not rub it, you don't want to make any unnecessary tangles in your hair. Finally, to dry your hair put your hair back on the mold. You can leave it to air dry or you can use a dryer but make sure it's on a cool setting, while you're drying your hair. So that's how to properly wash your curly natural hair wig once you've followed all these steps, you're sure to avoid any unnecessary hair loss or tangling thanks to our system, Michael for showing us how to do it correctly today. That'S all for now see you next time.

Nikesha Hyde: Do you always have to remove the unit in order to wash it?

mmp5959: Thank u. Because my curly wigs have gotten so tangled from putting it in water. I will try this next time. Thanks!!!!!

Amerie B: For the shampoo and conditioner and rinsing what water temp are they? Thx!!!

RPGSHOW LACE WIGS: @gamegrace u r welcome!! Glad you like it :)

Serenitie3: that was so good

RPGSHOW LACE WIGS: @mmp5959 not a problem ^_^


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