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  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
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How deep is your love come from? Hey everybody, it's Ivy! I know you see it. I know you see my color. I know you see my hot red hair. You guys. I love this. Color is so cute, so today we did a flip over okay. I wanted to bring back my flip over with a wig and with some color, and I got this unit from um harilla. I think that's how you pronounce it perilla hair. Okay. They sent me over this gorgeous unit, okay and in your box. Of course you get your wig and they did send over um, it's a few goodies in this goodie bag and they sent over a cap, and it's also like a um, a little red bandana, which I'm yeah. I need that. So this is a body wave unit. It'S um 26 inches. This is the um, I believe the 99j colored hair unit, so it did come pre-colored. So what this color is it's kind of like a wine red wine reddish. I really don't. I don't know how to explain this color. I guess it's. I think it's more like a purpley red - I don't know, but it's a gorgeous red and it's so nice on deep, dark skin. So if you're a dark skinned girl, my complexion or darker, even if you're a little lighter if you're a black woman, this red is so complementary to us like no like. No, this color is perfect for us. It'S not ratchet, because I know a lot of people. They like to say that black women in colors are a little ratchet and I don't I don't think so. I think it looks really good. I really like the contrast on my skin and I I just I don't know you guys. I love it like like. I always love when I have um this color red. I low-key would color my real hair, this color, but I'm scared every time I color my hair. It all melts off, thank God for wigs and we can just get a colored unit and pop it on and have that same look. This was super easy to install and style and, as you guys can see, I did my baby hairs a little different. I just have them on the sides instead of in the middle, so I was like. Ah let me just try something totally different today, um with the look, so if you guys are interested in seeing how I um style and install this unit keep on watching. Okay, you guys, so we always want to start off with our wig grip, and this is our beautiful unit and you guys the color is so gorgeous um. I feel like it's not picking it up on camera, the actual brightness of this color. So this is a body wave texture and it's 26 inches. This is a 99 J, color wig. So it's like that cherry purpley, red type of color and this wig does come with adjustable straps. It also comes with hooks right here. These right here are the hooks for the elastic band, and I really like these because a lot of times we have to go in and sew in our elastic bands really like having the option of having it or not, but I am going to keep it on For today's video just to see how it feels so um, let's go ahead and put it on y'all. I really love this color. It'S so freaking, pretty hairline looks pretty good. What I'm gon na do is go ahead and cut my lace, and this is um a HD lace. Wig like I really. I really be hating this y'all. So what I'm gon na do is try to do my little trick to wear you install the middle, and then I just pull the sides down, because I really don't want to cut away like the wig has already like it came customized. So I don't really want to cut all of that off so yeah. What I'm gon na do is just do this part and then go back and do the sides, but y'all know I like to install with my ebn okay. So basically, oh y'all y'all really like this color. So basically, I'm just gon na flip. This part back all right foreign with a little bit more spray foreign. Okay, you guys, so I finally got her on one thing: y'all I'll be liking about using the um the spray. I feel like it if you're having a little cast and you always got ta spray, some on your finger and go back over just like I'm doing right here right, like do not not do this step, please, because you're gon na be outside you, we already got On a lace now you're about to have a cast around the lace because you didn't seal it so definitely go back and do this stuff and then take your dryer inches dry down. Okay! So now we're gon na go in and just do our baby hair and it's okay. If you see like the the crust of the um spray, we're gon na fix it, I think today, I'm gon na do like soft baby hairs. I think I want to do them um, like with arrogante method, so I'm not gon na do any baby hair in the middle today we're just gon na. Do it on the sides now I never do it like this, but we're gon na see how it looked, because when I wear my real hair, I have baby hair in the middle. So I don't know y'all. Let'S just see how it looks and see how it just lays flat now right, really loving this color, this wig looks really cute. I am going to do soft baby hairs today. I learned this technique from um Aryan Tay, so I'm just gon na cut. I got my mini flat iron, it's really really little and I will post the links to this below I'm gon na do is just take this little piece of hair and we're just gon na curl it. So we have our baby hairs, curl, okay, guys! So now I'm going to take my Liquid mousse Spritz and the scent. It just reminds me of beauty salons in the 90s. So I'm just going to spray a little bit of this on my Edge brush, not a lot and then we're just gon na start, swooping. Okay, okay, you guys, so our baby hair is done. No we're gon na keep this flip over. This is an optional step, but I am going to use my dryer just to um press the hair into place, so it can kind of stay to the side. So I'm done installing it. I think it came out super cute. Now I didn't um bleach any of the knots or whatever in the wig. So I am going to take a little bit of my powder and just just kind of put it in the front, but yeah it's just a little extra layer of something. So your unit looks seamless, okay, more seamless than it already looks. We'Re done installing our beautiful hair and I didn't do anything to the hair. This is how it came. It came in that um, pretty body wave texture, and I showed that to you guys. This is where the hair hits me this unit right here is a 26 inch. I really love this tone of red on um dark skin. It just looks so good to me you guys, like I absolutely love it. The hair feels really nice and soft, and I think they did a really good job with coloring, even though the knots aren't bleached it still uh Blends in with my complexion. Fine now, if you're lighter than me, I would suggest going in and um adding some Foundation or adding something. So you can um help conceal those knots. Sorry y'all, I live in Chicago. You hear ambulances and police all day all day, but yeah you guys. This wig was so easy to install um very beginner friendly now, because I do have a really limited amount of forehead space. It was, you know, a little bit of a challenge, but I think it came out looking really really good. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think, but this is the perfect red for fall, so the hair actually has a nice density. I prefer hair with like this density, because it looks the most natural to me when your wig is like this density. It definitely gives so in um, it's just not overly full or too thin. It'S like just the perfect density. This density is the easiest to um customize like when you're plucking or if you want to recolor. This is the easiest I just I just ain't got time for super super super super thick hair. Like I just know, when you have weave, it starts tangling and no yeah. This is the perfect density for me and the hair is really nice and soft. It'S not tangling. Now, if you guys are interested in this wig, I will have it linked below. Okay and everything I use from today's video thanks so much you guys for watching another one of my videos and just supporting my channel. I really appreciate it like. I know I've been on YouTube such a long time and you guys are probably tired of Hair reviews and hair tips and tricks and methods, but you guys this is what I love to do. I love doing hair and I love showing you guys how to do your hair and how to get cute. Okay, so yeah, you guys, remember, make sure you click that Bell icon, so you're notified every time. I post, please don't forget, to subscribe and make sure you thumb up this video. It really helps push me through the algorithm. So more people can see my beautiful face. All right, y'all talk to you in the next video

Leia Huddleston: This is beautiful! Let us know how it behaves after you wash it!

AlmightyAlyssa: Every time I ask a stylist for this method in Minnesota NONE OF THEM KNOW HOW TO DO IT! The flip over method isn’t a complicated method to do if your a stylist! Its as if this style only exists on YouTube! And I’ve sent your videos to countless stylists and they all fail

Briana Brown: Yesssss I love this color. I just took off a bob unit this color

Ms. Mei Mei: You can wear any color! You’re so pretty!

Sierra: We don't subscribe to those people who try to put us in a box. We can wear anything.

Jaida: Just bought my first wig, it’s synthetic.

tamega banks: Yasss!! You look gorgeous

Amanda Mitchell: Hey queen nice video yes girl I like that color

prettydollxo: It's giving a fine glass of red wine!!! #badgalting

bajanbabygirl722: Happy belated birthday doll. Can you link the hair in the description box please

Tisha Parker: I wear red all the time. Every time I get a new job that is the color I wear on my first day. Now where I'm from the men like us with red hair

Tru Beauty MUA: Beautiful

Destiny Godley:

Shanika Carter: Where did you get your jacket/ shirt from? ❤❤❤

Ki Ke: Girl this so fire on you

Maria Mandolesi: I love it. I can't find the link to the unit.

Karma: I need to find braiding hair this color

Sierra: Is it a human hair unit?

Sierra: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Iamjavonne: Nice

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