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  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
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Hair detail: :130 density Brazilian deep wave lace frontal wigs 20 inches

Hair link:https://sowigs/products/130-density-13...

website link: www.Sowigs.com

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video you'll be seeing how I install this beautiful 13x4 frontal deep wave 20 inch hair from sew wigs stories.com. Yes, this hair is giving everything is supposed to give. So if you want to see how I install this beautiful hair from sewing just stay tuned, to see how I do you, the wig is from two weeks. This is the package that it came in and we're gon na take a look to see what's inside. So we got a flyer so how to maintain your wig care for a human hair, wig and care for a synthetic wig, but today we're doing a human hair wig and they also sent me a clip Mark hello. So you know so guys. This is a Brazilian Virgin Hair 20 inch, deep, wave hair and it's a 13 by 4 frontal wig. This is how the lace is looking. This is inside of the wig. It comes with four whips three at the top and one at the bottom. It also has adjustable elastic bands to fit your head. I am loving this wig look at it guys. This is a 20 inch deep wave, 130 density. Looking like a hundred and fifth density of tea - oh God, I love this. You can just imagine when this is bleached and it's semi-plucked already with even baby hair. Just imagine when this is bleached and the pluck and lay on my scalp. This is given. I tell you it's giving guys it's giving stay tuned to see when I am bleaching. My nuts, all right guys, so I went in midnight with my busy point and my volume 30 and I'm now going to watch it for about 10 minutes to see where it is. I don't want to tip to relax to go on the roots of the hair, so turn on beach tonight. So here guys, I'm just showing you how the wig is looking after it's washed, and I am about to do my install so I go in and brush my hair to the back to get those flyaways laid go in with my lace band. I think it's wonderlist by and my blow dryer to secure those flyaways because I don't like cab cap is too hot, underneath the wig. So I always go bobbed this guy's hair, I'm just blow drying. That'S for you guys to see. You know guys I'm showing you how the lace is looking after it is bleached and pluck, and I'm going in with my scissors to cut that extra lace from the back. It is not a 360 wig, so it must be removed. I'M adjusting my strap at the back for extra security. You know guys I am fixing the wig on my head because I like to cut around my ears before I glue. So that's what I'm doing here. I just seen my wig the feet. How I feel comfortable with it so now guys I'm going in with my scissors to cut around my ears. I think this is a good method for me before I glue, so I know exactly how the wig is going to feel on my head now. I am doing the same thing that I did on the side before cutting around my ears, foreign, I like to go in with my wax stick and my hot comb to ensure that those fire waves, not in the way to let the wig look tacky. So this is what I do it's my preference everybody does their install different. This is how I do mine after pushing those flyaways back with my hardcore. Might then go in with my Wunderlist, I'm just doing a semi-glue. This is well, you guys call it glueless, but to me it's the blue, because I can't take it off, as I put it on so yes, I went in with my Wunderlist bun, I'm still loving it. It'S my first time using it and it was giving foreign with my blow dryer to secure that lace on my head and I'm going to tie it down and style. This wig I went in and did a side part I'm tired of centerpie. So I went in with a side part - and I said no baby hair in style, so I think the side part will look Fab. Now I went back in with my wax stick and my hot comb just to ensure that the front is looking as awesome as how this hair is. Looking, I'm gon na cut my face guys. The hot comb was on 450.. You know how hot that is, and I don't have any wig cap underneath so you know I am feeling that heat, but when a girl wants to look Fab, we do anything. Beauty comes with pain. Look at me feeling myself. This hair is giving volume, while you for a 130 density hair. This is Fab, it wasn't shedding. I love it. I know when I'm cutting the strip from my front and cut my lace off at this moment there is. The hair is well secured. That lace bun did what it was supposed to do and it is feeling like I use a lace, bun glue itself, not just a spray. It was well secured foreign foreign guys. I went back in with the lace bun spray to ensure that the lace that was the lace that is lifting around the sides are well secured. I went in with my blow dryer to ensure that at least spray is dried and there's no lifting so my hair, but guys what lace? Oh, my God, this is giving skin. I then going with my shade foundation to ensure that it's not looking Lacy and it's looking scalpy, so I went in with my makeup shade. So, in order for this not look Wiggy, you know we got ta, do what you got ta do I want him back with my hot comb to ensure that there is no hair sticking up before I tie it down and get ready to select this wig foreign. I went in with my water: there is no extra product inside the bottle to damp my hair. I don't like to see it too wet, so I did minimal spray and just rub my hand through it to give it that extra fluff that I needed. I then went in with my denim brush to ensure that there's no tangle and then I move the hair foreign guys. I gave you a 180 spin to see how the back was looking. It was a bit dry to the back, so I didn't spray any more water in there. I just went in and mix the hair together, so the thumb ones at the front would you know slightly dump the ones to the back, because I didn't want it. As I said before, I didn't want it to have that wet. Look. I needed a little fluff. So now I'm going in with my mousse to give that curl extra hold. I think the moves hold the the curls tight, so it will stay that way throughout the day and then cut the strip from the front, but guys this was giving me Puerto Rican. Indian Brazilian, oh my God, this was giving me Tammy here from The Roots. This is no wig. Okay, you could definitely tell I was feeling myself. Oh my God, look at her look. Just look at her. Look at her hair is giving for 130 density. So babe you did your thing guys remember it is so wig.com and you can use my coupon code tummy linked right here and it's in my description box to get this lovely look and then go in with my favorite concealer L.A girl in the color toffee to Lighten my part for it to be more defined and guys, oh, my God, this hair, I just cannot stop saying I love it. It was a lightweight, it didn't feel heavy. It was just everything I was just giving it my final touch up before I give you guys the love finish, foreign. Let me give you a three sixes pin I, like my hair, not too wet. I, like it a little bit dry to get that volume for it to look Lush so take it in. Oh, it's giving so wig. You did your thing. This hair is amazing. I love it and I know my subscribers are gon na love. It too, like share, subscribe, tell a friend to tell another friend about becoming the barns. Don'T forget to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe. If you are not yet subscribed, only you can make me

Jenique: Looking gorgeous as always love!❤️

The Bailey-Cole's: You did an amazing job

denden cutie_23: Tammy the hair really looking lovely on you ❤️❤️

Dwally Banksy: Great job Tammi……did it like a boss!

Melrose Green: Looking lovely Tami ❤️❤️Great job

La-Raine H: Loving the look.... 1000/10

marco58138: Great job it looks great

Kay Beauty & Foods: Hey girl,I almost didn't realize it was you on the thumbnail, girl u look damn good

Shelly ann Edwards: Wow great job Tammy am loving this

Simply B: Beautiful!

THE FLARE FAMILY: This video is so refreshing ❤❤❤

Samantha Mcclean: Looking good

michelle Thomas: Neat installation

MissKereVP: This is nniiiicceee!!! ❤️❤️ Gonna check out SoWigs!!

Debbie Debs: 10 / 10 lovely.

Henry Nation ENT: Gwan tammie u just deal with it like a pro

Anna-Kay Gordon: The wait is over

Lotoya Perkins: I love it

Sonia Mendez: Omg, Hello Beautiful. Love the Hair it’s definitely @ 10. I’m so excited to see a Vlog from you guy’s, it was just yesterday I was saying. Why dem deh.

Debbie Debs: I love it

Nastassia Cunningham: Good job.. Tammi love it

Claudette Gordon: Nice❤

Nadesha Gardener: Miss you guys so much ... Hope all us well

La-Raine H: Hey queen, it's been awhile Notification gang out ❤️

Kay Beauty & Foods: I love the short hair u have on is it a wig or a sew on,what's the name of it please?

The Bailey-Cole's: Watch nice!!

Nichole Miller: How mi niece look suh nooiiiccce and clean

denden cutie_23: Ma girl Tammy ❤️❤️❤️

Sara-Lee Pottinger: Finally☺️☺️

Roma Dawkins Ellis: Tammy badda dan di pandemic ,hair well slayed mi like the Lil accent it sweet sah

Alli Thou: Whats the cost mama

Rameka Dixon: Tammy u r go beautiful very nice

Shelly ann Edwards:

Debbie Debs: Road to 5k guys

BLONDY: The dolly pretty bad ❤❤❤nah lie

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