New Wig Style! | Unboxing Belle Tress Coco! | How Coco Is Giving Editors Pick A Run For Its Money!

  • Posted on 19 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

GET A FIRST LOOK at this NEW BELLE TRESS STYLE! COCO Wig Review in the color British Milktea. I purchased this wig with my own funds directly from Belle Tress for this review - you can find it @Wig Studio 1 ! See product links and info below.

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My WIG MEASUREMENT - 21.25” Circumference 6.5-7” from hairline to chin 3-4” from chin to collarbone 5’2.5” my height, medium frame




Q IS (Brown Sugar Sweet Cream)








C IS (12FS8)











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Produced and Filmed in 2022 by TAZS WIG CLOSET


Hey everybody welcome back to Tyson's way, closet at wig studio, one here to inspire and Empower your WIC Journey, I'm presenting a brand new style by Bell tress. Today this is brand new. It'S still on pre-order and I ended up getting a sample directly from beltrust. So I could show you all the details before you order. This one is called Coco and I have it today in the color British milk tea we're going to check it out right from the box. This week was sent to me as a sample directly from belltress. So I could review it for you today. You can find it at wig studio one. If you go below the video and expand the description box, there will be a direct product link. There titled find beltrust Coco at wig studio one. If you click on that link. It'Ll, take you out to the site where you can take a look at the look at the colors and the pricing, and you can also find out when this item is expected to ship, as per beltrest, so be sure to check it out below. If you have any questions for us, please reach out to support and don't forget to visit us on our other social media, the wig studio, one YouTube channel private Facebook group and Instagram page. So, let's get to it right. This is Coco. Oh, it looks so adorable in the photos it's going to be in the color British milk tea boy. They'Ll tress is really knocking it out of the park with these new releases and I love it they're taking pre-order so early um. It just gives us a chance to get in line for some of these beautiful new Styles, because oftentimes other manufacturers will oversell and then there's a very long waiting list. So, let's check out Coco, it looks really soft and feminine. I like that, because they'll tress is really kind of known for that choppy Beach, Ear wave, but look at those curls, the little silicone pack just dropped. Look at those girls, really nice, barely curls soft feminine. Look! It'S a nice short to Mid length. That looks like let me just glance at the cap: real, quick. Aha, I really like the way they're doing their lace fronts these days so much improved. I really think they're listening to what we really want, okay, so off with the tag here, so that I can begin working with the style. Let'S take a look at that cap, so here you have that Temple to Temple lace front. It'S fully expanded back into the ear tab. That is what is new about a lot of the newer styles by belltrust they're, going to the uh, what they consider, maybe a half moon lace or something that is extends really far back into the ear tab that prevents that seam and opens up so many different Styling options, then you have a center monofilament part. It'S a seamless unit and that wide mouth at the center monofilament part allows you to part left right or Center. I really love these Center Parts by beltress, always nice and finely knotted there a closed velvet ear tab. An extended felted nape and then we have the regular strap type adjusters. That beltress is known for now. Beltress typically has an average to average large fit. The Caps are very roomy and they're very stretchy, I'm a 21 and a quarter inch circumference, which is petite petite average. I am typically able to make a good enough adjustment for it to feel secure on my head. Of course we can get that one off once in a while, but I am so happy because this is among my favorite Brands. They'Ll tress, so you've got open wefting I'm going to go ahead and try it on. We will assess the fit and then I'll remove it, make any adjustments, and then we will start working with Coco wow. I can tell right away: I am going to adore it, it's just the right length, Okay, so on the fit. I actually have to confess that this one fits better than most beltres caps for a smaller circumference. Now I still think that, for the most part, your beltress is going to be that average to average large. But in this case I'm just not going to have to make as big of an adjustment to accommodate my petite average circumference. This one feels incredible. I'M still gon na have to make a small adjustment, though so let's go ahead and do that. I could tell right away when I was looking at this, like it just seemed, maybe a little smaller than some, and I can always tell by how gaping it is around the circumference when I'm looking at it just gapes, and this one did not have it. It didn't seem as large to me, and I was right - it isn't as large wow okay. So let me glance into my mirror here just so I can situate it. I always like to wake it up, there's very little permatees here, just very typical I'll try! Oh, it's adorable and the body in these curls these buoyant Barrel curls. Now there was a style that they had. That was very similar in length. That was called devocione and I do have a review on that. I hope it's still available. It'S really cute, but there's a lot of curl and volume. This one has a softer more loose barrel, curl compared to that devocione and wow. This is, I mean you can see right out of the box right, just a shake, and then I made my part. So it's a short to Mid length, very soft, elegant, curly Style, lots of body in this one buoyant body and bounce, just the epitome of romance, but yet it's just the right length, another one that reminded me a lot of this one was Allegro. It had a lot of beautiful soft wave to it, but it was longer - and so I'm so happy to see that belletress is coming out with a little bit of a shorter style. Another feature to these measurements is that front piece: it's not long and lanky. It'S a six inch Fringe that just wants to jump off of that lace. Front elegantly and kind of feather back gives it a real classy look. Doesn'T it so overall about 12 inches with a six inch Fringe? It weighs about four ounces features again that fully expansive lace front center, monofilament part with a very large parting space. Let'S get up close on the lace, they do a wonderful job with the lace on this color and we're going to go into this color in just a moment. But you can definitely see where the Highlight is brought up. It'S not a thick banding. It is interspersed and Blended, very, very well, but it's very nice and soft. Those knots are really fine there as well and like most beltrust Styles. It'S a nice light density, so you're going to be able to see through the monofilament features there to the illusion of scalp. A very nice realistic. Looking monofilament lace features British milk tea. Before I forget to talk about this color, it's an eight tone blend of some Browns and some blondes so hitting the highlights here, you're going to see a light brown, I think that's kind of like the main color and then it's heavily highlighted with a couple of Different blondes, but what's important to remember there is these blonde highlights, are actually toned down. It looks like maybe with a violet based toner. It makes them very cool and on some applications of this color you can almost pick up on a hint of violet. Now, on this one, I'm not picking up on any Violet, it actually just looks like a toned White. You may be able to see something different in the camera and then don't forget the medium brown root. Okay, so this curl, the curl, is doing all the work. It really is a very nice light density, um, there's just a little bit of that soft pillowy permatease here at the base at the nape, but very little elsewhere. That just gives some scaffolding to all of this buoyancy and volume towards the bottom. That'S what gives it The Classy elegant look, and it just feels like. Maybe you set it in rollers and just gently gently broke them up a little with your fingers and then it's very smooth on the crown until you get about halfway down, I'm just in WoW mode right now, um. I cannot conceal my excitement for this little style. Uh boy, it's gon na give it's gon na give Styles like editors, pick um by Raquel Welch a real run for its money. It'S got all the ingredients. 100. Now I like the lower density. I like the fact that it's lower permatease um on the top and the sides and, as expected, we're getting a fantastic natural, looking ear tuck on this one foreign, let's try with glasses the glasses arms fit nicely neatly and securely between the ear and the ear tab. They'Re comfortable, I think this is a really good glasses, friendly Style by beltress, so I'm just going to manipulate this hair in front of you just work with the have a little bit of fun. This really is not a styling tutorial. It'S to help you get to know this wig better, how it moves, how it reacts and also to inspire you to work with your wigs. Remember, I'm always picking fluffing I'm using the heat from my hands whatever I have to do to make this look good around the face and suit my own personal taste and preference. Everybody have a great day, we'll see you soon on titles, wig, closet at wig studio. One foreign foreign

Vickie B: The more you played with her the better she got! Beautiful wig! How lucky are we to live in a time when wigs have such fabulous features and allow us to have fabulous hair!!!! I always look forward to your reviews ❤️

allison botts: It's a very pretty style and the perfect length. Thanks for another great review. I love your earrings!

Take Control Beauty: TAZ this is classy elegant for sure ! I love this ! I could not wear this color but I sure could wear the style ! Just needs bangs or Botox lol You look beautiful in this and great with no bangs ! Love the styles u did ! Also love ur top! Where can I get that ? You're so beautiful in every wig ! Andrea is lucky to have you ! Hugs , Babs ❤

Better Hair, Better You with Sarah: I knew when I saw the pictures of all the new Belle Tress styles that this is probably going to be my favorite and you just confirmed it! Thank you so much, Taz, I love it! XOXO, Sarah

Jilly Pepper: If Belle Tress would make wigs in colors such as the "gorgeous greys" - "martini" - "oyster" - "iced granita" (you get the idea ) many of us would never purchase from another brand again!

Wendy Brown: Beautiful style and look Taz! You look amazing!❤

Willow InTheWind: this one! All I have is Belle Tress, and I'm so happy with them. This style looks like the perfect length and curl ahhhhhh!!! Thanks for the review!!

Vicky White: What a beautiful style. Love it and the length. ❤

Half Rutter: This style, in Butterbeer Blonde will be my Christmas gift to myself! Love it Thanks for the great video, Taz.

Sandra G. McAlister: Oh my goodness Taz, love the length, color, and style, she's beautiful! Gorgeous on you!!! So glad you explained the color, I'm not seeing any violet either, just beautiful!! She does remind me of Editors Pick! Great review, have a wonderful day! Hugs ♥️

Valli S: OMG!...this is perfection!! I must have this. It's so me. Thanks, TAZ!!

DeNora Kuschel: Taz, love this wig! Very chic. Love the way you style it. I think I would like this in Butter Beer Float for me. Thank you

Margaret Tassey: Thanks for the review. Thought it looked like a RW style without the extra volume. Good to know about the fit. I have wanted to try Belle Tress, but am too petite. This is a winner for sure.

Jaye: Thanks for this review!, Taz. It looks stunning on you! I love everything about this style ... and then you you said that it didn't fit you a loosely on you as other BT wigs. :-( I was hoping that it would be generous so that it might fit larger heads. Oh well.

Sharon: Stunning on you , once again ❣️. This looks like it is bio hair on you. I absolutely agree “wowment”. Lol Thank you for once again- making my day better

Mysta Chambers: Good morning Taz, I’m in love with this style and color. It is definitely a winner on you. My one complaint is their sizing is way too large for my peanut sized head. Wishing you a fabulous day.

Judy Annable: Oh, Taz… You found a great one… You look so lovely in this… Your excitement is palpable. Thank you!

Renee R: Beautiful style and color! Belle Tress has so many cute styles.

CJ H: Wowzer! Such a beautiful piece. Interesting to me, do you think round barrel curls are the new trend? Great review

Sherry Davis: Oh my, my! I love it! Gonna have to get this one for sure!

GeorgiaPeach 1970: Oh my! This is gorgeous . I've been wanting to give Belletress another chance. Had Allegro in nutella buttercream but the front looked too banded & unnatural. Would you say similar style to RW Crowd Pleaser? Looks more dense. Fantastic review as always.

Fun 'do's By Trish: What a stunning style and color! I want one!!

Ine One: Wow this is looking fabulous. I am a bit frustrated with the name since Envy does a Coco that is slightly shorter but with a similar curly style. BT could have avoided the confusion.

TIme Enough: I love the style! I prefer the softer curls…very feminine. Thank goodness for wigs! They keep me young! ♥️

Kelly Peters: Wow is right!! They hit this one out of the park!! Wigs are amazing!!

GeorgiaPeach 1970:'re just too good at what you do! I just placed my order

Nola Sidders: Absolutely gorgeous on you Taz!

S. Wilson: Once again...the Wig Whisperer! You and wigs just have a synergy that can't be beat! When you play with the hair it just "oohs and aahs"! Natural bio hair would never, in my opinion, respond as magically as these wigs do! Why don't all busy women who even have great hair, have a wardrobe of these beauties for the absolute time saving ease of shake and go?! Fabulous! And for those of us who once had it but are now hair challenged, oh my goodness, what a Godsend! Thx again for putting a smile on my face when you are working your magic!!

Paige Schultz: Love this! Is it regular synthetic or heat friendly? I hope regular ❤️! This is so cute!!

Kathleen Beauchemin: Omg you look absolutely gorgeous in her! It’s like they made that style just for you! I do have a question…do you ever put on a wig and have extra space at the crown? There are times when I can grab a bunch of extra wig there if you know what I mean ‍♀️. If so, how do you fix that? I also have a 21 1/4” circumference and wear petite-petite average wigs. Thanks so much…have a wonderful day ❤

Di Hinegardner: Ohmy Taz, this doesn't look like a wig at all. It is soooooo you and the color is perfection. I marvel at when you review a wig then I purchase that wig & it looks nothing like when you put it on. Think I'm going to give up on my wig journey. So much frustration and disappointment. Thank you for everything you've taught me. Dianne xo

Deirdre Wagner: Absolutely Stunning!! One of my favorite wigs on you! Thank you for this great review! Of all the Belle Tress colors which one is the closest to 88GR/Henry Margu?

Carol Serafin: Great length and style!

Michelle Diekman: I just Love this!! Fabulous!! Very cold and snowy here. Stay warm Dear Friend

Susan Deneen: Reminds me a bit of RW Flirt Alert, which I love, but sits just a pinch short on me., which gives it a bouffant look. This may be my answer to a longer Flirt Alert.

Marsha Woodard: I do like this wig … very much. In your opinion, would a 23” circumference head be comfortable in this cap? There are not many “large” size caps in the newer, more current styles. Thanks for your input.

Brenda Baum: Beautiful!

Rhonda W: This one is lovely!

Monica: I love to see your real hair in comparison to you in a wig❤

ellie grossman: I love the combs you used! Where can I order them?

Clara: She's a pretty one

Collins: Beautiful, but no heat friendly for me.

Krystal My: It is pretty but it looks too gray to me. If you want to be gray it is perfect. I don't want to look gray. I have that color. lol

Andrea Waight: Very early 80’s and maybe late 70’s disco. Been there, done thatWhen you said smooth at the crown an the volume at the sides gave me flashback. Love your channel but not this wig.

Denise T: It's nice but I don't care for the dark rooted.

Prohodaction: friend, breathtakign sharing! catch you later- :)

kk doc: ❤

Aurora Nite: Pretty but a lot of hair. Would love it is a bit less.

MaryEllen Hanson: I like but wish it was shorter. What is the name of the wig Y ON YOUR SHELF.

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