Wefts, Wigs And Fiber Part 1

  • Posted on 16 October, 2017
  • T Part Wig
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This is a video about all kind of fibers suitable for doll wigs

Well, hello, there. Today, I wanted to talk to you about all kinds of different fibers that can be used in a wig in a doorway. Of course, I found out over the years what works and what doesn't and still I'm finding new fibers that are suitable and I'm very, very lucky to have that possibility to try out different fibers. First of all, okay, let me start with the Wensleydale ox. There are very popular, you have Wensleydale and you have T's water and I must say the difference is minimum. They look like a lot, except that T's water has a different way of taking up the dye. It takes up dye somewhat more easily, whereas Wensleydale does it too, of course, but it takes more time and the results are different. I'Ll show you. I only have one in my position at this moment, so I will show you what I mean. Those are the Wensleydale long locks as you can see they measure about normally, when I, when they arrive at me, they measure about 30 centimeter, but I have to sew them into a weft. So there is a little bit of loss and just to be sure that I'm not telling you stories, I always say they measure about 25 centimeters average length, and that means that they are somewhat longer, but I think it doesn't. Is it isn't a problem when it's one centimeter more? It is a problem when it is 1 centimeter less than I promised. Ok. This is the only way that I have in my shop ler right now. No, I have another one, the golden blown, it's very, very pretty color and of course I will be working with this when sheering season arrives again and that will be in May 2000 18. But maybe I will find a farmer that has some fleeces left. So I can purchase more, you never know it takes a lot of time because I go to the farm and - and I look at the fleetest myself, because not every fleece is suitable for this kind of work. I need soft loam looks that are not felted that are smooth that I can wash reasonably die, so I always go to a farmer to look for myself what he is and if I can use it ok, this is the for the long locks in between. I will tell you that I have my waves and my loose locks. You can buy them also in my Etsy shop. So just go there to see what it is. What I have right now and if you want something that isn't there at the moment, you can always send me a P B p.m. private message and we will see what we can do about it. I ship them to the US, and my experience is that sometimes they arrive in about two three weeks and sometimes it takes up to five to six weeks. I'M very sorry, but I can't help that the shipping costs are very reasonable. That'S not a problem. The problem is that you can't rely on the mail services in regards to how long it's a it's never happened to me that it didn't arrive, and I'm very glad about that. But I always say: if it doesn't arrive in, let's say six weeks, you will have a reimbursement. Of course that's no problem. So, let's move on these were the long locks. Now, what I have two is locks and the weft lets me see whether I have to write one yes from a yearling. A yearling is well. The word says what it is. It is a sheep that it will be shorn for the second time. That'S a yearling sheep that are shown for the second time, so it's the first time. I will show you right away when I have shown you this. This is a yearling. These locks are, let me see you where my centimeter is it's over here now, when I don't stretch them. Of course, I think that's a bit cheating, but when I don't stretch them they are from left to length and average length of 10 C 2 centimeters. So that means some box are 9. Some locks are 11, but it is an average length of 10 C to me centimeters now, as you can see, I didn't die this. I think white could be very pretty as well when I know upfront that I'm going to die this, I will sew with the color in which I think the weft is going to be because the threat is not taking up the die. So if I would die this, the thread would be white. Now, that's very ugly. I will show you in a minute how it looks when I used the color of the the thread color of which I'm going to dye the locks in unless you can see. These are very soft, very curly. I always try to sew the locks exactly next to each other, so there are no gaps. Sometimes let me see if I can find a spot, it could happen whether it is a bit of an space in-between. I guess I have an example right here. If you can see it looks far more on camera than it is in in real life. It'S one centimeter, I guess less than one centimeter that happens. It is made by hands. So that happens. I don't have a problem with it when I'm crocheting the week over and I'm sewing it right into the doll head itself, but I want to be very very honest in what I do and what I sell. So you know that up front. It could be that there is a spot which is always not more than 1 centimeters causes it. If it's more, I was so another lock in place, but this is the yearling in my Etsy shop and I think it's beautiful, oh it. The other thing I wanted to tell you about the yearling is that these looks have been all the sheep for almost a year, not a year exactly, but for almost a year. That means that the fiber which is close to the skin is absolutely white. That'S natural fiber, but tips, and not all the tips, but some tips have a slight yellow in them and that's not because they are dirty or something, but that's just because it is a natural fiber. It has been disposed to all elements of nature. For a longer time, so that's how it is, and some people do bleach them or treat them with with peroxide or something like that. I don't do that because the damages your fiber far too much. I think I need soft locks and I don't need hard locks. So that's just the way it is still crocheted it up. It looks like a white wig, okay, so that's the yearling. Then we have a stage before that, and that is the lamb and looking at my still moving on. Okay, that's the lamb. Now this is a brand new ship and it has been shown. Sometimes they they share their lamps when they're born, for instance, in January or February, it happens, then they will be shared in May June, because otherwise they would get overheated. Now the lamps locks to look more delicate as the yearling and the lamb locks, because they haven't been dead long on their skin. Let me say it like that: on the animal they're wider, the tips are less yellow, then healing the average length of the lamb locks. Let me see it's about, I think the same yeah, it's about the same, it's about ten in ten centimetres, so that is lamb locks. Lamb locks are even a bit softer and I have them in my shop as well. Okay, then, moving on, let me show you how it is when I've died. I'M working on a week right now, surprise for a winner of the male group and I'm a little bit behind sorry Alison. It will come your way as soon as I'm ready, as you can see, this strand is suing edge, has the same color as the locks or almost the same color. It'S a little bit lighter. That'S, as you can imagine the closest to the color of the locks. I can know upfront before dying, so these are nearly died up in a kind of golden blonde. I guess okay, so it's a nice collar and I am crocheting it into a week, maybe in the next tutorial. I will show you again how I do it well and then it will go to Emerson our prize winner of the previous mall now September. So Colette waves will be available in my shop too, as well as locks 50 grams of looks because you can do this yourself so in wigs and well it's a bit cheaper, of course, but you will find out when you go there. This is another example of the yearling locks, and I dyed this black remind you. It is beautiful when you make waves of this. These are looks I had before. Let me see because I think no thank you. Ten seat meets cold upper. When I stretch the lock, it will be about 15 but curled up and I think Texas, what comes it is about 10 centimeters. So that's that now I have a new fiber. It isn't in my shopper already, but I'm very excited. I am trying out a new fiber, don't mind that this is what happens when you have the wrong color. I sewed this black and I dyed this in the color walnut. I guess it was or hazelnuts, I'm not sure, but a nice color. This is quite something different, and this is just a an example just an experience piece and just to try out as you were. As you see now, I'm going to make a week of this myself first, I always do that and then show you what it looks like. I am very excited because it looks like dreads, it is a sheep and I won't tell you what kind of sheep, because there are a lot of people that steal my entire IDs. I don't want this this time, because this is very original and I'm very proud of it. Isn'T it beautiful? I guess it is okay. Now I am going to stop this video because this almost 15 minutes - and I think I ran out of time if I go on - do I need to tell you more about these fibers? No, I don't think so. I will do next video on alpaca and on mohair, so I will be back and help. This is of any use to you and if you have any questions, please do. Let me know no problem so see you again. Bye, bye,

Bearifiable Pau ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. <3 A friend invited me to a doll workshop and I am working on my first doll! :D I'm not sure how I could make similar hair with the available yarns I have in my area. Is hair usually made by the dollmaker from colored wool or can it be bought?

Gabi Zaragoza: Son hermosas sus muñecas!!!! Mil gracias por enseñarnos!!! Un fuerte abrazo desde México

Veronika Evers: How long is the long locks in the red/brown/blond??? I just love it!

Robyn DeLong: I love your videos. I wish you would show your face occasionally.

Susan Hamilton: Could I please get a link to your etsy shop? Thanks.

peaches9804: How many wefts do you use to make one wig?

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