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  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
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Foreign, hey guys, let's get into this unboxing I'd like to thank kawaii for sponsoring today's video inside of the packaging. You get a satin, robe she's, really cute Green's my favorite color as well as this ring. She spins okay, some wig caps, a velcro headband for your lace as well as a satin bag, a necklace and a pendant. I found another wig cap in the Box as well as some eyelashes and another headband, to make sure your wig doesn't slip and, of course, your wig girl, foreign kinky straight lace, front wig, it's in 24 inches. It is pre-plucked with some baby hairs. The density is 150.. Of course you have your two sliding Combs on both sides of the wig cap, as well as a sliding comb at the nape area, with some adjustable straps and additional lace. Please, as you can see, this hair is in a natural color brown. It looks like they did some plucking here, but not too much on the sides, so I will have to do some plucking there on the side so yeah. This is what she's looking like the cap size is on point: okay, perfect cap size. So this is a really good Lane stops about here, all right, let's style, this hair. I really wanted to see how this hair looks straight, so I went ahead and did one pass in each section, and this is how she turned out you guys she straightened out. So beautifully and I didn't use any product on this hair. I turned my iron to 430 and literally you guys one pass so I just went ahead and cut the lace, so I can kind of see what I'm working with here. As you can see, it definitely needs some plucking at the hairline like we're not gon na get away with, like not plucking the hairline we got ta take some of that bulk out, but um for the most part, she's beautiful. This particular wig straightened like that. I had absolutely no problem straightening this hair at all, but I actually want to put some waves in it so to achieve the waves that I'm looking for. I then misted the hair with some water and braided it down. I added a little bit of mousse once it was braided and I let it dry overnight, and this is what she's looking like. Okay, I really wanted to avoid the whole ball cap method because I really dislike it, but I felt as though I needed to do that with this wig, especially because I wasn't bleaching the knots so here, I'm just taking off any excess that did not lay when I use the got to be glued spray. Okay, so here's our girl, she has been cut and plucked and braided and and we're done. This is what we gon na look like today: psych I'm just playing okay. So let me go ahead and lay this girl down foreign okay, so this lace is looking rather light skinned, but I'm gon na do my makeup and it does look a little better. So we're just going to work with what we have I'm going to pull out. Some of these baby hairs and cut them and curl them and lay them as best as possible. All right, so I'm gon na take some bio silk. You know. Thank you. I really needed to tint the lace and bleach the knots, but I didn't because I don't like doing those things. I want a wig to come and you know be ready to go. I know I could have laid this lace a lot better than I did. That'S. What'S bugging me, but I am going to work on that. I am going to work on that because I really want this to be my go-to wig this winter, so yeah all right, you guys. So let's get into the pros and cons of this wig. Let'S be honest with every unit, there is pros and cons, so I'm going to start with the cons and end on a good note with the pros. Okay, when I wet it down it smelled like the chemical that they used to make it kinky straight like it. Definitely smelled like a processing chemical. I did receive some shedding while working with the hair. Okay, there was a little bit, not a lot but enough to speak about another. Con is if you would like to do a deep side. Part you wouldn't be able to. You. Would definitely have to do this flip over method that I'm doing because the the um track is literally like right here, so you only get what? What is that two inches on the side? So you can't do a really deep side part. You would definitely have to just do like a flip over method. As I've done, you would definitely have to tint the lace and you would have to bleach the knots and you would have to pluck the hairline. I still have a lot of plucking to do. I just got tired of plucking, because I plucked so much, but that's neither here nor there the knots do need to be bleached. I did not bleach my knots and the lace. If you are a brown girl, you definitely need to tint the lace or spray it with some type of tinting lace, spray or just put some makeup on there. I did not do that underneath and I wish I had, because I think it would have Blended so much better than what it's blending right now. You would think, like the knots itself would bug me, but that's not what's bugging me was bugging me. Is the lace color itself onto the pros that I enjoy about this hair, this hair, for it to be kinky straight, is super lightweight and soft. If this feels like what my hair used to feel like you know what I mean, so I really enjoyed that about the hair. When I went to straighten the hair, I only had to do one pass and the hair straightened out perfectly. It looks exactly like relaxed hair period during the braiding out process. The hair was very easy to manipulate. I think I'm going to go ahead and bleach. The knots 10 delays dye the hair jet black and you know, pluck this hairline to my liking, because I really really love the density and the lightweightness of this hair. I love that this hair is easily manipulated and will take on whatever you do to it. It'S just beautiful and it's very versatile. So if you have not bought any of the wigs, I have reviewed this year. This is the one to get okay. All of your hair is put away. I love this hair. They did an awesome job on this wig. You guys a lot of you asked me how tall I am, I think, I'm just gon na put it in the description box of these videos, because a lot of people ask me I am 5'5 and this hair hits me right to my hip. I do I do recommend this wig yeah, absolutely y'all. She does all right. You guys, I really hope you've enjoyed this video. I will have all of the information and the links in the description box down below and until the next time be love down.

0tismadaline: This hair is absolutely gorgeous ,thanks for sharing

Alandria Banks: Great idea to get waves I’ll have to try this

Angela Kanu: This super beautiful

Mocha Mommy: You look nice.

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