Under $30 Outre Soleil Lace Part Wig Review | Beginner Hit Or Miss?

  • Posted on 03 February, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey Wig Baes! Check out the under $30 Outre Soleil lace part wig. This wig is beginner friendly but is it a hot or miss? Outre Soleil courtesy of Outre. Video by Kie Rashon

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00:00 Intro Layout and Wig Install ( Middle Part)

02:19 Wig Price, Construction, Size, Lace

03:27 The Stock Card is Confusing, But...

05:53 Tapered Cut, Wet n Wavy?

07:23 Wig Install ( Side Part)

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Kie's 3 POINT WIG FITTING SYSTEM: (comfortably) 23 in head size

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2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

BIG HEAD FRIENDLY: 3 out of 3 points

BIG HEAD ASSOCIATE: 2 out of 3 points

TOO SMALL: 0 - 1 out of 3 points


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I was confusing whew, goodness grossing. Listen, hey, y'all! Welcome! Back to my channel. It'S your girl, kyra shawn. Today'S video is brought to you by outrage. They were kind of to send me a unit to review for you guys now, i'm gon na go ahead and tell you i did some styling with this unit. So if you want to see how i got this style, make sure you stay tuned for that, but before we get into that the specs and what i think about the unit should have the pack make sure if you're new to the channel you go ahead and Subscribe and hit that notification bell, so you don't miss anything else. Coming up also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go yeah, yeah boy, baby watch me blow it down. You could be a rough boy is okay, so, like i said this unit was sent to us by outreach. It is a brand new unit by the name of solei. This is what her card looks like. I got her in the color 1b and she does retail on most sites for under 30., the shoe does come with hd, transparent lace from ear to ear, a deep center part and natural baby hairs. Now big, head friendly. She is not. She is big head associate. Um, it doesn't come down comfortably all the way onto my hairline. That'S why i push mine back behind my hairline, with my wig grip on and i'm rocking her like that. Okay, the hd lace, like i tell y'all all the time on lace, part units. It doesn't really matter because you're not really blending anything in, like i put mine behind my hairline and colored it in so you know there's that okay. But if you want to leave this joint on your hairline, you can definitely have some lacy. You know kind of play with and blend it in. If you choose to okay now i did go in and cut a v into my parting space, just to kind of open it up a little bit. That'S personal preference, but you know that alleviates that line of demarcation between the lace and your hairline the unit is the heat resistant, fiber, so she's heat safe up to about 400 degrees. I did use a little bit of heat up here on the top of my blow dryer just to kind of flatten this out, because it was a little teeny humpy around the parting space and we don't want the hump okay, so go ahead and flatten that out With your hot tools and you'll be good to go out the pack, this unit looked a little. How do i say confusing like on her card that natural color looks good, like it's considered a wet and wavy style, and so i kind of knew based on how she was looking on the card. She was going to be one of those hit or miss type of units, and i wasn't wrong. Let'S just say out the pack. I was a little whoa, goodness version. I was confusing okay because i wasn't really sure, because i wasn't really sure what i was going to be able to do with this unit. I knew the style that i was going for. However, i didn't really know how i was going to get to that point, because the hair is, it gives off synthetic it like it gives under 30 t's you, you know what i'm saying like the hair is soft, but it does have a you know: a synthetic Okay, the look of it gives off okay, maybe a human hair dupe. Is it man chest friendly, probably not don't, lay on your man with this one, so i wasn't really sure how i was going to get the style that i wanted. But then i remembered i had my bed head, hardhead spray and i just went in and sprayed you know a little bit through the unit. A little bit goes a long way with this joint okay, don't over saturate your hair with this, because one it'll turn crusty. Okay, it'll get white and crusty real, quick and also it will come off shiny, so a little bit goes a long way with this one. So i sprayed a little bit in the hair, and then i use my rat tail comb and just back comb through the unit y'all it's giving off a natural type of tease. Am i the only one seeing this like it's giving me like natural braid out like on, like the sixth day like when you still don't want to do your hair, trying to get the last ounce of that three-day braid out? That'S what i'm feeling like! That'S what i'm feeling like day six is still slaying. You hear me, which i think am i seeing things and i like how like the cut of it. I don't know like i'm, really feeling this one in a weird way like i dare i say i didn't want to like it like. I was like ugh, it's not giving me what i thought was going to give me on the card, because she does look gorgeous on the card, but that's not what it was giving me on my head and just be mindful of that. A lot of you guys watch our videos on youtube and you're like oh, i got the wig because of you and it looks horrible on me. Just understand you're, not me. Okay, we don't have the same face, shape neck length. You know shoulder width all that kind of stuff, so the wigs are going to look a lot different on me than they are you, i'm just here to show you what they could look like at the potential of the wig, and i feel like this wig does Have potential she could literally be like an everyday wig style like this, and a lot of people walk around with their natural hair style like this, and it looks gorgeous to me. Let me just show you guys what i'm talking about when i talk about the cut um so see how that cut is really tapered. It'S tapered really really well to me and then to the back. This is how she is looking okay, again tapered to me. So yeah this unit really surprised me. She had last call banger like you're, not gon na know what you're gon na do until you can get her together, okay and gather her. I did you hear me in style of my little my little jacket and my necklace and my little you know my little nose ring hey, i'm feeling real feisty round. I really like the the look, the look as a whole, i'm really liking. I think it looks good on me if you don't like it guess what it's okay, okay, not every wig, is gon na, be for you sis, but on more, i feel, like it looks good. Okay, i can't complain - and i won't i'm not seeing no shedding with this unit because i did go in and back home the unit, i probably will have some tangling, but i don't plan on running my fingers through this hair because of the style that i want. I want it to be kind of like big and bushy, and you know kind of unruly, so now it does take this unit is a wet and wavy style. I wonder if you could spray the shooting down with some water and wear it like that with some gel product. I ain't doing it today, but you know the potential could be there. Okay, so i'm not mad at this one. Okay, it's lightweight and beginner friendly, like anyone can do this. I just use my night eraser in the parting space. You know colored in my lace around my hairline with my black eyeliner pencil, and that was it. This is giving me all types of step into the new year with the business suit: okay, styling and profiling. In that boardroom, you hear me making money and taking names boss. Give okay, so listen! Listen! She has given me a boss. Look, i don't care what nobody say. This is cute okay and it's still tapered. It'S still tapered to me you hear me, the cut is just y'all y'all. This is cute. I don't care, i don't care again. She gon na feel synthetic okay, but the look of her, the look that she has given me is not giving me synthetic. Yes, she put it proper on the card, but for me this look is meant to be messy and i'm here for it. Okay, but that is all i got for you guys today, shout out one more time to outrage for sending me this unit. I really appreciate it don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash that notification bell, so you don't miss anything else. Coming up, i love you guys so much and i will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Hey WIGBAES! *Like, Comment, and Share!*  she not gonna be for everybody LOL. We know this, so be nice to me. I wanted to give her a chance to serve us some looks. I like the end result, but....well watch the video. *What are your final, HONEST thoughts about this WIG?* Could you pull her off? Let's chat below!

PreciousOne777: Girl, once again you performed a miracle... Outre ought pay you extra for performing a miracle and selling that unit!

Sharone Bryant: I’ve been waiting on someone to review this wig cause I just wasn’t feeling it. You did that ma’am and when you moved that part to the side...GORGEOUS!

lneal2800: Love the Thumbnail sis!♥️ love the Natural look! The texture of the hair is beautiful! And density! I love it! you gave it life when you teased it! she did look very different from the card

DisneyDiva_ Gem: Yes, you completely gathered her and this look. You brought the vibe and confidence to go with it. The jacket, that thumbnail. C’mon side part. Beautiful

Ms. Lady: You killed it sis!! But for a novice like me...it would look like "walk of shame, the D was good, I look how I look!"

MsEbonyVee: Definitely giving natural hair vibes!! I’m curious about the wet & wavy option too. That’s probably really cute!

Queenofweaves: This unit looks soooo natural!

Jae Dun: She's cute! You slayed her just right. Gorgeous! loving the natural color. Serving scalp! looks like all you hair.

Angela Thornton: Every wig wearer should know that you have to make the wig your own. Techniques, ideas and suggestions can be given but you ultimately have to do what’s best for you. Wearing a wig takes confidence and also the realization that every unit won’t be for you

Courtney Jinean: BEEN WAITING on a review on this one! You killed this look its so pretty!!!

Natabeano Nat dah rat: I love your channel so much!!! You’ve helped me get into wigs and it’s really improved my natural hair journey so far!!! Love you

Robin Perryman: Hey Kie. You be taking it back! One of my styles from back in the day. I would put combs or barettes on the sides to hold it down. Lol I'm dating myself. It does look very natural. Great video.

Simply Pam_Marie: You did that Sis! Nice 5 day twist out look

lneal2800: It giving a braid out for sure just teased! With a Beat face! Bomb!♥️

DeAnna Monet TV: Hey Kie! You know I been waiting on this one lol...I like how you put it behind your hairline, she looks really soft and natural!

Lovely Nae 🦋: It do look like a 6 day braid out I’m over here DYING okay L M A O

Ms. Michelle Agalte: I loved the way this turned out. I love the big hair braid it look. Your video intros put me in a good mood.

Curvesohyeah: I love this wig...was thinking I would fluff both sides up the same height on the middle part Then you pulled it to the side and there was clutching of pearls!

Meekah Lynne: Bayyyybeeee! Im already in your head when you pulled her out. I acutally love the cut and how you spruced her up. Miracle Worker no doubt!

Leticia C: Oh I love this you made it look so realistic.

LeeAndra: Girl you slay all day you hear me! When you first put it on i was like it's a no for me. When you turned it to the side I was like oh she going places!

Tracey Boyland: I'm so glad you showed a side part. I like it more

DollFace: I like it! The way you style it is fabulous. You make it look natural - it doesn't look synthetic.

Tiffany: Definitely a LOOK on you! It's a banger because you're a QUEEN of slaying.

Dewana Johnson: Thumbnail is off the chain. Looking like a model. Love the hair, the fit, the poses and background. Edit: Beat face always on point.

Lana Lathan: Hey Kei this looks good i personally like the side part

soulsistahla: It's giving me Natural Hair Boss Babe vibes.... Marsai Martin in Little or something Issa would rock on Insecure!!! I'm all the way here for it whenever we can get suited and booted and go Outside. I appreciate you showing how to make something out of a possible no maam.

Latonya Lucas-Clark: Hey girl hey #notificationgang ✌. Hope all is well and healthy I live for these reviews you take out all the quess work for me... Thank sis I appreciate you

Nika M: Kie, I know you had to be feeling yourself in her! You looked, as usual,

Jessie FAIRLEY: Sis you can make anything work, you go girl . Now side part is it , yes ma’am!!!

Tamara Craig: Yes... That side part took her to the MOON!! You worked that!!

Love Yourself: Good Morning She has alot potential. I'd Put a bling clip or put some braids on side. That end like look is Model status on you Have a Blessed Day #Black365

Tina BlackberryRose: I couldn’t pull this off, but You honestly always Look So Beautiful in All Styles and colors. This is Very Beautiful and Natural on You.

Droosy G: You did a great job, but it still looks wiggish and I hate units that don’t have kinks from the root. As always, you look AMAZING!

cowgirlbebop14: When you flipped her to the side I finally saw the vision.

Magikalblackness: Shes diffrent but u give her personality gimmie that blazer

Jena Johnson: I actually love this look! its like black girls rock tease! It actually looks like its growing out of your scalp! It reminds me a few videos back of when you wore that hair piece and I thought it was your real hair! Fooled me too lol!

Missy Grando: Sixth day braid out. I can see it. That look of Dahellation at first was really real.

Fantisha Sherifa: Heeeeey Kie, yesssssss, shes giving CEO vibes. I absolutely love it! #BIGHAIRDONTCARE

Ms. Amor En: Your blazer is so cute! You slayed this unit per usual. I think she is worth it, if you know how to style her.

DeAnna Monet TV: Do I think I could pull it off? No...Do I think my girl Kie did that?! Absolutely as always!!


BJ Jackson: The thumbnail got my attention . You slayed her!! Yes! making money and taking names . She cute after you worked on her . Thanks

Pyt G: Sis, when I say that there is absolutely nothing that you can't slay... especially the side part ❤... But I don't think that she would allow me to be great


Lina Lina: Damn, loving how you style this hair unit❣️ It’s looks so “Natural”❣️ Moreover, thought it was your real hair ‍♀️⁉️❣️

as go: When you first put it on I was like this is wild but I do like the end result

Alysha Lewis: I've been looking for this type of look. I wish it were a little bit more wavy and fit for a larger head awe.

V Jones: I'm glad you did what you did cuz I wouldn't have known what to do!!! Your face in the beginning is ME!!

Tez's Gino: First, I need to stop watching you at work because I shouldn't be here laughing. You worked your magic on it but I'm a flat hair type of woman. It's cute and the outfit made the hair work even more. Thanks!

Kisha Dilts: LISTEN! I was nervous when you put it on, but as usual you rocked it!!

Nellinblue: I'm here for IT!!!

Shauna_Loves B.: Yes this is meant for you, when you posted it on ig, I thought it was your hair, slay on sis, I wouldn’t be able to rock it how you did lol

Debbie Barrow: You rocked her for sure stockcards are so deceptive

ebonywahine: I like the shape of the cut for sure, and you worked on it, but Issa no for me! Always enjoy your videos!

Bald and Beauty: Im weakkkk!! We made the same exact look when you first put it on like .... It turned out really cute tho

Miss Khrissy: SIDE!!! Ok now this is a totally different wig now...

Side Hustle Vikki: This definitely is giving me Solange knowles vibe. The look is cute but it does look like it’s one of those wigs that will tangle and matte on the first day and will be ready for the trash next week. Lol

A. Buttafly: You right a good friend of mine has real hair like this and its very nice.

IsThatYourHairrr: "Don't lay on ya man in this one" lol why are you like thisss

S. Crockett: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L thumbnail! Very classy, sophisticated, confident and grown. I couldn't help but notice how nice the nose jewelry is... Where can I find it? Thanks in advance. I'm happy to see you are in good spirits ✝️♥️

Lisa Williams: I love it!!!!! A 90's VIBE!!!!!!

Jennifer Wilson: Girl, you look good❤️

lealea j: I don’t think I could wear her, but thanks for the review

Melly Mel: I'm not mad at that one either work it girl

AshTweetLey: The actual wig looks nothing like the card and I agree it looks synthetic and dry. You worked it but man. They need to fix this wig just a tad. . P.s. my 8 y/o daughter heard you say “you’re not me” and she says “she is right. You are not her”

maamajamma: I feel like you did the best that anyone could have done with this unit...but this one is a MISS FOR ME. You are still gorgeous of course, but it looks unkept.

jmonae22: You worked it. I just don't understand the straight roots and more fluffy ends. If the root was more wavy it would look better.

Ulanda: That shift to the side is giving what we need Sis!!!! It's in the shift!!! Lolll

angiebee: I do like that cut on that one it really stands out

Inside Marie's Head: Day 6 . I actually like how you did it

Kimberly Kyles: Gm Kie I ❤️❤️ this Look Hunni

Shanika Macon: Yaaaas! The side part is it!

Pam V: Love your blazer!!! Rock it

LIBERTY GUERRIER: I love it to the side❤❤❤

Andria R: I really do like this - it's extremely natural. Wig where???? :)

Kirstie M: She's a BANGER!!!

T Jax: She's cute! Can you bring her back and show how she looks wet and wavy? Or, pulled into a low afro puff ponytail? I almost hollered when you said it's not for laying on ya man's chest! Too synthetic!

Miss Khrissy: Ok now! This beginning is looking like we are on the same wave length today at least u are trying and giving life... I wanted to turn my camera off .. let me keep watching

Kristi Ann: I appreciate your honesty but I'll pass on this.

Kimberly Kyles: Always

Sophie Chanelle: ... not man chest friendly??? Im'ma have to pass , but you pulled her off and she looks great on you

Teresa W: OohhI wonder how she'd behave with perm rod set?

Michelé Alexander: Sista soldier✊✊✊!love it!

Magikalblackness: My boo always changes a positive into a negative

Phenomenal_Purseonality: Yes. You gathered her right up.

Crystal Moore: Every time I hear your intro music I get hyped ! Lol

Adrienne Wright: I can’t complain and I won’t! !

Megan Daniels: Love her.. Love realistic

Dewana Johnson: The hair do look soft. I wonder can you throw on a headband with this unit. Kieee the nose ring I am feeling. Sista You Look So Good. Side part is soooo cute. My Slay ‼️

CarrieBrooks: Small cap doesn't look like a unit that you'll get a lot of wear out of

Lady Ree Patton: YASS !! She's Cute.

Michele Shepherd-Tigner: Yeah Kie, that is you! Beautiful honey, beautiful!

Cynthia Greway: ❤️

Courtney Jinean: now the SIDE PART

Shanise Nicole: Just say it’s cute ugly that’s what you were trying to say but this is a no ma’am no ham I’m all for potential but for them to catfish folks with that stock card I would be pissed but natural hair old hair is beautiful but this one ain’t for me, can’t see the vision you KNOW my eyes bad LMAO to the side is ALOT better with the swoops and where you going with that nose ring. Let me call Kenny

Cinemagirl9189: Girl, that was intro tho! ROFL!!!

Feeneishia Rodgers: It looks too much for me Sis.

Sammy Da Goat: ❤❤❤

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