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  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous


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Hey guys, this is Grandma Zante and I'm back with another video and if you guys are interested in getting this look, definitely stay tuned. We did my ball cap method, so now I'm just going to go ahead and apply the wig. This wig is like a Balayage wig. It is from Mega look, so I'm extremely excited about it, because um number one I just like the coloring of it and number two, because this wig actually came a lot more honey Brown. So I just want to tell you guys the details first off um. This is a 26 inch, it says pre-plucked, but it's not as pre-plugged I had to um actually pluck it to my liking. Y'All know I plug I like over, pluck and all that kind of stuff and then basically yeah it's 26 inches. I got 200 density, which is really good using the little band. Okay, I'm gon na use the band today. This is cute. I actually like this man. Oh wow, okay, yeah, it's got a cute little elastic brand, really pretty and it looks like it's reversible, possibly so you know so now, I'm actually gon na go in and take the wig and spray it with my leg spray. Also you guys have to. Let me know if you want an updated wig routine, because I definitely can do that. I just need to know if y'all want it and then I'll just do a little bit and then exciting enough exciting enough today, I want to do um layers. So that's why? I'M in the bathroom with it, because I'm like how I don't want to dial on my carpet. So that's why we're over here. So, as you guys see, I just coated the wig so to be prepped for my head and now I'm actually going to place it on my hand, to make sure everything is lining up correctly, looks good to me and get to the applying process. So I've already did one layer now, I'm gon na do a second layer and then with this second layer, this is the layer I'm actually going to use to uh. Here I hate when I have like straight hairs on me: I'm gon na take my comb and do this, but yeah I'm gon na follow this for YouTube. I'Ve seen I just seen this video on how to cut layers so we're gon na see. If I can actually follow it once it starts looking like it's a little clear halfway, tacky, that's what I'm gon na go ahead and attack it on I'm going to tack it onto my hair um. So I wanted to do like some water like basically, I wanted to do some curls, but I wanted them to be like a little longer and I also wanted to have the layers in it because you know layers is also going to make a wig look a Lot more better and y'all know I am just well I've been applying my wigs by myself lately and I've been so happy about the turnout because they just been looking so good. So you know your girl is here for it and then I'm going to just pull the wig over my where I feel like it should be edit. I'M going to make sure I use my brush while I'm doing it or do I have a comb honestly. Anything will work so with me today we're going to use a brush, but actually I'm gon na pull this back in a banana clip that is here and then I'm gon na just let it sit for a minute okay. So I'm about to pull this off now, I feel like. It should look perfectly fine, though girl. I think this plot, though so yeah looking at it. It looks really good so now I just want to go through with my scissors and like just cut this off. So the video I was watching was Simone Cherise and basically she took her hair. She said: go to the end of your part. Let me brush it out brush it out now with this, it actually has a really long parting. You guys can see. I went from the middle part to my eyebrows if you guys are curious, so see how I went from the middle of my part to my eyebrows. Let me do this straight on. That'S where I went with this and then basically, I'm gon na take it and put it period, and then I'm next gon na take my next portion right here. I'M going to just now just throwing about your I'm basically going to take this one you're, not as much I mean this would be really my first time actually doing um layers, and I meant to do them because normally you know how layers be if you like, Girl, I can throw some little layers up in here and grow. It don't look like nobody layer, okay, so I know I didn't explain this part in much detail, as I probably should have been, but I literally just went from the part in the middle of my head, took some pieces and brought it forward and then I just As I'm going down the back just putting a little bit in a rubber band and then doing the next one until it's in a rubber band and then I'm making it a little bit lower the rubber band in the front each time that way, it's kind of Like it's stacked in a sense, if you can understand that um but yeah, if you just kind of mimic, it isn't really too much detail, I just recommend not putting too much hair in the rubber band, so just kind of do a good amount or a good Size, like you, see how I did it, but not too much and definitely not too little but the less hair in it. It might be a little bit easier to blend, but you don't want to put like choppy choppy choppy, so just a good amount of hair. Just gauge it so with this one I'm actually going to take it, I want to take it a little bit longer, though, to be honest, put it right here, it's going to go! Okay! So the way I seen her do it in the video was she kind of grabbed the hair and put it between two fingers and then she kind of Twisted it um using the other hand and then kind of flipped it one more time, and with doing this, I noticed that when you spread the hair out between the two fingers um a little bit between you know the top and bottom, it makes it a lot more easier to cut, and it also makes it not so blunt and it's just not that much hair, because When you twist it originally, it could be like all bunched together, really tight. If that makes sense, and then it would be like you're cutting it really like blunt, but when you spread it out, that's why you guys see me keep spreading it. It made it a lot more easier, so this definitely worked and I will link Simone's video down below because it definitely helped me out a lot um but yeah. And then, after that, shout that's when we get into it and now I just want to go through and just kind of cut some off. I don't know I feel like it's hoping my layering process, so I am adding an extra step onto what she did. But if you had like a razor comb, this would be so much more easier. Okay, so now with this portion, I'm just going through and I'm blending it now in the front. I did this method, so I could have each stack layer, kind of blend and flow together. That'S why you don't see it as choppy in the front anymore and in the back I felt like it wasn't enough layers for me, so I just kind of took some hair and then just started razoring it down. If you had a razor, it would be a lot more easier to blend, but I was just using the scissors - and you know I'm new at this. So if you're, a hair, stylist girl get off my back because I'm just trying something, but it did actually end up turning out really really cute. And then this is just me: curling the hair and I'm pretty much just going to curl it. Let it come down. Hold the curl until it cools down a little bit and then I just went ahead and pinned it um. You know with this. It did look really cute for the time being, but I noticed the longer you let your curls set the curlier. They are and honestly the better they look. So you know I did this method, I think the next day and I let the curl stand for maybe like that whole day. So, the next day, when I took them down, they were so pretty and flowy and luxurious. Awesome I'll put a picture right here: um, but yeah they turned out so nice, like I love the curls. Ultimately, so I definitely recommend this, but this is just a basic curling tutorial. It'S not much, but you y'all know you know get into the vibe okay, honey. Now what I am going to do before I really get into it. I got ta turn this light back on. I can't see the reason I keep turning the light on and off because it get hot here, but before I really get into it, I got to do my baby hair. So I put this amount of baby hair out. I'M actually going to do take off a little bit more okay, and then I took this amount of baby hair out over here and I'm really okay and I'm going to twist it back and that's curly over there. Now, with my baby hair brush hairspray on this and then what I'm going to do is use it. As my guide is okay, hmm and then I want to use the same amount over here. Most time I would use God to be, but for the sake of not wanting to really get up again, I'm going to use this Hairspray put this back on my baby hairs and then I'm gon na use my big powder brush and, like I said with these, I didn't really want them to be tight. I just did them tight, because I feel like that's what was going to give me the best results in the long run. Okay, foreign, oh y'all, see that I'm gon na put a little spray on it. I love them. I just want to bump these little ones right here then, once I bump them, the edges is down it's giving very natural teas. Let me show y'all up close. I really like this install okay. Next, I'm just gon na go through take out these two little clips. That was the only thing that was like. Remember, I told you I wanted to do a little more of so voila, so shout out to my girl, Simone Charisse cause the method worked, and I guess me doing a little bit of extra spotting. I worked did work too because I was like. Is this gon na work when I was doing it, but it did so here he is y'all. Uh turned out so good. I just want to spray okay, okay, so yeah. I will see you guys in my next one, but thank you definitely check out Mega. Look in the bio for all the details on hair of this particular wig. Oh, it's turned out so good turned out so good, so last night pretty much uh. Well, yesterday, I pretty much did my hair, I cut the layers and then I curled it so today I just wanted to go through and like actually pull the rollers out and show you guys me pulling the roses out. So y'all can see that Vibe um yeah. So that's all I'm pretty much doing right now, so I am gon na do like a little fast forwarding of this and then yeah we'll be right into it. Nothing too about to do it. Pool foreign, I'm not gon na lie. This hair coloring sometimes makes me feel like, is it still flattering or does it look a little crazy when it's a little brushed out, but I think it should be. It'S really pretty still. Nonetheless, and when I say I got so many compliments when I post it on my Instagram or I don't know if I should weigh it down more for what it is, but these are some big voluminous curls. Let me see, I would put technically really some of it in the bag and then I would like to brush my hair over, but this is my look so yeah. This is how my hair ended up. Turning out with me cutting layers in it, and I feel, like the layers, definitely give it a lot more dimension and they make the hair just make a lot more sense with the curls, and I feel, like my curls, just fall a lot more prettier. So, okay yeah, I'm gon na put these big rocks in because they get my house white vibes period, y'all, I'm doing a perfume haul today too so period. Thank you so much you guys for tuning in. Let me know what you think about it comment below, and I will see you guys in my next video see ya.

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