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  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hello my loves, I really hope you enjoy this video and i will be doing more soon, e.g(with a newly not plucked wig) #frontalwiginstall #wiginstall

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Hair from @hair_by_chileedzi on instagram.

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Hot comb- @haircastle_essentials

Elastic Band- @hair_by_chileedzi

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Hello, my loves and welcome to my channel. It is more prissy here and I'm back with another video if you're new on my channel. I really really hope you love what you see if you're returning subscriber hi darling, how you doing, I hope you're doing well, and this video is specifically this hate, install video, the girlies on Instagram, maybe say girl. How do you do it show us how you do it and honestly listen, I'm not a pro I'm just going to come in with my little two cents. Hopefully you can take some tips or tricks, but I will be a pro suit. Don'T worry about it, sweetheart! Don'T worry about it was black anyway guys um. Yes, as I was saying that I'm doing a hair install video as you can see by the time of this video, and I'm really really hoping that with me. Basically me sitting down and talking I'm obviously going to be talking about the hair and so forth and as you guys, uh can see today, I'm installing this baby by Hair by Trinity. I'M probably gon na install a clip here, just showing you guys how it looks. Um, as you guys know, some of you know from Instagram that I've had to say on before, and I just wanted to install and challenge myself a little bit with hair. I colored hair, basically a frontal, because I have installed myself by myself before a color hair with like five by five, but this is my first time installing a frontal. I want to challenge myself a little bit and see how that goes, but um yeah um, because I in my head, I think colored color. Sorry, I must say color color hair is kind of different from um. What'S it called black hair? Well, I assume well, I think so so yeah, but either way, I'm doing so and as I'm going through this, I'm probably gon na talk about a live update like how this year has been. For me, my mental health, so forth motherhood and yeah many things just little details about how life has been going for me. Lately um. I know you guys. You know I haven't been on YouTube, so my YouTube subies. You know those that don't know have to know today. So let's head right into the video - and I hope you guys enjoy. I love you guys so much and please do like subscribe comment and share with your family members. Your friends share with everybody at this point help a girl out, let's hit 10K. I don't know when will hit 10K, don't hit me, but let's hit 10K whenever God blesses us with that 10K. Let'S hit it. If it's a 20K born I'm over it, okay um! I'M just coming to you as me. I hope you love me. Okay period, love, you guys, hey hello, my labs and we're right back. So please, if you do, want a wig cap, install video, but I'm gon na be doing a lot of um hair videos. Hair companies have funny hit your girl up. I'M very excited, I am very excited, I'm extremely excited, and I thank God for it, because it came in ways that I just literally cannot explain. Okay, so I'm putting on my wig um. Oh, I haven't cut, there's some things that I have not cut, but I'm about to cut um. Basically, you know, sometimes especially when you have a wig, that's been installed before. For some reason, there is like hairs like extra hairs by your legs, so usually sometimes I actually just cut some of them off, so they don't, like. You know what show up or just look nasty on my wig, so I'm just gon na cut those off as I'm talking to you. It'S not gon na. Take long believe me unless, if it does so, let me just cut them off camera and I will be back just now: um hi, my love, so so I am back um, it's looking good. I washed it and I also what did I do. I strengthened it and whatnot, so I'm just gon na put it on there. We go. I think I'm gon na zoom into myself, so you guys to see what's going on and I can also see what's going on but yeah. You know we can just go out. Like this, life is okay, I'm joking, you know so I already have one layer of got to be. I mean by the way, the glue that I'm using excuse me the glue that I'm using is this good spot glue that I got of take a lot love. It so to be safe, especially when coming to the ghost bundle rather, firstly put it on something else, not don't put it direct, so I just put it on my hand. I really would love to buy one of those things to put like the wigs on and stuff. It would be so cute and so nice, but I'm just gon na go ahead and put this wig. I think I'm gon na do the half see so put a little bit onion on your basically half and half so the key. The key to the two ghost bond is: let it clear as good as it can, or else if it doesn't you're gon na have is in Kinga, and you don't want, is in Kingdom, so I'm trying by all means to move the hair under or edges or Whatever thank you, I get ready, I don't know if you can see that baby car looking good, looking lovely now we're gon na go on the other side. So because here, as you can see, I need to zoom anymore, as you can see, yeah it's a little lifted. So what I'm gon na do is obviously I haven't put it from here. So now I'm not doing my other side, foreign foreign. Don'T stop me! I'M trying this thing so as I'm trying it I'm gon na, do my favorite thing: oh I'm gon na do my favorite thing that is styling the hair, so now we're gon na get to style and obviously my favorite Style to Style. My hair is a middle part. I love me a good middle part. How did this now break serve? This is the part where I needed my Clips, but I don't have them. You asked me why I don't have the clips. I can't even tell you cannot even tell you where my daughter put my clothes, so the key to a middle part. I really really like bust down middle part, is what I'm about to show you. The key to a bus down middle part. Is this right here and then to that you can add a little bit of this right here, foreign okay! I hope you see what the hell's going on this side. Okay, okay, I'm gon na repeat the same step on the other side. Hi guys welcome back. So I have basically straightened and made in line my lines are always not perfect. I always have to fix them, but I am very happy with how everything is located. As far there we go as you guys can see. So now I'm going to have to cut these, but first before I cut them, I have a small straightener from clicks. I actually had had bought a smaller one from Amazon. So before I cut anything, I first he just curl them, so they make like amazing um. What'S it called amazing baby hairs from even I don't want to burn myself now, it's time to chop chop all right chop at the don't chop too close by the way. Let'S just start with that chop a little too far and then then you can slowly and like kind of chop it diagonally. If that's weird, then I'm gon na take this beautiful, freeze, mousse spray, whatever, let's spray it moves. Oh Lord see Jesus Keep On Believing in him Keep On Believing him he's the Lord Almighty and then now this is kind of important as well just to separate the hair from the edges girl kind of with the moose a little bit. So people can see the difference. Okay, take your God to be just paste. We already done is and obviously a little bit of your powder just to show people that you're lying your line is lining babes. All right now we're gon na switch on our straightener. This felt like a billion years. To be honest, we are almost done all right and that is it you there. You have it. Ladies and gentlemen, my hair is laid, it's looking good, it's looking delicious, but I'm loving it. It was a challenge, but I conquered it and that's just how we do it. Ages are aging. Okay, things are looking delicious period, oh period. I'M so proud of me couldn't be more proud of me than this, but this is how it would look tied gorgeous period. Um hi guys. I really really hope you enjoyed this video and yeah I'm proud of it turned out better than I expected. So I love you guys so much. No, I expected worse trust me just just so we put it out there love you guys. So much see you guys on the next video on that note. On that note, I just decided to do a side part. I'M doing a side part now on that note middle part is not gon na work, oh middle part, is not gon na work side. Part. Definitely a banger like definitely a banger, yep yep, the middle part wasn't eating as much as the size part is eating, like the side part is having breakfast dinner and lunch. Thank you. Foreign

Nomcebo Hlatshwayo: Did my first self install and it was just basic but I’m going to elevate it tomorrow. This video was super precise. Love it baba thank you

Nombulelo J: loved it. we definitely need more of these

Nomie: I enjoyed this so much! the hair is giving what its supposed to gave! And Gworl, the lashes?! who did your lashes?

SHEELAH Dealz: Trying this in the morning

Nokukhanya Hlongwane: This colour suits you so so much ❤️

Kelebogile Matlou: The quality the lighting . If I may ask , Which camera do you use ?

Dineo Maphangwa: Killed it

Mokgadi Modiba: Nothing stresses me more than laying a frontal Lawd! Siyabonga ausi

Mokete Junior: Tshilidzi was found shaking! I repeat..Tshilidzi was found shaking you’re good at it♥️ Thanks for this,it was much needed.

Keletso Moloto: I thought I subscribed but coming from TikTok❤

Mongake Twins:

Keabetswe Ngoepe: Rekopa skincare routine aowa your skin SESI❤️ wafisa PELE PELE

Charmaine Mokoma: My favorite ❤❤

Ntando Mthethwa: NOTIFICATION GANG ❤

Naledy Oliphant: My favorite youTuber ❤

_Kataliah_: Skin mama

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