Ginger Curly Wig Install Ft. Unice Hair

  • Posted on 21 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Hey you guys welcome back to my channel, as you guys could tell about today's time on this stuff, we're going to be with you, nice hair and, if you're new to my channel. My name is Eva and, like I said, I'm giving away from nice hair now, I'm just going to show you guys everything that the wig came with this week also came with this little Bonnet thing. My Jiggy, I don't know what it's called, but it came with it, and I put this on because my wig cap, I don't want y'all, seeing my wig out so yeah so um, let's just get into the box and all that stuff. So this is just what the box looks like you guys this cute red, and what comes with this wig is a lot of stuff. Like I just said earlier, it comes with a whole bag of these, and this is a makeup brush in case you guys are wondering it comes with two elastic bands, because it's another elastic band right here, so you can never have to move in um. It comes with two wig caps because also a wig cap in this goodie bag, and then it comes with a mirror, and then it comes with some clips in here as well. Let me show you guys the clips, so these clips stay nice. They just both say unite so in reality, I got two of everything. So if something mess up it's okay, because baby, I got two of everything I I saw to. Let you guys know it came with this robe I put it on. I was going to wear it, but I was like yeah: I'm not gon na mess it up right now, because y'all, just a curly wig off in the review and the waters marks are going to show on it. But the robe is definitely cute and the road matches the um the head thing. My lighting is not doing this no justice, but it matched a little head thing which is really cute, so this is the wig they sent me and um. This is a 24 inch, transparent lace, 13x4, 24 inches. If I didn't set it already, and it is a curly Ginger wig now lately I'll be getting a lot of colored wigs and I'm okay with it, because I love me some wig with some color okay. So I'm just gon na go ahead. Oh so I'm just going to go ahead and get this rig ready to you know be put on. It also comes with a band in here you guys, and it also comes with um clips and everything. This is just the Cap Construction, so you guys can see all that for you for yourself and um. Let'S just go ahead and put this on, and this wig already comes pre-plucked y'all, as you guys can see hold on. Let me show y'all. This wig is already pre-plugged. Now some people might want to pluck their wig a little more of me personally. This is good enough for me, so yeah, I'm gon na just go ahead and put this wig on. So this is how the wig looks on you guys, as you guys can see. This is the full length when I step back and all that stuff now um, I'm just gon na go through and cut some of this lace off so um. Basically, I can see because y'all I can't really see that good, but the lights coming down so long and so far but um. Once I cut that off, I should be able to see so yeah and um like I said it all to me. It already comes with little plugs. If you want to go into Plucky some more, you definitely can it's really up to you. What I'm gon na do right now is actually going to put a little makeup on my um. What is it on my lace and I just use this cream foundation stuff with this little brush that I got from um Where'd I get this brush from. I got all this from the hair store by the way, y'all so yeah everything you need or want to know where I got it from like when it comes to like the lace and hair stuff, I got it from the hair store and I'm just going to Be blending it in like this. I also apologize. My body is like really bright. I don't know what I did to the camera. I don't know but um yeah. So now I'm just adjusting and I'm gon na go through and actually go ahead and start installing this wig for you guys and then I'm gon na come back and show you guys. The final result, so I'm gon na hush. So I can just install this wig because I'm not really doing anything special, I'm just installing the wig, like I always install them foreign foreign foreign. So this is how I decided to style my hair, you guys but um yeah. I went for a you know. Natural look, no edges all that stuff. I want to keep the hair fluffy still. So that's why I was Fluffy, but um make sure you check out your needs in the description down below, and I will see you guys in my next video yo

Léonise Maccow: You did. Very good job on the wig

Chris Tolbert: Eva nice job on the upload

Rae: First

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