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  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
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EBIN New York Tinted Lace Aerosol Spray 2.7oz



Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer Extra Mega Hold 4oz


Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Extreme Firm Hold Hair Wax Stick 0.53oz



Ebin New York Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Extreme Firm Hold 2.82oz


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum 5.1oz


Red by Kiss BSH29 Professional Edge 4in1 Brush with Fine Edge Combs & Spatula


Ruby Kisses Matte Finish Fini Mat Powder Foundation #RMPFXX



Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb


Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz


*HD lace front

*13x4 lace frontal

*Pre-braided feed-in stitch braid

*Medium cap size

*Baby hairs included





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0:11 Wig Install + 360

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Damn foreign Stitch braid wigs, she is called Stitch, braid Ripple weave 30 inches and I have her in the color 1B. Now this is a 13 by 4 lace, frontal wig, it's an HD, transparent lace, wig and we'll just get straight into it. So, first of all, like I said, it's an HD, transparent, lace, wig, so it comes with an HD Leaf. I did go in with my even New York license for underneath, and I tinted at least it's a 13x4 lace frontal. So you have 13 inches from ear to ear four inches from front to back of lace that the cornrows are on these Stitch braids. They are on the frontal. So if you want, I'm pretty sure you could go in and take it down and just wear it as a regular curly wig, but it comes pre-braided with the Stitch braid and it actually came with the um little accessories right here. Those little gold accessories that you're seeing right here. I did not add that in it came with it, and I'm very appreciative appreciative of that. Yes, because I mean not all the times, you have a little accessories laying around you don't want to go by it. It came with it, I mean, if you don't want it, you can always take it out, but I'm glad that it's there, because I love those little accessories so yeah. I think it brings a wig to life. It makes it look a little bit more cute and it actually make the braids um scene. You know through the curly hair, so you actually see it because it stands out. I should say it makes it stand out because of the um, the gold pieces and stuff like that. So you have some braids, like I said some Stitch braids up here and what I love about this um is that you know usually when you get a any type of pre-braided wig. Sometimes you have to be careful because you can actually see um where the lace stops and where they start with the regular cap, and you have like the tracks showing or you know something showing underneath or something like that. With this, the braids stop a certain way right here and then you have actual hair coming from the lace itself, so it actually covers the track. So you don't really see the track showing or anything like that. It looks really good. So I love the way they did that and um for the for the cap itself. You get two Combs up front, one at the back, the adjustable shots. It'S a stretchable measurement material cap and I think this comes with a new elastic band as well and adjustable one. So you can adjust it to fit your head size and stuff like that. It is about medium to large and capsized, I would say if it's really comfortable, there is so much extra room in there. I actually really love the curls on this as well. I think it's beautiful um, I didn't have to fluff it out or anything like that. This is the hair straight out of the box. All I did was pull on it and I did get some shedding so keep in mind. You may get some shedding from this. I didn't really run my fingers all the way through it. So I can't really see - or it's tangling, but I'm pretty sure it is if you were to run your fingers directly through the hair and stuff like that, I'm pretty sure you'll get some snacks because it is, you know a wavy hairstyle, really tight, wavy hairstyle, so Yeah, let me know how you feel about this in the comment section down below we'll chat it up there. This is what the stock card looks like you guys, and I'm wondering if I should make this into a giveaway like I'm really not sure. If I should make you know what I'll make this into a giveaway, this is a giveaway okay. You may have already seen it in the title on the thumbnail before I even you know made up my mind, but anyway, this is a giveaway. If you guys want to participate in the giveaway make sure to follow the rules in the comment section down below it. Will be pinned to the top once you follow the rules you'll be automatically entered, and the winner will be announced this this upcoming Friday in the giveaway announcement, video that will be up at 6 p.m, sharp so make sure to watch that video. But thank you guys. So much for watching like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at wig tips and I'll see you soon. Bye,

WigTypes Official: Giveaway Rules: (1) LIKE this video (2) Must be SUBSCRIBED to this channel (3) DO NOT reply to this comment (4) Comment below Once you’ve commented, you’ll be automatically entered into the giveaway. Winner will be announced this upcoming Friday. GOOD LUCK!!!

Kinksgalore: The improvement of synthetic braided wigs is just WOW

Mikayla Carroll: I’ve never seen like a Fulani braided wig constructed like that where the tracks were covered in the back. That’s very very smart how they did that. I hope they use this method for all their braided wigs moving forward that have this similar style.

Stephanie Darby: This is one of the best-looking synthetic braided wigs I've seen. I agree with you that the accessories add style to the wig. Super cute!

ForEver4858: I love the construction of this wig and how far the company has come with hyperrealistic hair styles ! It's right on trend too

HairLoverTee: I really love this unit!! It looks very natural!! The parting space in between the braids looks good and realistic!!love it

Lightship Harris: This is so beautiful and I love the fact that they added jewelry to the braids, that was such a nice touch!

Alexis Dykes: I saw this when it dropped and this is the one I've been waiting to see! This is SOOOOOO cute and I love that they put the accents on it! The way the lace blended with your skin so effortlessly I was like WOW! I love the volume and curl pattern. She's definitely a MUST HAVE if you like braided wigs. TFS!

De'Adrea Battle: I love how natural it looks! Definitely need to give braided wigs a try!

M 3: I absolutely love this unit. ♥️ The braids and added jewels are a plus!

Pam Hocker: The wig is very beautiful and love the jewelry that comes with it. Seems like you can wear it in different styles. Outre has step up in the game! It's at a great price!

Cameron Gray: This is probably the best braided wig I've ever seen. I would actually wear this one. It's really pretty.

rajirasmom: I love the cute eye candy jewelry with this unit brings it out more and the waves curls are gorgeous ✨️ definitely a look.

Life of the Party: Beautiful cleopatra vibes just in time for the cold weather. I love this style.

Janise_ Xmas: Now this is a beautiful wig. Absolutely gorgeous I would love to style this wig a lot. I would fluff it out even more I love big hair and it’s so natural looking!!! so beautiful this company did really well with this wig!! Gorgeous on you sis!!

Tikara: I saw this one on TT and fell in love. They are really coming up with the synthetic lace front wigs

latoria shantrell: The first outre stitch braid wig was one of my favorite units I can't wait to try this one

Ms. CeCe: It looks like a real braided style ...LOVE IT... Scalp looks authentic

Remi Akinwale: Yesss I’ve been waiting for this review! She’s absolutely gorgeous ❤️

BJ Jackson: Yes a well made braided unit!! Very pretty and I love the details

Mira Denise: What a beautiful way to effortlessly achieve that style ,absolutely love this unit!!!!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Absolutely gorgeous! I love the style and density of this unit❤️‍

charlene jamison: This wig is gorgeous! I would like it to be a bit shorter for my taste. I’m loving that the accessories are included too. Very much on trend!

MrsBrownSugar Richards: This braided unit is amazingly gorgeous on you and it’s a YES for me to order. It’s in my right now. Please enter me in the giveaway thanks!

Teena Taylor: 30 inches is really long for me, but I would still rock this one. Major improvement with the construction covering the tracks, and the jewelry is a plus

DD: I’m definitely feeling this wig and loving the braids hairstyle just in time for Christmas break on the islands

Mikayla Carroll: This style is rigggghhhhttt up my alley. When I was relaxed when I was younger my mom would do braid outs on my hair, and it would have that pattern. Reminds me of my childhood

Abu Amirah: I love how the conrows look natural ❤

Sherille Frost: I been waiting on a review with this one I'm sold! Outre did good with this unit love the curls

ThatHoodGurl2 The Hood: This is a beautiful unit. I am in love with this one.

Love Yourself: This looks really pretty and the cornrows look really natural

msjuicycouture22: Crazy thing is I was gonna braid my hair like this, this wknd! Now, hope I win to save me the time and shoulder pains

PrincessCaress Sophisticated Styles: Love this wig! I've never had one like this and I would love to have one! It looks real!

Della Dabner: She's really pretty. I've been so curious about wigs with braids. I agree with you about the accessories. They a nice touch.

SuperSkinandHairCare: So Afrocentric!!! The vibes of this wig are giving me LIFE!!!✌️

rijones729: I absolutely love this unit! I love the braid pattern...

Candice Barton: This is the best synthetic braided wigs style and construction I've ever seen! She's beautiful! Got to get it.

Shaneequa Walker: Beautiful pre-braided wig, I love the fullness of it

Akemi Ayura: I don't have the patience to braid my own hair so I am here for this prebraided unit. This is the second color I have seen it in. Thank you for the detailed review.

Mikayla Carroll: I legit had a double take when I saw the thumbnail. The unit looks SO NICE

Pamela Thomas: This wig is so cute. It looks better than some other braided wigs that I've seen.

Glamma's Beauty Reviews: I love this unit and how natural the hair looks

MissKim: These braiding units have came a long way, I’m feeling this one.

PeekabooGirl: Love the style, looks so natural.

Tianna DeLaurentiis: This pre-braided wig is absolutely flawless!!! AMAZING ❤

Mikayla Carroll: It’s giving vacation vibesss Too bad it’s November now, but I think you can totally rock this style in the fall too

Abu Amirah: Wow this wig is so different and beautiful, gives this goddess look

Gemini: This unit looks so natural and good I love this one

Secluded One: I love the unit and it looks gorgeous on you!

comfort S: Beautiful wig, it looks so natural!

Sheree Murphy: It's beautiful, long and full. I love it!

Amarachi Owunna: This is so beautiful and different,I love the curls

tori jefferson: This one blew me away seriously!!Just gorgeous and so realistic

Angela Tatum: I absolutely love this wig!! Beautiful on you!

Ms. Mommie: Omgoodness this is a crown of glory! It’s so beautiful and the hairline is very realistic.

Tammy O: I love it , gorgeous top braids and curls.

Tez: Wow! This is stunning! I’m trying to win for my mom lol ❤️

imsuchadivatoo: this is a beautiful unit. im going to get this one. it's on my Christmas List.

Mikayla Carroll: Personally I would have to cut it a little bit cause 30in is a bit long for me but either way the unit is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

Alisha Parker: I absolutely LOVE THIS ONE. I’ve never won so I really want this one. It’s just so beautiful

Kay: Too cute! You make them look so good!

Toxic Chocolate 🍫: This is very nice. I’m very impressed with the way this looks.

LaShell Butler: This unit is so freaking gorgeous!!! ❤️‍❤️‍

Verlinda Colding: I love the beautiful curly, wavy hair texture!

Juliette B: Never wore a braided wig but I'm really loving it.

mzGem In I: This is pretty…. I would definitely wear this one

Melinda Hall: Heyyyyyy miss lady. Notification squad. Love how long this unit is and the fullness of her. Beautiful wow. Yess

lneal2800: Cute love the style simple but cute!❤️

Nan ce: This wig looks so good on you!!!

Nicegreen Love: It's absolutely breathtaking, the curls are fabulous

Nisha Renee': This is cute and will look so good on me

chaka rivers: Love it!! I ordered her a few days ago. She has not arrived yet

Cierra Shannon: Super cute I love this style!

Latrice Arnold: I love this wig it's pretty ❤️

Kaye Seauxs: Hands down the best looking synthetic braided wig so far

porsha raye: This looks soooo good on you ✨

DonnDiva: Yaaaass!!!! This unit is so beautiful I need this!!!

Ashanti Lovelace-Jones: I love the stitch braid styles by Outre. I have Halo. I like this one. I just wish it was shorter

Iesha Allah: This style is given omg love it super cute

LaTanya Walton-Brown: This is so pretty and Im about to order it lol

SeXii Newark: Another banger❤️‍ I will be broke this upcoming holiday seasOn for sure.. GorgeOus as always DinDin

msjuicycouture22: I need her in my life!

Jasmyne Jeter: I just LOVE this unit!

Flawless_Meee_: Wow!! In love with this one

Chande: This unit is really cute. Perfect my cruise

lynsie.bear: Love it! Looks natural

Darlene Reese: It look so realistic..Love it

Kayy Dixon: New subscriber here I LOVEE all of ur wig reviews. Since earlier this year I have made Wigtypes my go to website when ordering wigs and its all thanks to u and your vids they sale me every-time☺️☺️

Chaos: I'm in love with this omg!

Latasha Alston: Absolutely love this wig

Abimbola Kolawole: OMG. It's a beaut. I love it's curls.

Shy0410: This is such a Gorgeous Style! ❤️❤️

jamillah Salaam: It looks so good on you!

Trudy: It looks really good and I would like to win this unit.

IamKellieB: Love this style ❤

Dicie Wells: Love this so gorgeous

Thick2013: This is so pretty. Love her

Princess A: I like it so natural looking!

Jahnell H: Love this style on you ♥️

Kimberly Pender: I like the style. This braided wig looks like real braids.

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