Red Hair Don'T Care: Platinum Wigs Soft Yaki Bangs (Unstyled) 99J Remixed

***Disclaimer*** Purchased with my own money

Checkout how I styled my wig using my Remington Curling wand

Platinum Wigs Platinum Soft Yaki Bangs 16" color 99j

Cost: $159.95

Hey guys its main key here, half of the fabulously chic and cheap jewel. I know it's been a really long time since we've posted anything. However, back like I never left, I'm here to do a really quick hair review for the Platinum, wigs, unstyled, um soft yaki, 99 @ j in the 16 inch. So i bought this wig for 169 172. I will put it down below I here i wanna say: 169 could have been 172 i buy about this week when they have this special go and last month we will stop by one human hair wig and get a synthetic wig for free. So I chose this one for my human hair wig and it's in the color 99 j 0, which is like it's a burgundy. It'S like a wine color how move in closer, so you all can see it. So that's sexual color of the hair, and I did remix to do little things to make it my own and now just in regards to the wig. It'S your typical construction. It has two cones in the front acomb here and a comb here. It also has to comb in the back as well as the adjustable strap. You have your ear, two taps, your general construction. I personally never wear my comms in the front. I was just do bobby pins because I had a life port to pull on my edges and I haven't had an issue with the bottom cuts in regards to the parking space. I'M going to say it's just under 3 inches that you get with your parking space for the wig, so it has a good amount of parking space and you can't freestyle, it does kind of stout, so you have from about here to maybe here you have got This amount to put to the part your hair. However, what I did was because I didn't necessarily like of the spacing for the party, which would have been that I wanted it to be a little bit wider. So what I did was, I went to end with tweezers and I did wine in the part just a little bit and also about a week or so dr. Brennan, because the entire wig comes in a code, 9 b, 9 j roots included, and i personally I Don'T like having them the color go all the way to, through the roots, just just a personal preference. So what I did was I went to CBS and I picked up this root touch-up and black, and it is absolutely amazing. It was on sale for like six dollars and it comes with the color, a little mixing and also the brush applicator and gloves, and you literally just go in and go along there. So I went through and I did um the I went through the hairline and colored it as well as the roots at the top, and for me that made me fall in love with the wig. So I have to say so far. I am impressed. I'Ve been Wendell it for about three weeks. I wanted to wait and do a review on it to see how it was holding up and it's holding up pretty well. It has begun to tangle just a little bit, so I will more so if tonight you can't even month - and it's also shouting at this appointment, so I do personally recommend I'm keeping a wide tooth comb or paddle brush so on your right eye with this. Here now I personally, I'm not a fan of straight here I mean some people looks dope me, I'm not really a fan of it. So how I aware this hair is, I do some ways in it using my wand and that's actually what i'm getting ready to do now and typically, when i do it at last, the entire week i do the waves and then i go in either with my Fingers or with the wide tooth comb - and I just calmed them out, so it's like really soft beachy waves and that's actually what I'm going to do it last the entire week. So i have to say that i am very impressed with in here. I don't have any complaints, it's just about making it work for you now, like I said it does kind of unstyled. So, however, you want to do your bangs, you can, if you want a full bang and you do, they do come with the really long bangs, and this is actually after I cut them a little bit. So I think that my short part in the bank is do so. I left longer bangs, but I'm personally a fan hub longer. Bangs I felt like it gives me more options with how i can actually stole it. So I'm going to go ahead and i am going to the wand. It up feel free to continue watching you see the finished product. So let's go ahead and get started. You okay guys. So I am finished landing that took about 45 minutes or so to do. But I was a listening to Miguel, so one by kind of fast. So this is what it looks like and then what I do is I just go through, took my bobby pin out loose anywhere and I finger calm it like that and then this is the finished look. So I really like this for about a week all right, sometimes longer than that we can have two weeks. I don't do it often the curls last I got there, I don't sleep in the way. I don't work out in the wig, so they last pretty well and just with finger comb get several strands came out, so you know just be mindful. However, like I said, I don't have any comments with a bit again. Let me know if you all have any questions on this hair, be more than glad to answer for you and take care and, don't forget to say, fabulously, chic and cheap

Mi Mocha: did you dye the root or did you order it like that?

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