How To: Bleach Bath + Auburn/Ginger Watercolor + Wig Install

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
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  • By Anonymous

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Foreign, hey y'all, welcome back to my Channel today, I'm going to be showing you how I got this cute: half up, half down, curly, wig and stall, and yes, I dyed it. So, let's just get right into it. You'Re gon na need some level 20 developer. This is the one I used. I'M gon na need some bleach also, and I'm pouring like half of the bag of bleach into this bucket and pouring my developer inside. I really didn't know how much to use so I just like poured how much I thought I could use or whatever and then you're gon na need some hot water and this hot water is going to get poured into the bucket and right here, I'm just adding A little bit more bleach just because I really want the color to lift so then I'm mixing the bleach and water solution together. This is what it looks like foreign, so I decided to use a wig I already had in my closet, because I'm on a budget right now, I'm trying to save money. Okay, so I just took this um highlighted wig that I had in my closet and I wanted to bleach it. So I can lighten the brown pieces a little bit more. The blonde is there's already blondes in the hair, so I was just trying to see if I could lift it a little just a little bit more, so those brown pieces turn blonde. I'M gon na set this towel over the solution and let it marinate for like a good 30 minutes after 30 minutes. I went to check and see if it lifted, as you can see it most definitely lifted. I didn't want to sit it in for too long because I didn't want the hair to be like completely over processed, but it came out how I wanted to come out. So now it's time to color, I'm using the watercolor method and I'm using the color sunrise Orange and cajun spice to get that vibrant orange auburn color that I'm going for y'all. Look how fast this color took. I was shocked. Okay, I didn't expect it to take that fast, but it was the perfect color. It was exactly what I wanted it to be, so I just um just gon na dip it in a couple more times just so it really really takes so that color came out perfectly so now it's time to install this wig first, I'm gon na be putting It on the mannequin because, like I said this is a wig that I have worn before so um, I'm just gon na pluck the hairline a little bit more uh. So it looks a little bit more natural foreign, I'm gon na be using gold spine glue and I'm going to do two layers of glue. That'S because I don't plan on keeping the wig on for a really long time. Foreign foreign foreign for my favorite part my baby hairs. Of course I love the dramatic baby hairs. Y'All foreign foreign foreign thing I can't stand is when somebody's baby hairs is touching their eyebrows and um. I think I'm guilty right now, so I'm trying to cut those baby hairs a little bit more. So it's like not touching my eyebrows. A part of me feels, like I, put the wig on just like a tad bit too low, so I was kind of annoyed that I did that, but I wasn't gon na take off the wig and redo it absolutely not so yeah, I'm just gon na have To get what I give okay next time, I know put it just a little bit higher. I don't really like it too low. This wasn't like a dumb stupid low, but it was just like I could have put it just like a tad bit higher on my head, but whatever still came out cute, though foreign. So when I do my half up half Downs with the wigs, I like to wear my lace bands um on the hairline, because I am pulling by putting in a ponytail I'm pulling at the lace a little bit and I didn't want to lift the lace at All on the sides or in the front so put that lace band on tight and then do your ponytail foreign foreign foreign. So, lastly, I'm gon na be going in with my brown powder, my makeup and I'm just gon na dab it onto my hairline a little bit where the lace is at, so it can blend a little bit better y'all. This hair came out so good, I'm so proud of myself. I have so many wigs in my closet and I'm like not wearing wigs anymore, so I'm like what can I do to be creative and not spend no money, so I'm like. Let me just do this and I'm like Blown Away. It came out so cute anyways. If y'all like this video. Please give me a like on this video subscribe to my channel for more and leave a comment, letting me know what kind of hairstyles y'all want to see me do next or if you like this video just comment, and let me know talk to me like get To know your girl, okay, thanks, guys, see you in my next video bye,

T Henderson: Cute nice color perfect for fall

Life with Rellie: Period super cuteeee

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