Bed Head Hold Spray Wig Install // Is It Better Than Got 2 B Spray?

  • Posted on 22 September, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

hey ladies, in this video I am reviewing the Bed Head Hard Head Hold Spray on my lace frontal wig. If you want to see my first impression then keep on watching. Meet me in the comments to know how this spray held up! As always, links to everything said in the video are down below! xx


flat iron: Deeper Than Hair TV (sold out)

elastic band:

root touch up blending gel:



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This stuff bed head - hey, guys, welcome back to my channel and if you're new here welcome in today's video i'm going to be talking about the bed head hard head, hairspray extreme hold, i'm gon na, be giving you guys my honest thoughts and opinion on this. I'M gon na be installing my wig with it and i'm gon na be showing you guys the process behind it, but before we get into it subscribe to my channel, like the video. If you want but subscribe to my channel, says your hair and yeah. Let'S get into the video okay, so first things: first, i'm going to use my foundation and put it all over my wig cap wow. I look like a halloween character, but it's okay, we're gon na fix it so yeah. This is a lace wig. This is a lace, bop wig, i don't know if you can tell, but i have a bald spot right here. I was plucking a little bit too much, but it's okay, i'm gon na try to fix that. With this thing i have if it works, you see that wow. That is shameful. That is so shameful. Okay, okay, all right! So for this install i'm gon na be using the bed head hairspray. I don't know why. I have two so pretty much. I went to target to get this size right, but they didn't have it so i ended up getting the bigger size because they had it in stock. Then today i went to a different target and i saw they had this one in stock. So i bought this one, but now i'm realizing um. I shouldn't have done that because this one is twenty dollars for 11.7 ounces. This one is eight bucks for three ounces, so i mean you could do the ratios in your head, but this is a better deal in my opinion, but i got this because i'm like well, i don't know if i'll, even like it like what, if i don't Like hair, like i said, i'm going to be installing my wig with the bed head extreme holding spray. I heard a lot of the good things about this. I heard it has like better hold than got to be so we going to see we gon na see if i can just open the bottle. Geez. Okay, um, i don't know i've seen people spray it directly on the lace. I kind of don't want to do that because, as you can see like it's so delicate this area right here, this patch is really delicate, like it there's like two strands hanging on, so i don't know if i wanna, you know what whatever? Who cares? I'M just gon na spray directly on the lace yeah. Oh it's cold! This is really cool. Okay, okay, that wasn't i'm gon na spray. It again just for, like a second later see how that looks: okay, um so far, so good. What y'all think so far so good, okay, i'm gon na, do the sides now um and i'll come back when i'm done so. I just finished one side and i got first of all. I got ta say that was really quick like really quick and it wow it is stuck y'all way. Okay, i think i put too much on right here, as always, but y'all look at that, it looks really good just in case you're, like a small person. This smells like berries, not that it matters to me. So it's a nice polite smell, okay, so nah, oh, my god, this stuff bed head yo. This is, i don't even have the words to speak like this is so. First of all, this was so quick. This was so quick. It was so easy, like, oh my gosh, okay, so first of all 10 out of 10. ciao, what the hell bad head: okay, okay, okay! So i'm going to finish off with the rest of my hair um, i'm going to try to do something about this balls balokai. So that's pretty much it for the look, my honest thoughts and opinions on this. I love it. Oh my god! This is amazing. I'M definitely keeping the bigger bottle and returning the smaller one, because this was definitely more for your money and it works. It'S amazing like i would like try to pull off the wig, but i don't want to mess up this style. I don't want to mess up the style so, but no this is stuck like this is really. I don't think it's going anywhere, do not walk. Do not crawl go run and go get you this. I got this from again. I got this from target. Go get it before it sells out, because it's because it's trending right now on tick tock, so go get you some the hold. Is there. I love it. It'S definitely about to replace my ghost bond. It'S definitely about to replace my ghost bond, my god, to be or everything because this is it and i'm thoroughly shocked. Okay, so yeah, that is my honest thoughts and opinions yeah. This is number one like this. This is number one and i tried a lot of glues and sprays before this is definitely top two and it ain't too, but no, yes, so that is all for this video. I hope you enjoyed give this video a thumbs up. Let me know what you think: if you buy it and subscribe to my channel wait. I also use the clairol root tip the root tip thing for the ball spot. I don't know. I try, but yeah i'll see you guys in my next video bye,

Ruthy Unfiltered : Final Thoughts: I love this stuff! It’s much better than Got 2 B in my opinion. It’s not messy and doesn’t drip down my head. It’s dries very quick making the install quicker than usual. The hold is very good however I realized I had to double/triple the sides to get it to stay down (this is so common with any product I use). It left very little residue. It was clear and easy to wipe off unlike Got 2 B, which dries white on me. Also, it started lifting after 1 1/2 days which is fine by me since I don’t to sleep with my wigs

Lisa J: It definitely is better! Started using it 3yrs ago.. And been using it ever since!

Probably Jasmine: Thank you Girll you’ve really helped me out xx

Candy Snow: Thanks for the video! Did you manage to remove it with water or did you need rubbing alcohol?

blaqkwidow: Purchased! Thanks hun

Milie me: this install looks so good, did it make your baby hair hard ?

Vanessa Aliendres: Thank you!

Nyakuich Biel: Do you know if this works with any hair spray or??

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