Burgundy 99J Wig Install Tutorial Beginner Friendly *Ft Xeparlo

  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey boos it’s kiauramfjay and I’m here to make your day periodd .This wig was so soft watch Till the end to see how good I did lol.

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Wig in this video :

99j Burgundy Lace Front Wigs... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B1HCJV6T?r...

Shine boys is Kiara Jade, I'm here, to make your day period the little wig in store and I'ma just do step by step on what I'm doing so glue my hairline. So I could cut it and stuff like that. So yeah just bear with me he's because unfortunately I cannot find my scissors, so I'm gon na just use these yup. My body me under your chances now I'm kind of like smudging it to go up. That'S how I could tell like it's dry because it's starting to stick my friend, don't call me because, like baby but yeah, I'm trying not to even touch the hairline, even though I need to fix this. But it's all right, like everything, don't got ta be perfect. That'S what I got ta realize all right. Let me keep on blow drying it and I'm gon na come back with you all right now, I'm about to do the makeup part. I'M gon na just put makeup like behind the hairline. So let me open this hey. It'S dry for the most part, this size is just drying out, so I'm gon na take my meat because brush 10 days and I'm basically just going to be putting makeup on like I don't understand why this is broke already. Now that I got like braids hairs as y'all can see, I could just card. Let me use scissors with this part. I'M gon na just cut around the hairline all right notice, how like I'm, really trying to pay attention because I'm not playing like I'm not trying to am I here so yeah and don't mind my face. I was so aggravated foreign. Thank you, foreign. I'M not trying to do nothing stupid right now see that's. This is not the time that play this really isn't the time to play foreign foreign. Doing this part foreign foreign

Crystal Jones: Yesss boo! Love it!!

Diorrr TV: That wig is a pretty color

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