There Is Nothing But Wigs & Lies Out There For Him. Pt 2 | Authentic Femininity, A Rare Gift

  • Posted on 04 October, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey Goddis Gang. Today we are going to be discussing one of the worst fears of a woman. And why that fear is nothing to be scared of. Is the grass greener? Let’s discuss wigs and lies part two! FINALLY

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Oh darling, you dog, you I'm sorry. How are you darling come on in darling? Don'T be shy, I don't bite unless of course, you're into that type of thing overall, and I see him drop. My earring give me one moment, darling I'll jolly hope you all are doing well this afternoon you could have been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me darling and I don't take that for granted. Darling be involved with you and like the video on your way in, would you would you be a doll and share it share the video on your Facebook, okay, we're going live on Facebook. I am trying to get my Facebook monetized, so I was getting ready to watch it on Facebook. If you can, please go ahead and like the video and share it. I would greatly appreciate it leave a comment. You know what up. So today's video is finally wigs and lies part two. I did wigs and lies one around this time last year and it's so many people's um favorite, video, okay, it's so many, ladies that came to me and spoke on how much that video helped them. So many men who came forward and were like this - I don't know who told you all this, but it was on point so a lot of people love wigs and lies, so I am so excited today to be doing part two. I was supposed to do it last week, I'm still working on with everything I have going on getting everything done, so it can be a little bit hard, but we're here now um. How are you all liking tonight's or this evening's look darling. Ladies, are you in my patreon, are you in my patreon? If you're not ma'am, why would you not you know I? I truly cannot understand uh shout outs. All the patreon is in the chat shout out to all the mods uh on our patreon. We recently had our monthly meet up on Saturday and y'all. We had such a good time. We went to brunch, we went for a nice walk on a Beltline, we got drinks, we talked last dance. We just had a ball okay, so on my patreon you'll see me get ready for my live streams live. I do my makeup. Do my hair and while I'm getting ready, we have different subjects that we discussed most of the time. The other patreonists will request a subject and we have a conversation. I don't hold back, you see every single product, I use you see it every technique. I show it whatever you want to know. What did you use with this? It'S there, okay um. It is a very affordable patreon join the patreon, ladies okay, if you're tired of being mean and ugly kind of death row all right, it's a community of solution-oriented women who are always striving to be our best selves, as opposed to complaining and blaming other people. Okay, we don't complain about results. We have not earned darling so come that from fix the goddess. It should be in the uh description box and if there are some mods or patreonists, if you could put it in the chat, that would be great um. So my email, you dope alive I had to take down because there was a malfunction of sorts and I really was going to edit it out, but it was a three hour long stream and I simply was not going to do all that uh. So I what I'm gon na do is do an uploaded, maybe condensed version of it, because that one was very layered and maybe I re-upload it like that, but child it had to come down. It was a slight mouth uh, but again I will do a shortened version of it. Let me see if that can let me pin this message, but I had a lot of people asking why they were like where'd. It go. I'M like child with a live stream. Sometimes [ __ ] be happening. Lord, you know oh yeah, I'm trying to paint it. Sometimes things be happening, so I had. I think I post on Instagram and Facebook, the first um wigs and lies video and wings of Lies is about this. Women have a lot of people, wonder you know what keeps women in certain bad situations hold on to me. I'M trying to pin this just give me one. Second, okay, all right! So that's good um! You know it's a live stream. Sometimes things happen, but I know a lot of people want to see it. I had a lot of tea in that stream, so I'm gon na find a way to upload a shorter version. Now, when the first weeks in last video, what it was about, is so many women stay in these bad situations, because they truly feel as though once they leave a man that he will suddenly go, find his dream girl and there will be 20 women lined up To be his loyal voting wife, and he will be so much better off without her, and this is how women end up taking a lot of disrespect, how women end up being, you know, arguing every day, um, very, controlling, very toxic type of environment. This is how it normally ends up happening, so we're going to have a conversation about what does it really look like out there uh. Thank you so much for the super Chad. We have a super chat in here. Uh. Thank you. So much is i-n-a-t-89 just here to say, you're looking great as usual. Thank you so much. I appreciate you, you know what else I appreciate a snatched waist darling. You know what else I appreciate glowing youthful skin. Oh drawing! That'S what I appreciate and, as you all know, for the past few months, I have been juicing all right now, if you are like me, you do not particularly enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. Like I don't like to eat. Cold food and fruit tends to be cold and slightly bitter, I just I just don't like it, so I used to have to force myself to like scarf it down my throat. So then I realize, if I don't like to eat it, I will drink it. Aha, okay, then, can an issue of well who am about to go to the grocery store and buy all these fruits and vegetables and go buy a juicer and juice it and clean it up and bottle it and store it? Who better do all that then? 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They just be holding on, let's be holding on to nothing, it'd be like sis, you know what do you really want? So, let's have a conversation. A while ago I decided I made a decision and one day I woke up - and I said you know what I'm too powerful and too valuable to be a victim when I would really sit back and pay attention to women in general, and you know they're talking Points and their complaints and What complaints, what they are? Okay, with what they're, not okay, with so many women when you listen to, but they have to say they sound almost as though they're helpless like in the way they talk. It'S almost as though they have no choice but to force be forced in a certain bad situations, and it's like CIS. What is it you're holding on to because without a complaining you're doing it sounds like your situation is horrible? Why are you still there? I don't understand women who are valuable and I'm talking about real about. You are not staying and dealing with weird things. I'M sorry it's just not the way it goes so so many women are in this situation, and this is a finesse of how men get you guys in these bad situations. Let me go ahead and tell y'all the Finesse. Okay, when we speak on the woman mirroring the man, okay, that's a very serious thing. When we speak on marrying a man, we mean that in more ways than once than one whenever you have a man that is attempting to have you, invest first or take the lead first. Normally, he is setting you up to get you in that place where you are so invested, where, regardless of what he does, you probably are still going to stick around now once they get you to that place. The next step is to convince you that if you leave, he will give someone else all the things that you want. Okay and women's Minds the moments you leave. He is going to just go out and find a wife after that and marry her and treat her right. That'S how some women truly feel - and the man purposely put you in that place, but let's just think for a second who are these women that are out here today? I thought of this term called an optional illusion. What that is, is it is the illusion of options. Okay, back in the day, if a woman slept with a man nine times out of the ten, it meant that she liked the man saw future with the man was with the man was married to the man in some type of way in 2022. That is not the case. A woman nowadays can give you her body. Slurp you from head to toe, be finished and still not have zero respect for you. You have not conquered this woman that you have not have marked your territory on this woman in any way, shape or form, see now we're in this weird place, where men think that, just because a woman sleep with him or even hang out with him a few Times does that means she wants to like sit down and be his loyal voting wife and that's not at all. What'S going on, you know, what's really going on out here, you know what what's really happening and before it ends with the Egyptians in the Moors. A long line of selling [ __ ]. First of all, I come from a long line of Tricks. It holds yes, what's the eyebrow thing, I come from a long line of hold, I'm not the first one, maybe in this generation, but it go all the way back to slavery. Time and before then, with the Egyptians in the Moors. A long line of selling [ __ ] y'all first one, maybe in this generation, but it go all the way back to slavery. Time and before then, with the Egyptians in the Moors, a long line of selling [ __ ] yeah. I come from a long line. Um yeah, okay, so yeah uh, yes, so yeah! Well, you know that is exactly what is going on. Okay, I'm gon na ask y'all this in the chat. How common is it now before? I ask this question? Let me say this: there are so many men who can get a woman in the bed, okay, get on the bed and get a woman to spend the night here and there hang out here and there. But you know what the real test of how a woman looks at a man and how a woman respects a man do y'all know what the real text is. I want to see if y'all can tell me in chat what is the real test? How does a man really know that he has you know one and conquered his territory in a woman? How do y'all? How does a man really tell because it is not because a woman gives you sex, it's not so. Can someone tell me how um someone said seeing her natural now these girls go gladly, let you see them in a bonnet with no makeup at Walmart. You know so I wouldn't say seeing her natural is too precious. Okay, I go out and see very natural things. Okay, pajamas bonnets, no makeup crusty lips um if she submits letting him lead respects her than him she spends her money brings him to her. Parents lets her guard down and submits loyalty and respect she wants to take care of him all these are great answers, but these are not the answers. The way that you truly tell how a woman feels about you is when she stops [ __ ], other [, __ ], only [, __ ] you and says no to every other man that tries to approach or get something from her from that point forward. That'S the way you tell boy the way these hoes are set up now and then Oh They'll, have you meet their mama? Have you meet your daddy and still be right doing what they want to do? Somehow you can sleep with the woman, but can you get her to stop [ __ ] other [ __ ]? Can you get her to not only stop [ __ ] other [ __ ], but to tell them no, when other men come and try to move in? Are they saying? No, so is that what's happening with women nowadays, ladies because what are y'all so afraid of what are you so afraid of? Are women in majority me man and thing and think so? Oh you drop. You are the women out here, meeting men and then being like? Oh I'm about to change my phone number. Oh, I am about to cut off every other man. They are done, I'm sending them all messages on calling coming on, don't say anything else to me blocked. I want to focus on you and only you baby and from that point forward everywhere she goes she's like I have a man, I'm in love with him. Don'T the answer is no forever do y'all think that's happening in majority. I want answers in the chat. Do y'all think that that is what's happening in majority and I I want y'all serious input on and I'm asking these questions to get us to a certain place. Okay, I would like to know is that what is happening? Okay, are men out here having to like swap the women off that are just begging, so for him to be the only man she's with and put all her eggs in his basket? Is that what they're doing foreign? Now I had a conversation in the patreon? A few days ago - and I said, let me tell you guys what happens when I have male coaching clients. Most of my clients are female. I have a few male clients, but all of the male clients - I would say 95 of them all come to me with the same problem. Do y'all know what the men come to me for. Okay, I have women come to me. So I'm talking about relationship stuff, sometimes it's about their own femininity. Sometimes it's an entrance strategy, an exit strategy, sometimes it's a whole lot of things that go on, but with the men in particular, there is always one thing in common that they come for. I want to see if y'all can stay in the chat. What what do y'all think that is when the men come over men come here. What do you think is the reason they come and I'm just curious to see your answers in the chat and I'll wait on that. Go on take a guess. Take a guess: hey malevolent elephant, hey Curtis Curtis say no, it's not happening in majority. This is the most prevalent hookup era ever period. Dare I say the women are worse than the men. Dare I say foreign? No, the men come because they try to get a [ __ ] back. That'S normally. Why? Normally, by the time the men come to me, they have really screwed up. They, they were able to come across a woman and her beauty and her femininity was loyal to him was had her eggs in his basket when men lose that. I wish you, ladies, could be a fly on the wall to see the the panicked state they're in okay. This is wigs alive part two y'all get ready, buckle your seat belts. Let me tell you guys what I see all the time. Okay, oh I've said this before I'm gon na, say this again all right and real, quick, real, quick shout out to the men one more time I have to shout y'all out again shout out to the Moon. That'S still my talking points and then turn around and get on your channel and say that I'm not listening to No Woman. Okay, we ain't listening to no women on anything shout out to y'all. That say that then Steal My Talking Points repackage it as your own and act like you. Don'T watch my channel. Hey boo, hey sis, so you know you men that do that. I want to say: hey sis, and I love you too all right and shout out to you, okay, you a special type of guy to do that. Um. But let me go ahead and finish my stream, so I can give you some more soccer points that you can repurpose as your own and tell your followers not to listen to women, okay, okay, who the shade honey! Thank you. So much for the Super Chat. Uh is it Elise? Thank you for this content today. I really appreciate it. You'Re welcome sister. Thank you. Thank you for the support who the shade Dolly I'm throwing into Chase, but shout out to you Negroes, I see you, you dog, you, oh you don't. I'Ve said this before a man in his entire life we'll get at Max on a on a his best day. If he got real good karma and the ancestors are really in his favor on his best day in his lifetime, he will get between one. No I'm lying, he will get between zero and three quality women who genuinely love him for him and where they take it very seriously to be with him. Only him be loyal, want to take care of him and fulfill that desire, as a woman it'll be between zero and three and why I say zero is because do you know how many men have never experienced that, and you know, what's even more ironic guess who's The main kind of man who have never experienced that guess who is the main demographic of men who have never in their lives, had the woman that they want. Oh good, let me go well. You don't have some men that have had their myras their myras going around, trying to lock him down, and he just is not feeling her. Do you know how common it is for a man to not ever in his life? Have not one woman that he prefers? Is attracted to once they have never experienced a woman that truly loved them want to be with them. Take care of them had eyes, for only them was a hundred percent. Faithful to them would never ever leave them would never do. You know how many men have never experienced that and it's the richest most handsome ones, it'd be the man that you think. Oh, my God, he is so handsome and successful he'd be the one that they've never in their life. Okay and it's American men Jamaican man, African man, it doesn't matter men in general, God does not send a man more than three women in his lifetime that are truly for him. So I'm going to show you, ladies. This is wigs and lions part two to give you all an inside look into what really goes on when you get tired of the BS and you leave, because women think that you get tired and the minute that you leave, that he rise off into the sunset With Princess charming and that's never listen to me, I have never seen it go down like that. Now, the only time I've seen it go down like that is, if it is the woman who is on the BS in the relationship and the man leaves, I have seen Brothers get blessed with the woman that they're supposed to be with and right off into that Sunset, but have I ever seen the man acting a fool and the woman leave and the man just rides off and finds a girl in his dreams? No, I have seen men cereal cheat on their women for years. Then, when the woman leaves the way he was exercising those options you would this is why do women think he'll be married and happy and moved on right after she leaves because in your mind, you're like I know clear, because I tell you all the time if A man is not spending all of his free time with you, because men don't have much free time, men that are actually working and accomplishing things. They usually have a set period of time throughout their week. That is, for you know, uh hanging out having fun most men worth two pennies rubbed together have very strict time schedules. So I've been told you, ladies, if you are not spending more than 80 percent of his free time with him, trust and believe he's spending it with someone else. Men are not designed to be alone; they are designed to have feminine violence. Companionship, if your man is, has his free time or the guy you're seeing has his free time and you are not getting majority of it you're, just not the girl, because I guarantee you that if he is busting his ass working when he does have a nice Friday night off a nice Sunday off he's not spending it alone, knitting sweaters, all right, so so many women, you know they might see the man exercising options and it makes the woman. I just had a conversation with a sister like this the other day and she was internalizing him exercising those options, and I said my dear let's, let's think about this, for a second, do you know how many women I have seen be with a man. The man is out here, Wilding, okay, with this girl that girl, then, when the woman leaves not one not one of the women, that he was running around with it's ready to throw the towel and sit down, shut up and be his woman and take care of Him so let me go ahead and tell y'all how this looks because a lot of y'all don't see this. I see it because I do it for a living, but most women don't see this okay. Let me tell you the stages of when a man realizes that all there is is wigs and lies out there, because it is an ugly turn of events. If you have never seen a man go through the stress of realizing that and coming to terms that [ __ ] ain't, [, __ ], and that there's only wigs and lies out here, it is scary, not gon na hold you it's scary, it's like woo! That is not cute when the woman first leaves okay, he is happy. I'M not gon na lie to y'all when y'all get tired and you first leave. He is glad he is like I'm free. He [ __ ], hella [, __ ]. He gon na go out and spin the block with every any piece of puss that he said no to he going back and getting it any woman that breathed in his Direction he giving it to him. He is going to pour himself out for about four to six weeks. Okay, it's gon na be about four to six weeks, if you're, if you were with him for a long time, okay, I'm sorry, it's gon na be four to six weeks. If you, if your relationship was like, maybe under a year or two okay, now, if you have children, if you are married, if it is a long-term relationship that times shortened to between one to four weeks, okay, if she don't packed up, took his kids out the House she gone she over it, she's not answering the calls you got about two weeks. He got about two weeks before he'd, be like fine, I'm glad you gone. I got no kids here. He got about two weeks before he starts to lose his [ __, ] and panic. Now, after okay, after his horror phase after he goes and sleeps with all the women that he didn't sleep with before, because he was with you after he goes and he's going on vacations going to the club doing what he want to do with this girl. Now, after because remember when a man's in a relationship, the streets look fun when a man already has the woman, that's his that belongs to him, holding him down and he in the streets. It'S it's recreational. You don't really depend on these hoes for your well-being, your balance as a man, you just having fun and you're going home to the woman really holding it down, but boy, a man in the streets that does not have that Hometown anchor, oh foreign, because they lie About certain [ __, ], okay, no matter what a man says, it is a slow and steady attack on a man's manhood spirit and soul. Every time a man has intercourse with a woman and after he ejaculates and he looks over at her and knows that that was simply just his turn. It doesn't belong to him when, after he busts that nut and looks at her and knows that tomorrow, there'll be another [ __ ] in it that chips away at his morality, chips away at his soul. Every time. Every time a man enters into a woman that he got ta share a small piece of his soul depletes. Why do we see so many instances where men cheat instead of being single? We talked about this in the last stream and I said because the man's desire to obtain a woman and a womb that is just for him will always Trump the desire to have multiple women that he will have to share. Listen to what I'm saying, I'm gon na say that one more time this is very important. The man's men will tell you: why does my pillow keep falling? I'M upset Jesus. You know what I'm saying trying to support my back and pillow just keep leaving me like what the hell all right. Listen a lot of men cheat instead of being single because their Instinct and desire to have a woman that is just for him, always trumps. His desire to have intercourse with multiple women that do not belong to him a man's nature. Men will tell you it's their nature to need variety and their nature to be polygamous. No, it's not. Let'S start there all right. If monogamy was not a thing, then a good 90 of men would be screwed. Okay, we'll talk about another on another day of how and why Man created monogamy and why monogamy benefits men, not women, okay and we'll talk about that another day, because ladies we've been sold this story that it is us who requested monogamy and we never did okay, But the point being is that it is not optional for a man to be able to say this is my woman. Her womb is mine is for me. I know it is not penetrable. I have male clients who are tall, fine, got money handsome and they want to settle down and they can't. You know why you know what they say. I want to see in the chat. If y'all can tell me why a tall handsome man with money would not be settling down, but he desires to, I want to see if y'all could tell me in a chat. What do you think the answer is a man. You know young handsome doing his thing, but he is not he's just not he's not dubbing a woman like this, my woman, I'm gon na go ahead. Why are they not doing that? Okay, let's see, let's see in the chat Kayla says I feel men are more monogamous than women. You are correct. That is so true. I can't wait for us to have that conversation, but boy. When we have that conversation. When I tell y'all I might get hate mail, the men are going to hate me after that video. I'M telling you all right now ask me: do I care nope? I'Ve never cared because boy. That'S gon na hurt some feelings. When we do the video about monogamy. It'S going to brew some ego, ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, OT Henderson got it first, Trust Trust. This is why I say: honey um. You got between zero and three. If you as a man, have had three women that you could trust that really just loved your dirty draws, that would do anything for you was rocking with you. If you've had more than three women do that I'm gon na keep it real with you baby, you not getting another one and that be the that'd, be the worst ones the man who won his third strike and messed up because deep in his fear, he knows It'S never happening. Okay, yes, ding ding, ding, ding, ding, truth and lies. Truth in life said. I think women in 2022 are not monogamous. They are behaving like men in the past. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh and they'll tell you. Let me show y'all this. They don't see what we put across is they do not care? What we better realize is they could care less. I'M gon na show y'all women and 2022. monogamy definitely is not on the radar. A lot of women are like. No. You know these. These men out here are talking about how, oh, my God, we're not meant to be one woman. A lot of women are like okay watch this okay women over here. Like this, you know, and the more women a man has is the more money that he has to pay out and now the women are like the more men. I have the more money I get. Okay, we're in a dangerous place. Right now, boy. We are on dangerous, I'm not going to show This Woman's picture, but I'm just gon na play an audio for you. You guys just waiting for this advertisement to go. I'M gon na play. So you know you have men who are very much so I'm talking about very much so successful and everything have tons of women around. But that's when I told y'all, it's called an optional illusion and it's called the illusions of options that are not really there. Okay, I'm just loving this flower. In my hair, like to me I'm giving like what's the ladies in Spain we're the ladies in Spain they were the the ruffle skirts and the red flower and their hair. What I don't know what they're called, but I feel like. That'S what I'm giving I feel like I'm giving very much so that and I'm I'm low-key, I'm kind of here for it. Let me see if I can share this without. I don't know. If I can share this without the picture. Hmm, damn I don't think I can I'm not going to show the video, because this did not ask to be on their stream like that, a flamenco flamingo dancer. That is, I I'm giving very much so flamenco dancer. What'S that one emoji! That'S like this! The one girl that's like I thought, that's what I'm giving I'm not gon na play the video, but basically in the video Shawty, is like oh Baby, that loyalty stuff over it's over with baby. It ain't happening on any circumstance. We don't care about. None of that. That'S what's out there waiting for them. Okay, so let me tell you all the stages, so the first four to six weeks he's pouring himself out he talking to every single woman. He is living his best. Damn life he's so happy, you gone and he doing his thing because when he was with you, he looked at you as the hindrance behind why he could not be with these optional Illusions. He sees all these women around him, giving him access to their body. You know their time. You know women love a man that has a woman, so the women may even push up on him harder because of who this woman is. This happens all the time. So what happens? Is the man is over here? Thinking? Oh okay, I got these options, he might even start resenting you as the woman. This is when women begin to internalize things and cry and feel like. Why doesn't he see my value? Why doesn't he see my value? Why is he not wanting to return how I feel about him? Why and I hate that for ladies who spend time on that, because what you should be spending time on is packing your stuff there's a reason why, when we talk, I say, ladies keep yourself in shape, keep your edges. Wear your real hair always be doing the work on yourself. You should be so focused on doing the work on yourself. You should really not even have time to focus too much on someone else's paper. Okay, who is arguing in the chat? Are you arguing in the chat who knows what are y'all arguing about sorry y'all? I got this headband on and it feels too tight. It'S hurting my hair, I'm trying to catch up on the chat and see what is your arguing about? Oh, my God, I just saw the funniest funniest comment hold on. Let me find that again hold on somebody said. Hi fam says after my last relationship I 304 for six months only stopped cause a one-night stand took my car. She brought it back, but she took it before I woke up. Oh no, I'm curious, like you know, what did you do what like, when you woke up and saw that your car was gone? What did you do like now we're investing like you can't just say that you can't just say that, and you don't like explain to us like. I want to know what happened next, so you woke up your car was gone. What did you do? What did you do? Oh my God, for the first four to six weeks, he's you know in the club. He hung himself out in his mind. You were holding him back all these other women want him one, a piece of him he's so glad that you gone now. He can go ahead and do what he want to do. Okay, that goes on for again between four to six weeks and then for some reason. I don't know why this happens. I don't know if it's because of like an over exertion of energy in the beginning, but this weird thing happens where, after the four to six weeks, his rotation just depletes. It'S so weird, like the first four to six weeks, he's hanging out with women every night. He'S getting he's a night, never go by where he don't have a problem getting some from somebody and then for some reason. By the sixth week, all the women just slowly fall off. It'S so weird they hit. I call it the dead spot. Okay, they go so hard when you first leave doing the most and then after bullet hit a dead spot and when they hit this dead spot, when all the options that they thought were there or not, and he realizes that all there is out there is wigs And lines when he continues to share coochie, I told y'all boy every time a man bust that Anne and he know that there'll be somebody else. In the next day that break a man down, I've been told y'all we as women, we hold the morality of a people, it's very difficult for a man to be able to perceive the reality of a person bigger than the morality of his mother and the women. He sleeps with so when he sleep with that woman knowing that ill. She just let me in there and I know damn what I'm wrong. Somebody else gon na have it no matter what the man says it act, that is how a woman imprints the man him seeing her be able to so freely just give her body into Knowing damn well somebody else getting it 25, like it, ain't nothing that messes With him in his head, especially when we have women nowadays, who are very honest, like they'll, tell you they're like yeah, I'm a hoe. You like excuse me, look at the girl. We saw just on the tick tock. She like hotels, they don't care Okay, so when he sees yeah 304 is home because when you type it like, I learned this so now I wanna you like, when you type 304 on a calculator and flip it upside down, it says help. I learned that, and I was like I didn't know what why I said three or four um so six weeks dead spot hits. Let me tell you what else happens. Then pockets start running low. Okay, I've been told y'all, a man can do whatever he can afford to do pretty much and I mean easily afford. I don't mean scrimp and rub two pennies together to afford. I'M talking about what a man can easily afford. A man can have whatever it is. He worked for and earns that is his right as a man, ladies, but the reality is most men are not breaded like that. So do you know what happens after six weeks of Being for the streets? They very quickly begin to be like whoa, whoa whoa. I'M spending a lot of money here. Okay, I told y'all, especially in Atlanta. Let me tell you about the women in Atlanta. Okay, if you think that you get some free punani from women in Atlanta, you crazy. If you want some from a woman in Atlanta, you're gon na have to buy her some coffee, Migos, lemon pepper and hookah, let me say that again you have some women in Atlanta that charge like a dollar amount. Then you got some that make you pay in lemon pepper, either way you paying for something women in Atlanta. If you want to get some, you got to take them out to get a hookah. First of all, when you go get the hookah that hookah about fifty dollars, okay, then she gon na want some cos Amigos. I'M giving y'all fellas the game low-key on the Atlanta chick starter kit, if y'all trying to take you one home. This is how you do it hookah bye for down for the hookah Casa Migos. The Way Atlanta is set up, they be charging 20 30 a drink out here. I don't know what kind of crack they on, but they do. She gon na get three to four drinks at Casa. Migos, the waitress gon na come back to the table the way she's, gon na say another round. She gon na be still drinking the First costume because be like bring another one. This you, when she keep ordering [ __ ] you over here like this foreign you're over here, like you, want another one. Now, she's gon na drink, two cups Amigos that's 60 dollars and that's without you getting a drink cause you're gon na want something to drink too. Okay, so because of me, go Don Julio thirty dollars a pop, the men are laughing because they know this is true notice how the men are laughing y'all they laughing because they're like damn. This happened to me. They gon na come to the table. You want a hookah she's, saying yes to everything. You want a hookah yeah. He like damn they're, like you want a hookah. He like no, we good. She like yeah, Watermelon Man, [ __, ], love, watermelon, mint, flavor, okay, oh she ordering that hookah fifty dollars and the whole night she giving you the Ike Turner. Look if you even think about having issue with what she ordered she's looking at you like, because she know what you want at the end of this day. So when she say the waitress say, y'all wan na hook up and you'll be like no. No, no and she'd be like you better change your mind, real quick. You know what yeah yeah bring it hooker here. Go here, go the [ __ ] for the hookah hookah. Would you like to know who the [ __ ], like? Oh, we cool the the female is like yeah. I do right he's like the [ __ ], be like yeah, go ahead and bring your watermelon mint flavor yeah go ahead and bring her yeah. This is what it looks like. Okay, then the waitress says: what do you want to drink? She say: casa, Migos, oh [, __, ], 20 to 30 bucks a drink. She finished the casa Amigos here, go the waitress. You want another one, the [ __ ] over here, like you, ain't feeling that one you might want to slow down. You know you want another one. Already. I got a strong tolerance, you double the whole time he liked it foreign waitress again. We all like anything to eat he like, oh, no, we we good, we she's like I'm hungry yeah. So let me get the oysters. The 12 count with the cheese on top and let me get 20 lemon, pepper wings. All Flats with a ranch and she's like is that all and then she's like she drinking her costume, Migos she'd, be like you know what you right. Let me get some fries too. Oh, add cheese over here. It'S like it's like here, go the [ __ ]. Every time she order, oh I'm crazy here, go the [ __ ]. Every time she order uh something else order. A new big, the [ __ ] is like it's just like a dagger. Oh okay, oh [, __ ]. Now this is when it really go left here. I want to go left so now: she's slurping the rest of her casamigo finishing her lemon pepper win. That was good here, go to waitress again we tired of this waitress by now. At this point, the waitress is the Ops at this point, like is the waitress in cahoots with her, but why you keep asking? Do we want more stuff now here she go finishing off um finishing this um finish her lemon pepper, he'll go to waitress y'all want dessert, you don't came too far. Now my [ __ ], you you [ __, ], Colby and Shaq in the fourth quarter, 10 seconds on the clock, it's too late that did get something on my dress. Oh no! I'M like rubbing my titties on camera. This don't look too good! So then, as she's finishing up her lemon pepper and she liked it here, go to goddamn waitress one more time you guys, like dessert, you're gon na make a heart pumping boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. All you see is this 18 dollar piece of cake, this big with a half scoop of ice cream for [ __, ] 19. So now the [ __ ], like anyway, she was like you won dessert yeah. I just want to share it, bring two spoons and you know what you know: what moranda cost Amigos. Oh boy, it's fun! That'S the final dagger in the man heart finish him! Then! Oh I'm not done! This is what this is. What [, __ ] are going through when y'all swear that he went and found better? This is what they're really going through when y'all swear that he is just living his best life, since you left, when all you, women are scared to leave. So you just stay and be bitter and let a man just sit and ruin your self-worth. This is what is really going on. Meanwhile, you think he out here with Princess, Charming catering to his every needs. This is what is really happening, foreign. So now she finishes her last costume Migos. She finishes her Brownie and ice cream. Now the bill comes again. I don't know where y'all is and what a night out with hookah and lemon pepper and dessert and cause Amigos, call Shaw, but here go the bill and the bill is 225 dollars and they already put 20 gratuity in it. Yeah, so here goes here: go the [ __ ], giving the card who's. This here go the waitress, petty ass. The waitress puts the book on the table. Here you go. Here'S your check here go the [ __ ], opening the check all of a sudden when [ __ ] open the check his neck go away. That is how [ __ ] look at it. His neck disappeared. When he looked at the check. He got a [ __ ], giving his car and he looking at her like [ __ ], your [ __ ], better be good. He over here, giving it here's him giving away to the card. This [ __ ], better suck, my dick through a straw. Now his expectations he's pissed. Now his expectations are super hot. It'S been is better. You can suck me today, so he gives the card he damn you're. Thinking about disputing that charge the next day, then he brings her home to his place. Okay, I am dying y'all. This is how I really goes: I'm not kidding for real, like it's funny, but for real, so he gets her home okay, she turned up from the costume Migos, with her fashion Nova outfit on okay, with her 28 inch lace wig when they like what lace and He looking at her all night like that Nate that lace, okay, so if you're ever in her lace, wig and her caterpillar eyelashes and her claws and then they get to the bedroom he's like you know now you got to go through this awkward situation of like So how do I go ahead and get this thing started so now here go the [, __ ] doing his starter. Kit of you want a massage okay. So now he's like super invested by this point, because, oh my God, I don't took on a debate. It'S 200 something dollars so now you're, not his woman. He don't really know respect. So when y'all get back home, he like you, want a massage okay. So then he's like, I don't know why you got all them clothes on, like you just spent 225 on this [ __ ], with costumes and lemon pepper and now you're, trying to like ease your way into like you know, sex happening. So now he's like you want a massage laughs. The ladies are laughing because honey, you know that's what they gon na say you wan na assume. Okay! So now she over there like what you just saying that, because you might be trying to get you some, that he got to go through all the Motions be like. No, I'm not man come on. Let'S make it feel good you're, a massage like okay, so she take, you know, take everything off she lay down now. That'S him! Massaging this him massaging her okay, she laying down she got back knee. She got bumps on her back. You know what I'm saying she got blackheads and now he looking at her back like oh, she don't even look like she washed her back, so he just massaging her and he just like oh bother me. How long do I got ta do this before the [ __ ] get horny and she ready so he lying you know, so he massaging her back. Knee he's massaging her back pain, written back foreign, do not tell the rest of the story before I tell it, and why is this so funny that we all know that this is true. General already knows How It Ends yo. This is crazy. I told you y'all, think I'll be making this [ __ ] up. I have spent so much time working around man honey. I have heard the stories y'all laughing. I am not kidding. This is the part we don't see. Ladies, all, we see, is he fun a bit? We don't even see all that went behind it. Gerald do not tell the rest of my story. Please yeah, I cannot breathe. I can't believe, oh my God, so here he is massaging her. He don't really care. He just trying to figure out - oh my God, how can I get her out of this phone without a Feeling, so he took convince her he's doing a massage she got back needs she got blackheads on the back, he's slowly. Looking at her, you know what I'm saying he massaging her now he's looking at the back of her head and he can see a little net part in her wig. She got a little bald spot in the wig. He did himself what happened to her wig right. There he just seeing all the flaws in her, but by this time, Big Horn, so he's like oh well, too late, you know so and finally, you know now it's time to insinuate. You know what I'm saying now. You know what I mean now here go to awkward. Now he gets up now he gets up. You know cause he's sitting on your booty. Give me the massage. Now we get up now he like 225, I caught some Migos so now here now we come from behind you from giving a massage. So now you got ta come in her face and kind of be like laughs. So now he's just you know casually like whistling like you know, because it ain't so big. You can't really be like you know. Your man couldn't be like something that you like. Okay, but you know if it ain't. You can't really do that. So now he's [ __ ] whistling like your face like so now. She like here go the lies. We see the wigs now here goes the lies. She acting all shy like a little bit. I ain't doing that. You ain't got it like that. Now you got ta get a push back now you got to get the push back and now you got to be lying baby come on. Is she like to stop you lying man? Come on? You know he like man, stop playing? No, so he like girl. You come on girl, you make me feel Goofy, so she's like fine, after all, good, she gets. She takes it and starts doing it like this, like she's drinking water, for real, like she's, like she like, and now he's like this hahaha when he was you, he had got three thousand. You know what I'm saying. Let me introduce you that little dangly thing in the mega - oh now she over here she over here like he like so now he's like you know what let me just get the okay. Let me just get the [ __ ]. So then the girl opens up and she got a little rolly ball of toilet paper in between her [ __ ] and her lip. It'S like stuck between there. She opens up, and you see there is a little crumbly piece of hookah lounge toilet back toilet paper from the bathroom. It'S hookah lounge bathroom toilet paper, little bottle of toilet paper on her right lip right in between and he like, but by this time he, like you, know what. Actually I don't came this far. I am going all the way all right, so he gets a little closer. She picks it up a little closer. You know, then he got to put a condom on you know when you, but you had to wear no conducted through that thing. Now he angry boy. The worst feeling in the world is for a man to be in a relationship for a long time, then he's single and he [ __ ] a [ __ ] that he know ain't [, __ ] and he got ta put on a condom. Oh, my God, foreign just feels like a Walmart bag. If you ain't wore one in so long, so he is just disgusted having to put this condom on then the icing on the cake. Okay, he puts his condom wrapped penis and begins to bring it that way. When all of a sudden foreign, the smell of another man's condom, smells like 24 hour latex 24 hour old, latex and Magnum juice has been sitting in your [ __ ] from yesterday, because you know a lot of times when a man when you smell down there, The man smell another man, so now he smells Magnum residue, that's been left over. Then he start to smell the lemon pepper wings. Damn she was sweating because that cost Amigos made her hot. So it just smells like sweat, Magnum latex residue and lemon pepper. Okay. So then they fight through it and they're like for the whole time. They'Re like this. Just no he's like she like. What'S wrong, you got allergies. You know yeah turn back around. He liked it. What went wrong with you? No money, you hot you went, you turn just turn back around shut the [ __ ] up, so he's like shut up now now he's at that home stretch. Now he's like okay, let me just so Danny has his moment where he and then after he hooked. He falls back down on the bed stares at the ceiling and thinks I got ta get my [ __ ] back y'all want my battery don't die, I just switch out the battery y'all are crying after. He did all of that y'all. The video will be coming back in a second after he did all of that. He bust one stares at the ceiling and his thought to himself is F. This I got ta get my girl back but see. Okay in the beginning, the man is turned up. Okay, it is for Real. I really don't even know why I'm like this. I should so sorry I'm trying to get this battery back on so now. The the problem is this: in the beginning, the man is turned up. You know he's slaying, hella chicks, he's living his best life and the woman we at home crying sad. They on a consult with me see the woman, the one the woman gets the consult when she begins to feel the man. The woman gets the console in a preventative measure. Maybe when she kind of feels that the man is kind of you know, can you not? Can you not man? Mommy yeah come here? Mommy man, hey man, hey mommy baby. What are you doing come say hi. I love my baby say: hey to everybody man. Why are you so hyper? Okay, y'all he's too turned up all right he's so lit oh y'all! Oh please get him. A toy get out here Grown Folk conversation going on going on now the Grown Folk conversation going on now. This ain't for you budget all right cause bye all right, all right, bro! Oh Lord y'all! I don't got the stuff from this. I don't got dog hair. All over me, I think I heard a cash app come through. What was that about to do um? Thank you for the uh cash app uh Natalie. It'S about. I love you girl. I love you too, sis. You know so initially the man is out. You know doing what he do. The woman is at home, sad she on a session. She crying ice cream. Where did I go wrong? I need to heal, oh my God, so now this is where it gets. Someone say the dog looked like his blind date. Last Friday, stop it stop, so this is where it begins to get interesting. The main thing I tell the guys that come to me about their woman is I'm like the worst thing you can do is let too much time go by. This is where a lot of men go wrong. They get caught up in that six week. Whole phase, but by six weeks, is when the man missed the woman and by six weeks, is when the woman is over the man. The woman has come to peace with what happened she realizes. You know what what I wanted. It was just never gon na happen. She gets at peace with it. She ready to move on. So this is where it gets interesting. Okay, the woman realizes that she didn't lose anything. What did you lose? Someone who wasn't committed to you, someone who wasn't sure about you, someone who bred crumb juice, someone who cheated on you, someone who lied to you? What did you lose, so the woman realizes that she lost nothing, the man realizes, he lost everything, and this is when it's just it's not cute. Okay, now someone say: where is Jeffrey Dahmer when you need him, what whoa that got dark real, fast? Okay, so for most, ladies hey, you know that was a funny story, but I really had to go into that detail with you, because there are so many women who want their value to be monetary, want their value to be their career, want their value to be

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Paul Young: I was taught you can tell how much someone loves you by how long it takes for them to get over you if they love you they never really get over you (like losing someone to death or transitioning you never really stop loving them even though you move on ) sleeping around is just a weak attempt to mask the pain or emotionally and mentally medicate ... Me personally I believe in the law of equivalent exchange and that's the energy I've moved in since I learned that principal as a child

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